Reborn Rich Episode 16: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

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Reborn Rich Episode 16: Release Date,
Reborn Rich Episode 16: Release Date,

Reborn Rich Episode 16’s release date is out. The show is going to end with this episode or sixteen episodes. The fans expect a banger ending as they loved the show so far. We will unveil all the details and streaming guide along with the Reborn Rich Episode 16’s release date, so hold on tight. The readers are in for a quick recap before learning about new details available for episode 16.

The riches of Soonyang are only partially in the hands of one person. Instead, they divide the shares equally, and even Do’s brother receives a piece of property. Joon receives zero benefits. Except for Yoon-ki, nobody is more perplexed than Do-Joon.

To invalidate the new will, he implores Joon to utilize the Video evidence from Chairman’s hospital room as evidence. Do-joon requests Hang-jae to instantly remove all medical tapes after realizing Yoon-ki isn’t all that unique from the rest of the family and that he doesn’t want to show Chairman Jin at his most vulnerable.

Reborn Rich Episode 15 recap
A scene from the recap of Reborn Rich.

He is charged with disturbing Chairman in his dying moments and shocking him to death, charges that the recently deleted video could only refute. Then, of all persons, Hang-Jae delivers the killing blow by disclosing that Do-Joon specifically instructed him to erase the footage.

Recap Of Reborn Rich Season 1 Episodes So Far

Joon is banned from being the CEO, yet he is still victorious. Chang-JE, currently campaigning for president, is persuaded by him to oppose the legislation that first permits Soonyang Finance Holding to be founded. The bill is invalidated, as is the finance business.

Along with them went Chairman Jin’s reputation because everyone in the nation could see that he sought to find ways to get around paying high estate taxes. A videotape from the day Chairman Jin changed his will was sent to Joon Earn as his parting gift.

Reborn Rich Episode 15 recap
A scene from the recap of Reborn Rich.

He reveals that he wants to make Do-Joon feel desperate since he understands that as long as his emotions don’t come in the way, Do-Joon should do whatever he wants to succeed. Do-Joon will only see this footage after he has humiliated Chairman Jin to defeat the entire family.

Towards the end of the video, just when Hang queries Chairman about Do-Joon, Chairman experiences another mental lapse. Following a brief pause, Chairman breaks down in tears and merely states that Joon is his grandchild and bears his likeness before eventually beaming at the camera.

Do-Joon starts crying since it is such a touching, therapeutic moment. With this present, he will also receive the money laundering scheme responsible for his death. It’s him to take, and nobody else in the family knows its existence. It is unclear exactly what he will do with it.

Reborn Rich Episode 15 recap
A scene from the recap of Reborn Rich.

After Soonyang Bank Holdings was disbanded, the race to control Soonyang turned into a race to acquire the most shares. Dong and Young ally. However, Dong has secret plans to break away and find his own financing company to amass wealth and power.

Do-Joon just so happened to have a credit or debit card firm that he wants to sell, which is what he wants to do. Dong-ki cannot pay the fee he specifies, so Do-Joon takes his 2% ownership stake in Soonyang Company as security.

Do-Joon is aware that South Korea is poised to have a severe catastrophe related to credit debt, as is obvious. As liabilities and bond yields mount, Soonyang Cards are running out of funds. In a desperate attempt to preserve it, Dong-ki stopped Cash deposit advanced services, which sparked customer backlash.

Reborn Rich Episode 15 recap
The chairman from the recap of Reborn Rich.

To repay Dong’s debt to Do-Joon & obtain those shares back, Young decides to step in and save his brother and the business. Do-Joon doubles the price he was quoted, and they both know that Young-ki now holds the largest share of Soonyang Corporation thanks to all those 2% shares.

Reborn Rich Episode 16’s Release Date

Reborn Rich Episode 16’s Release Date is December 25, 2022. Reborn Rich Episode 16 will air on JTBC at approximately 10.30 pm KST,7 pm IST, 10.30 pm JST, 8.30 am EST, or 5.30 am PT. 

Reborn Rich Episode 16: How To Watch

The times and dates we provided above are when Reborn Rich Episode 16 will be available for worldwide audiences to watch on Rakuten Viki. Fans are urged to double-check these details before the episode airs in their countries. Reborn Rich Episode 16 will also show at the same time on the JTBC in Korea.

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