Edens Zero Season 2 Is Coming In 2023, Schedule Revealed

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Edens Zero Season 2 Is Coming In 2023, Schedule Revealed

Edens Zero Season 2 was announced early this year, and this news developed after the end of the first season. Edens Zero Season 2 is continuing where it left off, and we all know how the last season ended. This will continue Shiki’s and Rebeca’s journey after Homura has become a new member of the Four Shining Stars. The premiere of Season 2 in 2023 was announced a few months ago, but this anime’s trailers and other updates will be revealed before the end of 2022. This didn’t surprise the anime fans since rumors about the upcoming Edens Zero season have circulated the internet. 

Edens Zero Season will offer more than 12 episodes, and it is still adapted from the manga of the same name. This will reveal a new journey of Shiki as they encounter new enemies and Drakken, who want to get his revenge. We have also seen how Rebeccas and Shiki met and how they saved people from the other world and reunited the four sisters. The upcoming season 2 of this anime will be massive and far better than the first season, and the anime won’t be disappointed. However, many things related to Edens Zero Season 2 are TBA. But we have collected enough information about season 2 that you will enjoy reading. 

This upcoming season is one of the best, and the most talked about anime. But other action adventure animes like Edends Zero are also scheduled for 2023. The announcement of this season  2 is one of the things that anime fans waited for since it didn’t take long for the first season to conclude. It will reveal new adventures, and the best battles anime fans will enjoy watching. Edens Zero Season 2 is must-watch anime. We hope you will enjoy the last updates of the upcoming Season 2 of this anime. Let’s see what the newest upcoming Edens Zero season is about below. 

Edens Zero Highlights

Shiki and Rebecca’s journey continue after Shiki clashes with Kurenai’s army. The battle was too intense, and Shiki’s goal was to reach Kurenai. During the battle, the villain, Drakken, hacked the satellite blaze and wanted to make Kurenai pay for trying to fool him. Drakken decided to seize the Edens Zero in battle. But Kurenai sends Nino, Garrot, and Baku to destroy the labor district. Shiki has maned to reach Kurenai, who uses knight gear, the Kurenai Dragoon, to battle him. Meanwhile, Rebecca recruits Homura to help the labor dealing with Kurenai’s army. She learns about Valkyrie’s death, and Homura gives her the sword.

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Weisz had an intense battle with Baku and defeated him even though he ended up as a naked man and revealed a superhero alter ego named “Arsenal.” Shiki and Kurenai continue to battle and arrive at the labor district. Rebecca and Nino also had a battle, but Nino managed to trap Rebecca’s group. He defeated Rebecca and Rebecca saw parallels between the group’s battles on Sun Jewel and Mildian, which helped her know about the cause of an Ether Gear to manifest in her legs. The Ether Gear returns to a time before Nino defeats her, and Rebecca calls it the “Leaper.” Homura watches the battle and decides to help her allies.

But Garrot’s earlier attack paralyzes her. This forces Homura to unleash the ultimate Ether Gear technique to impale Garrot with Valkyrie’s sword. Later Homura reunites with Rebecca and thanks the group for helping her overcome the death of her master. Shiki managed to destroy the robot after combining his powers with the Kurenai Dragoon’s missiles. Shiki and Paul ask Homura to choose what they must do to Kurenai. Kurenai begs for forgiveness after knowing that she is defeated. Homura told her to leave and never return, and Homura became a new substitute in the Four Shining Stars. The Shining Stars accepted Homura as the crew continued their journey, but Drakken was chasing them. 

Edens Zero Season 2 Release Date

Edens Zero Season 2 will be released in 2023. But the date and month are yet to be announced since this anime is still under development. In early February 2022, the official sources announced the premiering of Season 2 in 2023. Let’s look at other latest updates of Edens Zero Season 2. 

Edens Zero Season 2 Is Coming In 2023, Schedule Revealed

Watch Edens Zero Season 2 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Edens Zero Season 2 online on Netflix. The second season will be available in English Sub and Dub. But other official platforms will announce the last updates of this anime by the end of the year. Netflix has announced it, and you can watch the first season’s latest episodes to understand the upcoming season 2.

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