Monster Museum Season 2: What’s Contributing To The Delay?

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It’s been three years, and we have done nothing but wait and wait for Season 2 of Monster Museum to come out.

The show Monster Museum has been on break for years now. What is perturbing is the fact that studio Lerche is tight-lipped about the future of Monster Museum. Some of us are dying to get a glimpse of Kurusu Kimihito, Miia, Papi, Centorea, Suu, and the rest of the gang back on the small screen.

We keep hearing reports that Monster Museum will be out soon, but the current season is getting delayed due to its author- Okayado’s health, the man isn’t doing great off. Lately, he announced on Twitter he needed to take a break to focus on his mental health.

The current season is getting delayed due to author Okayado’s health.

Monster Museum took a hit due to Okayado’s mental health; sure health comes first. The creator didn’t reveal as to when Season 2 of Monster Museum would come out. Okayado, also said that he would like to focus on recovery, and once that is done, he would want to focus on the serialization, as soon as possible.

Monster Museum, the manga series took several months off in 2017, but according to the Comic Ryū blog, we heard that these breaks were the preparation for the “compiled volume releases for the series.” Also, in 2018, Monster Museum took a break between the 59th chapter in March and 60th chapter in June. The most recent chapter,  61st, came out on August 30 of 2018. That’s more than a year ago and so far and no new installment has come.

Monster Museum is based upon a manga series written and illustrated by Okayado. As far as its printing goes, the copies are collected and reprinted into fourteen “tankōbon” volumes. The manga series is sure to run out of material soon. Therefore that will affect the making of the anime’s second season. Without the source material, it will be difficult for the show to push through.

Lerche Studio nevertheless has made it clear that Monster Musume Season 2 is now in works. We hope to see it soon.

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