Blue Lock Manga After Episode 12: Does Isagi And His Team Of Trio Win?

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Blue Lock Manga After Episode 12
CC: Blue Lock Franchise

Blue Lock anime has been the rage this season, and it almost came at the time when FIFA 2022 was being held, along with a show that looked at FIFA’s shortcomings. The fans of the series believed that the manga had a great effect on the national team of Japan for their efforts in the tournament.

A thing that people who both knew soccer and read anime will frown upon but dismiss ultimately. But that is not to say that Blue Lock is thought of as the Soccer Anime of the medium. Further firing up the debate between Blue Lock vs. Ao Ashi.

Though, in the sales department, Blue Lock has Ao Ashi in clutches even though it came after the coming-of-age story Soccer anime. What made Blue Lock special was the complexity of the characters without focusing too much on the main characters.

Not only that, the main motif of sports anime has always been “Playing for the team.” The first thing series does dismantle that mindset. It then goes on to create objectives that players should achieve for themselves to step forward.

The main thing that sells a story is its uniqueness while also maintaining a level of connection with the audience. Blue Lock has that in spades and was able to connect with the audience while also bringing many new things to the table.

Every sport has a similar set of tropes that makes the genre looks similar if they were to binge-watch it. However, there are some exceptional sports anime out here. However, Blue Lock introduces its own rules and gains the attention of the people with pragmatic yet instinctual play between players. This is why people are looking for the next episode of Blue Lock Anime every week.

Blue Lock Manga After Episode 12
CC: Blue Lock Franchise

The Uncanny Team-Up With Nagi

Blue Lock Anime has its first arc cleared, with the teams winning matches and proceeding to the second stage of the selection. The first stage was hard for team Z as it had a slow awakening, with Isagi being the last to realize his talents.

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But it happened at a pivotal time and helped them score a goal which helped them defeat the undefeatable team V. A win that helped everyone gain confidence in their skills as players. However, the fight was not over, and they had to practice rigorously for the next ten days to the point they couldn’t even eat properly.

But the moment of truth came, and they learned that there were no upper blocks than them, which helped them become hungry for a goal to move forward onto the next phase. That phase was an individual fight with a focus on improving one’s weapon, and we saw Isagi grow tremendously at that stage.

But he wasn’t the only one in this stage as he later meets Bachira in round 2 of the second selection. Round 2 of the second selection was a big twist for the story as Nagi decided to Join Isagi and Bacchira to satisfy his hunger for soccer.

Nagi was a passive character before crossing paths with Isagi and was mesmerized by what Isagi had made him feel. He wanted to enjoy soccer more so he could play the sport to its fullest, and for that, he ditched Reo.

Blue Lock Manga After Episode 12
CC: Blue Lock Franchise

The Blue Lock Manga After Episode 12 (Spoilers Beyond 12th episode)

Blue Lock Manga After Episode 12 ends in Chapter 44 of the series. Isagi is facing off against Rin earlier in the series and will be backed by Bachira and Nagi to help him fight against the prodigy Sae Itoshi’s younger brother.

Sae Itoshi is one the genius players in the Japanese football world, and the fact that he has younger with great skill will make anyone question if they are up to fight against him. And once Isagi goes against him, he will lose something true value that he had gained in his time in Blue Lock.

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A thing that is as important as his ego, Bachira. Isagi and Nagi will be separated from Bachira and will be choosing their next opponents to move forward, but they will have to win twice. And their next opponent is none other than the selfish king Barou.

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