Emon Animation Company is Now A Part Of Bilibili

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Bilibili, a Chinese streaming platform, just made a huge purchase. They are now the owners of Haolines Cultures Media Co. Ltd. Emon Animation company, a Japanese subsidiary for Haoliners is also now a part of Bilibili.

Founded in 2015, Emon Animation Company has churned out some very amazing anime. Stuff like, To Be Hero, Hitori No Shita – The Outcast, The Silver Guardian, A Centaur’s Life. Not just this, but they have also assisted in the making of much other anime like Attack On Titan, Alchemist Knight, Flavours Of Youth, and others.

Now moving on to Bilibili, the new owners of Emon. They are a Chinese streaming platform based in Shangai that has stuff along the lines of Animation, Comics, and Games. Users can also view, submit, and add commentary to videos.

the silver guardian

Bilibili has an extensive category consisting of anime to daily life and advertisement films. Inspired by many other sites that served the same purpose, the founders tried their hand at the same project back in 2009. They would go on to Funimation to jointly partner in anime deals between the United States and China.

Right now, Bilibili is the largest streaming platform in the country, beating Tencent Video, iQIYI, and many others. It’s a mix of all types of streaming platforms, they can be seen as a jack of all trades. They have thousands of anime titles, which they stream to millions of fans, they invest in makings of several anime. With the new anime company they have just purchased, this part of Bilibili will just increase tenfold.

It’s not just the streaming of anime and games, they also have other Chinese animation and also user-uploaded content. They earn their money from advertisements, but their more prominent way of earning money would be the pay-per-view subscription they run.

A very popular feature that Bilibili houses are the bullet comments. It’s a real-time captioning system that displays comments made by the users onto the video which is being played. These comments are being made and displayed in real-time, allowing every single viewer to interact with another person who is sharing currently watching the same video.

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to be hero

This also gives people who are watching alone to have some company. It’s one of the best features that the platform has. Bullet comments also come with a variety of other settings. But no one can simply post said bullet comments. They have to have a cell phone linked, an account with the site, and have to pass a test to be able to provide these comments finally.

All these are made to ensure no trolls make their way onto the site and ruin the fun of watching videos for others. They are aware of how these comments can be a distraction as well. With the site growing each day, the number of bullet comments would also increase, to a point where the video would eventually become unwatchable. That is why you have an option to turn off the setting easily.

Now with this new huge announcement from Bilibili, let’s just wait and see what the streaming giant has in store.

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