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90 Day Fiance: Episode 4 And All You Need To Know

90 Day Fiance: Episode 4 And All You Need To Know

90 Day Fiance: Self Quarantined is a breakthrough series in the world of fascinating and drama-filled reality television. During the current global pandemic revolving the coronavirus, fans have a chance of following the lives of their favorite reality TV stars during this period, while they live in their home.

This week, we again get to meet some of the stars from “90 Days Fiance” who are going through a similarly difficult period and see their lives behind closed doors! To see how they might be coping and what activities they indulge in to pass the time.

Read on to know everything about “90 Days Fiance: Self Quarantined” Episode 4 that is all set to release soon!

When Does Episode 4 Of “90 Days Fiance: Self Quarantined” Release?

“90 Days Fiance: Self Quarantined” Episode 4 is all set and expected to release on May 11th, 2020 on TLC at 9 pm ET/PT and 8 pm CT.

Those with a cable connection can watch the fourth episode by tuning into TLC at the given time in their respective time zones. While those without one, can also log into the official TLC website and watch episodes on – demand.

90 Days Fiance: Self Quarantined Episode 3 Recap

We meet Darcey in episode 3, who has been quarantined with her twin sister, Stacey, and her daughters for the past three weeks. They seem to spend the time cooking, cleaning, and improving themselves. Darcey’s daughter has missed prom and her graduation day and Stacey’s kids re facing issues with their online classes. In all of this, Stacey’s hair extensions seem to be coming off and when Darcey tries to help her with them, it does not go well at all!

Now we are also shown the lives of Pinky and Pedro. With a small house, Pinky says she feels suffocated. She stays at home the whole day while Pedro goes out for groceries. Pinky finds that she has lost her sense of smell, a symptom of the Novel Corona Virus but does not want to get tested. She is taking her nursing classes online.

Ceaser’s salon is closed but he gives tips to his clients online via video chat. He goes on to reveal that he has been dating a woman from Ukraine named Maria for the past 5 years. But they had to eventually part ways. He announces that he has a date with a beautiful model online, her name is Aya, and that they have been talking via facetime and calls and messages, etc. We get to go on this journey with them and see how the date goes! They raise a toast to their relationship!

Steven and Olga have been in quarantine for the past two weeks. Steven works as a delivery driver with his grandmother but Olga gets worried every time he leaves as she feels like it upsets their son. Every time that he returns, he must change his clothes outside.

90 Day Fiance: Couples and Caste

  • Alan and Kirlyam
  • Anna and Mursel
  • Benjamin and Akinyi
  • Brett and Daya
  • Caesar
  • Chantel and Pedro
  • Corey and Evelin
  • Colt and Debbie
  • Cortney
  • Danielle
  • Darcey
  • David and Annie
  • Dean
  • Elizabeth and Andrei
  • Emily and Sasha
  • Jesse
  • Karen and Thomas
  • Michael and Juliana
  • Molly
  • Narkyia and Lowo
  • Patrick
  • Rachel and Jon
  • River and Winter
  • Robert and Anny
  • Tiffany and Ronald
  • Yamir
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