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For All Mankind Season 1: Ending and Post-Credit Scene Explained

Preview And Recap: For All The Mankind Season 2

Apple TV+’s very own science-fiction drama, For All Mankind, is on its verge with a second season. Created and written by Ronald D. Moore, the first season premiered on the 1st of November 2019. The series went on to depict a completely different storyline about humanity and if the “global space race” would have never ended. “For All Mankind” features Joel Kinnaman taking the lead. He is joined by an impressive cast of Michael Dorman, Wrenn Schmidt, Shantel VanSanten, Sarah Jones, Jodi Balfour, Michael Harney, and Colm Feore. The Apple TV Plus Original also showcased some historical figures like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, and President Nixon in an alternate history. The first season was applauded for its impressive visuals and recreating alternate history which sets the show apart from the others.

For All Mankind follows the story of the global space race between the Soviet Union and the United States. It showcased the history set in a different universe. In a history where the Soviet Union went ahead of the United States to step on the moon and the global space race which may never end. The second season of For All Mankind is already available to stream on Apple TV + starting 19th February 2021. So, let’s take a look back at everything that happened in the first season. Also, take a look at the mysterious ending of Season 1 with the post-credit scene.

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Everything Happened In “For All Mankind Season 1”

So last season on For All Mankind we saw the beginnings of a race to space between the two superpowers. The United States Of America’s NASA started working on their project to travel to the moon. Simultaneously, Soviet Union started working on one of their own. In the end, Soviet Union’s very own Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov became the first man to walk the moon in June 1969.

The event shook NASA. They started working piece by piece and more efficiently on their own mission. Astronaut Edward Baldwin got removed from flight duty after he publicly criticized his anger at NASA’s failure to be first. Especially for not landing on the moon during the Apollo 10 mission. ‘While the saga continues, Apollo 11 crash-landed on Moon. Still, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin manage to establish a contact. The plans for setting up a lunar base start taking place. Also with some political hurdles here and there.

Preview And Recap: For All The Mankind Season 2

The happiness didn’t last long when the Soviets took the victory over NASA once again. The USSR sent their very first woman astronaut on the moon. NASA decided to go with the same move and started training female astronauts altogether. Molly Cobb, Patty Doyle, Danielle Poole, Tracy Stevens, and Ellen Waverly are selected for the mission, The selection process went through hectic elimination rounds.NASA kept going with adrenaline as they discovered water on the moon’s surface. They decide to build a lunar base around it to research further. Patty Doyle on the other hand dies after her LEM module crashes down.

On the political side of things, Ted Kennedy declares himself for Presidential Run with Vietnam War ending. In space, ice gets discovered on the surface of the moon. NASA follows another mission with Apollo 15 to figure out its sources. Baldwin, Molly Cobb, and Frank Sedgewick all gear in and land on Shackleton Crater. The plan to set a new lunar base begins.

The new lunar base is named Jamestown. Danielle Poole and Gordo Stevens occupy Jamestown and begin its operation on October 12, 1973. Amidst of Equal Rights Amendment Act, NASA starts working on Apollo 23. They look forward to bringing back all the astronauts through Jamestown. The Saturn V launch vehicle is all set. Unfortunately, it explodes with the death of most of the crew members. On the other hand, the USSR are all set with their own lunar base. They are calling it Zvezda. After having a breakdown, Gordo Stevens along with Danielle return to earth.

Ed on the other hand is keeping an eye on Soviet Union’s base. He believes that they are keeping tabs on his work. Deke Slayton, Harrison, and Elle leave with Apollo 24 to rescue Ed. The team faces a huge technical error resulting in to call for a backup. On the other side, Apollo 25 receives the message, and Molly, Dennis, and Tracy leave to repair Apollo 24. The ignition coming out of Apollo 24 kills Harrison but still, the rescue mission succeeds. In the end, Deke Slayton also had to die for the success of the mission.

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Ending Of For All Mankind Season 1 – Explained

The end of the first season or the post-credit scene has left many of the fans bugging with the relationship it has to the ongoing second season. This is what happened. First of all, we went through a time jump to 1983. We saw Ed and Karen witnessing the debut of a new spacecraft by NASA. The spacecraft made its initial appearance in the second episode of Season 1. We saw Wernher von Braun with the model of the mysterious spacecraft.

So, breaking it down, the spacecraft is actually a kind of weapon. A Rocket indeed carrying plutonium. The origins of this new weapon come from a spacecraft called Sea Dragon which NASA designed but never intended to use. Anyway moving on into the scene we can see hints of Space Race being equipped with Militarization. So if we look at the season 2 trailer, it’s much like bowing seeds for a war now. Indeed the space race is no longer just a race. We might see the United States and Soviet Union testing weapons on the surface of the moon and much more for the second season of For All Mankind,

A Look At “For All Mankind” Season 2

Preview And Recap: For All The Mankind Season 2

The second season of For All Mankind is already available on Apple TV+. The official synopsis says that Jamestown has successfully expanded its base with a number of astronauts and equipment. The United States now has a space station called Skylab. It rotates in the orbit above the earth. The technology of lunar exploration will be seen with a huge improvement. Better than the one showcased in the first season. On earth, Tracy Stevens is all set to get married to another person while she hides the fact from her ex-husband Gordo. On the other hand, NASA in the very first episode will be dealing with a huge solar flare and a fast-moving storm that is affecting earth and Jamestown.

The Official trailer released a month ago gave us a more inside glimpse into the second season of For All Mankind. The trailer opened up with the NASA suspecting that USSR might be introducing a new weapon. We see new astronaut candidates getting introduced. Also, the “Pathfinder” is getting introduced too. With the Sweet Dreams playing in the back, we are bound to witness the events that may change the world. Will NASA find out about the new weapon? and what more challenges is Jamestown about to face. All in the second season of For All Mankind. Check out the trailer below.

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