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Will There Be A Chainsaw Man Episode 13?

Will There Be A Chainsaw Man Episode 13? Answered

After all the nut-kicking action in Chainsaw Man Episode 12, fans are ready to look forward to the new episodes of the series and are curious about what this amazing anime adaptation has in store for the fans. Chainsaw Man anime blew up in the fall of 2022 and at this point it makes a strong contender to be on the list of best anime in 2022.

This anime adaptation may have to compete with other renowned titles such as Attack On Titan, Demon Slayer, Bleach, and other titles as well such as Mob Psycho 100 and many more. I am sure that one of the aforementioned titles is going to get the anime of the year award as they do infact deserve it.

Chainsaw Man Episode 12 was action-packed where we saw the special division 4 in action. Denji and Aki were sort of successful in taking revenge who killed Himeno by kicking him in the nuts (my favorite part of the episode). But given that this arc concludes with getting a huge amount of Gun-Devil’s flesh fans are wondering if the anime has already ended or Will There Be A Chainsaw Man Episode 13?

Also comes into the note at the end of the latest Chainsaw Man episode, fans saw a mysterious girl making her appearance exciting the fans for the future of the series. Well, if you are looking at what is in store for the future of the series after Chainsaw Man episode 12 then look no further as we will provide you with all the information available at hand.

With that being said, let us answer your question about whether there is going to be a Chainsaw Man episode 13 or not and explain what is for the future of the series. Here we bring you the latest updates on the Chainsaw Man anime adaptation.

Will there be a Chainsaw Man Episode 13 release date?

Unfortunately, there won’t be episode 13 of Chainsaw Man as the latest episode was the finale of the season. But rest assured, as the Chainsaw Man Episode 12 was the finale of the season and not the series meaning that there is going to be a season 2 of the anime as well.

Will There Be A Chainsaw Man Episode 13 details and answer

Chainsaw Devil!

Given the popularity of the series, we were expecting the announcement of Chainsaw Man season 2 right after the end of the finale of Chainsaw Man season 1 as is the case with the popular anime, but unfortunately, there are no announcements made by the Mappa Studio. You need not worry about season 2 of Chainsaw Man as the anime has gained enough popularity for a renewal of the series.

In fact, a little preview of a mysterious girl at the end of the Chainsaw Man finale has excited fans for the new season of the series. The reason why Mappa has not made a comment about season 2 of Chainsaw Man might be regarding the number of projects the studio has in store for them.

The recent rumor regarding the Mappa Studio has said that season 3 of One Punch Man will be animated by them as well. With so many projects from Mappa Studio lined up to be released in 2023 such as Attack On Titan, Vinland Saga season 2, Jujutsu Kaisen season 2, and possibly season 3 of One Punch Man, Mappa Studio has their hands full at the moment.

Nonetheless, the announcement for season 2 could be made anytime so technically, there is going to be episode 13 of Chainsaw Man but it will be called Chainsaw Man Season 2 Episode 1.

What to expect from Chainsaw Man Season 2?

Season 2 of Chainsaw Man could include twice the number of episodes of season 1 of the anime the manga source has enough content for at least 4 seasons each having 12 episodes. The manga is nowhere near the end as well and the chapter count is 115 and counting one weekly.

We can expect Chainsaw Man Season 2 to be released as early as in the fall of 2023. The latest we can expect season 2 of Chainsaw Man would be in the Summer of 2024. Chainsaw Man season 2 will begin with the current events and fans will see new characters as the task of finding the Gun-devil will be at an extreme. 

Special Divison 4 will be in full action and each will portray their own story. As for our main character, Denji will be meeting the mysterious girl that was shown in the final Episode of Chainsaw Man episode 12. Now the first season of Chainsaw Man has come to an end, you can binge-watch it on Crunchyroll anytime.

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