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The Watcher Ending Explained: Who Is The Watcher?

The Watcher Ending Explained
The Watcher Protagonist (Credit: Architectural Digest)

The psychological thriller, The Watcher has been one of the highly acclaimed series on Netflix that has been appreciated by many fans around the world. Each new episode of the show kept fans’ eyes glued to the screen, but in the last episode, all of the viewers were expecting a happy ending for the Brannock family.

However, the ending confused fans a little. So, let us know how The Watcher ended and if a new season is possible. Released in the year 2022 by Netflix, The Watcher takes you to the lives of Brannock’s family members, who moved into the newest house with lots of hopes and dreams.

As they decide to start anew in their new home, they wish that their new life may give them an abundance of happiness, leaving all the sorrows and tensions behind. However, their lives take a shocking turn when they discover letters that are being sent by the person named The Watcher.

Days after Day, The Watcher sends letters to the Brannock family about their beautiful house and family. However, the letters are not appreciative towards the family but are creepy instead, which totally deteriorates all the family members’ mental health.

The one who gets the most affected by the letters is Dean Brannock, as he becomes so serious and obsessive about finding the person who has been playing which his family’s lives. Till the end of the series, Dean’s investigation goes on, so did he finally find who the Watcher is? Let us find out.

What Happens At The End Of The Watcher?

At the end of The Watcher, Karen, the real estate agent, who sold the house to the Brannock family, purchases it after the Brannock family tries to find the buyer, getting sick from the letters from The Watcher. Brannock gets an amazing deal from Karen. However, Nora suspects that Karen is the one who sent them letters so that she would get to purchase the house that she always admired.

Nora gets into a little verbal fight with Karen about the house and later warns Karen that she will be watching her. Karen, who does not care about what she says, starts arranging all her things in her repurchased house while dreaming about the joyful life that she always wanted. However, soon she starts experiencing the same weird things in her house that the Brannock family did.

Karen from The Watcher

A Still from The Water Episode 7: Karen meets her neighbors (Credit: Netflix)

When she finds her pet dead in the house and the letter from the Watcher, she gets the sign that she must leave the house before it’s too late, and on that night, she gets scared watching the horrifying figure of the person who entered her house.

She immediately runs away, and after some days, Dean gets the news that Karen has sold off the house to the new family. A new family moves in with the same hopes and dreams that the Brannock family had earlier. Dean, who pretends to be moved on from his obsession to find the Watcher, arrives at the house again, where he meets and congratulates the new house owner.

After sitting in the car to drive back home, Dean adjusts a mirror to get a clear view of the mailbox of his previous house, where the house owner finds a letter that Dean suspects are from The Watcher. While in the car, Nora calls Dean to ask about his interview for a new job.

Dean fakes that it went well as he did not go to the interview but went to the house instead. He feels that Nora does not know about his lie. However, in the end, Nora is shown watching Dean, who is watching the house.

Is Theodora The Watcher?

As we already know that Theodora is the appointed investigator for The Watcher case. However, she soon gets diagnosed with cancer, and therefore, she gets hospitalized for her treatment. Dean and Nora often go to the hospital to meet Theodora, as she is the one who spends most of the time with the Brannock family after moving into the house.

One day, Nora mentions her concern about Dean’s obsession with finding The Watcher, and that is why Theodora finally tells the truth to Dean. She tells him that she was the owner of the house before Dean. She loved the house so much, but when she got diagnosed with cancer, she did not have money to treat herself, so she had no option than sell the house.

Soon, she discovered that his late husband had a good amount of royalties that were enough for her to get her treatment done, so she decided to get her house back from Dean. She started sending all those creepy letters to Dean’s family so that they would leave the house, and now that she is on the deathbed, she decided to let Dean know that she is the Watcher.

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Theodora from The Watcher

Theodora tells Dean the truth about The Watcher (Credit: Netflix)

Dean gets convinced by Theodora’s words until he meets Mo, who tells him that she had never met Theodora before as there was no owner of such a name present in that house. On the day of Theodora’s funeral, Dean and Nora meet Theodora’s daughter.

They immediately ask her if Theodora owns their house or if she is the Watcher. Her daughter clarifies everything saying the Brannock family was the last case of her life that remained unsolved. So, she made an ending where she cast herself as The Watcher and wrote everything in her diary.

Additionally, she did want Dean struggling to look for answers which was the reason for his deteriorated mental health a long time, and that is why, before dying, she made up the story and told Dean. Therefore, Theodora was not the Watcher, and the one who sent the letters under the name The Watcher is still out there.

Who Is The Real Watcher?

As Theodora’s theory about the Watcher turned out to be a lie, fans were eager to know who is the Watcher who sent the letter to the families living inside the house. However, at the end of the series, the screen appears that tells viewers that The Watcher’s mystery is still unsolved, which means even the real case of The Watcher has not been solved yet.

However, the ending of the show is kept ambiguous, which raises suspicion about multiple people who are directly or indirectly related to the house. Westfield Preservation Society which consists of Pearl, Jasper, Roger, Mo, and John, has been the most suspicious one throughout the show. Among them, Pearl was the one who had lived in the neighborhood for a long time, so, indeed, she knew more secrets than others who lived there.

The Watcher Episode 7

Pearl and Jasper from The Watcher (Credit: Newsweek)

According to fans’ theory, all The Watcher work is done by the group of individuals in the Westfield Preservation Society, which was initiated by Pearl, who later added more members to her team to threaten the residents living inside the house where the Brannock family lived. 

Talking about Dean, the ending when he meets the new owner and then adjusts his mirror to focus on the mailbox to know if the new owner has received the letter raises suspicion about him. However, it is also true that Dean’s obsession with finding the killer increases day by day, and that is why he may have been watching the house to know who is sending the letter.

The Westfield Preservation Society is comparatively more suspicious than Dean, as all the members are shown keeping an eye on the house in episode 7 of The Watcher. There is an ambiguous ending to the show, and Watcher’s face has also not been revealed. Fans may expect the second season. But fans should also keep in mind that the real case is still unsolved, so if there is a second season, the whole season will follow the fictional storyline.

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