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What is Tom Selleck’s Net Worth? Assets & Earnings

Tom Selleck Net Worth
Tom Sellect Net Worth

Tom Selleck is an American icon. He has been a star in television, movies, and commercials for decades, reflecting his net worth. Tom Selleck’s net worth is estimated to be $80 million, and he has earned every penny of it. Tom Selleck’s life story is one of hard work and determination. He started out as a model, and then moved on to acting. Tom Selleck has starred in some of the most popular TV shows ever, including Magnum P.I., Friends, and Blue Bloods.

He has also had a successful movie career, with hits such as Three Men and a Baby and Quigley Down Under. Tom Selleck is also well-known for his work as a pitchman for products like Doritos, Pepsi, and Coors Light. In addition to his acting and modeling work, Tom Selleck has; also done a lot of philanthropy work. He has worked with charity organizations and he’s done big real estate deals. So, let’s take a look at his life and career.

Tom Selleck net Worth

Tom Selleck in an interview in 2022

Who Is Tom Selleck?

Tom Selleck is a 77-year-old Michigander, and he’s an actor and model, famous for his work in series like Magnum P.I., Three Men and a Baby, and Friends. After moving at a young age from Michigan to California, he enrolled in Grant High School and got his high school diploma there. After that, he proceeded to start his studies at the Los Angeles Valley College and then he transferred to the University of Southern California, where he played with the men’s basketball team. In that university, he majored in Business Administration, a path that along with his acting would make him big bucks along the way. Because apart from acting, Tom’s very business savvy!

Tom was drafted to serve in the National Guard during the Vietnam Guard from 1963 to 1973. And even in that period he was already taking interest in entertainment, having appeared in The Dating Game and done a few commercials for Pepsi and Revlon, where he would work with other TV stars like Farraw Fawcett. Then in the early 70’s he landed a role in “The Rockford Files”. With his looks and elegance, he would angle for tough and action roles in westerns. But it was Magnum P.I. the role that would make him reach stardom.

Magnum P.I.

Before we delve into Magnum P.I. here’s a fun piece of trivia. Did you know that Tom Selleck passed on the role of Indiana Jones in Raiders of The Lost Ark? That passing down meant that it was Harrison Ford who got the job. Now, let’s talk about Magnum, he started playing Thomas Magnum in 1980 after filming half a dozen shows that never got past the pilot. That catapulted him into fame, landing him several other jobs along the way.

Years later, he would be cast as a regular in Friends as Monica Geller’s romantic interest Richard Burke in the show’s sophomore season. Selleck was very afraid in doing this role because his agents told him not to do it, but he did, he fired his agent. And now he’s a very well-remembered character in the show, and it even earned him an Emmy Award nomination for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

Tom Selleck Net Worth

Tom Selleck in the Kelly Clarkson Show

Tom Selleck Net Worth

Tom Selleck’s net worth is north of fifty million dollars, and the bulk of his income comes from his acting career. For each Blue Bloods episode, he makes 200,000 dollars. When he made Magnum P.I., he was raking in half a million per episode, which is north of a million bucks per episode in today’s dollars, including inflation. Tom’s pretty real-estate savvy owns multi-million properties in the United States, refurbishes them, and then flips them for profits.

He currently owns a ranch in Ventura, California, estimated to be worth six million dollars. The ranch has all the amenities like swimming pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, his private golf course, and a heliport. So, what do you think of Tom Selleck’s net worth? That’s all the time we have now for Mr. Selleck. Thanks for reading our piece. Until next time!

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