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Best Games Releasing On January 2021 That You Need to Look Forward to Play

Hitman 3 featured image

2021 is kicking off in a few days, and let’s see what the month of January has in store for us. 2021 is shaping up to be the best year for anime, manga, games, TV shows, and movies. The number of new stuff, sequels, remakes coming out are too many to count. It looks like we have a lot to cover from every department, so in this article, let’s look at the new games that will reach us in the first month of 2021.

The Medium

A psychological horror game coming out on PC. From the trailer, we received it looks really eerie and fun at the same time. The game attempts to stand apart with a cool new list of features. It’s being developed by Bloober Team, who has a track record for giving us some amazing games.

The unique thing about the game is the fact that we will be playing in two different worlds. We take control of Marianne from the third-person perspective. She is a medium who can travel to and from the spirit realm.

We’ll come across things called spirit wells; these wells are what recharges our powers. These powers have multiple uses, from destroying enemies to solving mind-boggling puzzles. The main objective of the spirit realms is to help us in solving certain puzzles.


They came up with the idea for this game way back in 2012, and it was supposed to be released on the PS3 and Xbox360 soon after. But from understanding the mechanics, the story, and their objectives for the game in general, they decided it would be better released in a much more powerful system in the future.

The medium was supposed to come out in December, but like many other things, this one also got delayed because of the ongoing pandemic. The new confirmed release date is January 28th. The game will be playable on Microsoft Windows and Xbox series X/S.


A very creative point and click game set in 2062 in a futuristic, neo, cyberpunk type future. The world the game is set in looks so deep and just plain beautiful.

From the looks of it, the game looks like it has a touch of Borderlands art style vibes. So for the story, we follow the life of a small girl Tina who is an orphan. She has a robot caretaker looking out for her all the time; he follows her around everywhere she goes.

But somehow, she finds out that her father leaving her is shrouded with mystery, and it’s up to her to find the truth. Taking this mission on for herself, tina and the robot set out on a fantastic puzzle-solving adventure.


Being a point-and-click game, we expect the story to be exceptional. The thing with games like these is that there isn’t much to do gameplay-wise; you talk to many people and solve puzzles by clicking everywhere. The best part of games like these is the beautiful world and the storyline that keeps you addicted to the screen.

Without a proper story, we would never be pushed to complete such a game. When it comes to a gorgeous looking world, Encodya has it covered. But for the story, we can’t say anything now, but it really does have some potential to it from the premise.

Encodya releases on January 26th for PC.


This is a side-scrolling action platform video game. This genre of games has been with us for so long; it’s an art style that people love. Every single die-hard fans would have played at least one game from this genre.

This game is being developed by Mechanical head Studios, which is run by Aarne Hunziker, a Finnish indie developer, then published by Yacht Club Games. The game is said to take inspiration from other classic games of the genre like Ninja Gaiden.

The gameplay involves the side-scrolling action platform, so the things you would expect in Ninja Gaiden or Megaman. Here we take control of a Ninja who goes around slicing up people with his trusty knife and also has some other abilities to his name. These abilities can be acquired and can be used as secondary weapons.


The game is set in a fictional place called Mekacity. We take control of Shadow, who is a cyborg ninja! A character being a ninja is one of the coolest things, a character being a cyborg is also one of the coolest things. Here were are both! A cyborg ninja is one of the biggest reasons we can’t wait to play this adrenaline rushed fast-paced action game.

So Shadow is on the warpath to bring back his fallen clan. They were taken away by some kind of weird life forms who use his clan to gain energy.

Hunziker is the only member of his company and has been working on the game by himself for a long time right now. This is an amazing feat on its own. The game’s storyline would take place through cinematic sequences and also through in-game scenes.

Cybershadow releases on January 26th on all major platforms. This one is a must-play.

Everspace 2

This is the sequel to Everspace, released back in 2017. the game is a single-player space shooter with lots of heavy RPG influence. You get to mine for materials, loot items, explore the world, and sit through a story.

Lately, we have seen such space exploration games, and they seem to gain tons of popularity. To be honest, these games seem to break the barriers of gaming limits for a long time now, the best example being No Mans Sky.

Even though No Mans Sky was a flop when released, the game’s potential was on another level. The feats it was able to achieve set the benchmark for other games to follow. No Mans Sky had an infinite map, countless number of planets to explore, systems, plants to study, species to look into, resources to gather, and so on.

Everspace 2

Just like that, this one also has massive space exploration where you can go into tons of planets, look around, explore, get into battles or make alliances, and so on.

The only problem with such games would be that it can get boring real fast for some players. People who love these kinds of games never get sick and tired of it, but other non RPG lovers can get distracted from all of it. Everspace 2 seeks to get rid of that problem by having a good storyline that goes along with it.

With a great story to follow, anyone and everyone would be forced to explore the whole thing. If the story is good, no one would mind pouring hundreds of thousands of hours into any game. The story also acts as an ending point, with an ending insight we would play vigorously to complete the task.

The full game is only set to be released in 2022, which would confirm the fact that the detail and the world of this game will be like no other. January, the early access comes out on Steam.

Hitman 3

He is back, undoubtedly one of the biggest games of 2021 coming so early. This is the one that has us most thrilled about. Agent 47 is back, and he’s bringing tons of amazing gameplay, a much darker storyline, and some phenomenal maps with him.

Hitman had completely remade itself when it rereleased Hitman 1 in a new life. New amazingly detailed map, almost infinite ways of finishing missions, the usual sandbox gameplay, and a much more compelling storyline. The best part of the game was the new ways of finishing the mission; it was close to infinite.

We, as players, could come up with any diabolical scheme to take out our target, from poisoning his drink to making a speaker fall on his head, to even making them slip and fall into a hole filled with concrete. The opportunities were endless.

Hitman 3

Now Hitman 3 is back with all of those features and more. Agent 47 is also going to be taking on Dubai!. Yes, Dubai is a map in this game; this is something everyone is looking forward to. We get to scale up Burj Khalifa like Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible and do some very creative murders.

Another feature of the upcoming game is that it can be completely played on VR for the PS4 version. Hitman 3 releases on 20th January for all major platforms.

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