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Hortensia Saga Episode 8 Reveals Preview & Spoilers

Hortensia Saga Episode 8

It is the day of a Holy New Era Nonnoriaforgetto order enough medicinal herbs. One of the oldies reveals that he got some herbs somewhere. Butin a Cocon village that is rumored to turn into a ghost town. Danios heard the oldy talking about Cocon village, and he asks about it. He reveals that Cocon village carries on trade with his village once upon a time. They supply over half the medicinal hers for Hortensia.

Danios cannot believe that Cocon village has recently become a ghost town. Alfred comments it is going to disrupt the lives of his people. He asks the oldy to help him, and he will arrange the money to buy herbs. Alfred wants to make sure that the people of Albertarenot put it out. The old guy comments that he will help since Albert’s lords have been good to him for two generations. He said he would see what will do.

Hortensia Saga Episode 8 will be released on Thursday, 18 February 2021 JST. You can check this anime on AnimeLab and Funimation. Let’s at what will happen to the Cocon Village below.

Hortensia Saga

Hortensia Saga

Previously Hortensia Saga Episode 7

The old hags from the village praise Alfred and comment that Fernando’s son for them. Danios think that something is going on in Cocon village. Nonnoria manages to buy four different types of medicinal herbs. She is worried that they will run out in no time. Danios came back and told Nonnorai that he is going to Cocon village. Nonnoria comments that she thought the village was deserted.

Cocon Village

Danios reply that itis just rumors he will go and find out. He said that he would also buy some medicinal herbs when he reaches there. Alfred and Marius arrive, and Alfred said he would come with him. Danios think he will manage alone. Alfred said he is doing it for the people’s sake, and he is concern about Cocon village. Marius comment that it is too weird that the whole village would suddenly be deserted.

Nonnoria is worried that she has never gone out on a trip with them. But Alfred is concerned about her safety since itis going to be a long trip. The next day they head out and reach near the mountains where Cocon village is situated. They decide to walk, and Danios is worried if the rumors about the village are true. When they are about to reach the entrance, they spotted Ecclesiascal Knights.

They are blocking the entrance, and no one is allowed to pass through. One of the villagers that try to pass is told to go back. The Knights reveal that the Cocon village is deserted due to flooding. The Knights said it is too dangerous for people, and no one is allowed to pass. The geezer asks where he will get the medicinal herbs. They told him that he would return empty-handed.

The geezer is worried that the villagers’ lives are at stake, and most of them are suffering from illness. But the geezer decides to go back to the village. Alfred and others are hiding nearby. Danios realize there is another secret entrance that he knows. Danios told Alfred and Marius to follow him, and Alfred thinks he is joking. He comments that he used to trade with Cocon village; he knows many things.

Former Priest

Hortensia Saga

Hortensia Saga

Danios reveal that there are many shortcuts in Cocon village. They follow him, and he seems to be lost, and Marius asks if he is sure about this. Danios manage to finds the way in, and they find that everything was a lie. The was no flood in the village, and everything is running smoothly; the village is not even deserted. Danios ask one of the villagers about the status of the village. He reveals the incident that happened two years ago.

Some Ecclesiastical Knights showed up in Cocon Village out of the blue and took over the village. They show a notice that they are placing the village and the church under the Orthodox Church’s control. They set up a checkpoint at the village’s entrance and ended up locking everything down entirely. One of the powerful guys shows up. He asks Alfred and others if they are defying Orthodox Church. The guy reveals that he is Adel, a former priest.

Marius thinks that Adel is trying to trick them into believing him. Adele reveals his life and why he became the former priest, and he is atoning his sins. He told them what Orthodox Church is doing to the village. Danios and the others decide to save the village; they battle with the Pope and the authorities. But Didier has managed to capture them after defeating them. He is holding Marius in mid-air with her neck. 

Hortensia Saga Episode 8 Preview

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