Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14: Release Date, (‘That Wicked Stepmother’) Preview, Spoilers and Episode 13 Recap

Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14 Release date

Dynasty is an American prime time daily soap television series. It is a modern recreation of the 1980’s daily soap by the same name. The series follows the two rich families Carringtons and Colby’s who try to control everything around them, including the power and future of their children. The series tries to showcase the glitter of the wealth these families possess and at the same time, it also tries to put its focus on the darkness that lies behind that extreme riches. The series has been airing on The CW since 2017 with an IMDb rating of 7.3/10.

Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14 Release Date and Streaming Details

Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14 ‘Thag Wicked Stepmother’ is all set to be released on Friday 28 February 2020 on The CW at 9:00 pm ET/PT. The episode can be streamed online on Amazon Prime, The CW official Website, Google Play, iTunes, VuDu and Fandangonow.

Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14 Promo

Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13 Recap

Dynasty Season 3 Episode 13 ‘You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White’ was released on Friday 21 February 2020. Here’s what happened previously; in this episode, we saw Blake and Cristal having happy moments in their new houseguest, they are evidently very happy with the choice they made regarding the houseguest. Meanwhile, Adam was seen looking for Alexi’s help.

Liam is blessed with a new big career opportunity. In other developments, Kirby is seen head over heels in love with her crush and Sam trying his hands at relationship; something that’s not the usual stuff. If you have watched the episode, don’t forget to let us know if you found it good or didn’t like it at all. Tell us all, in the comment section down below. We would love to know your thoughts on this episode.

Dynasty Season 3 Episode 14 Spoilers

As per the synopsis released by The CW, Cristal will be seen going to extreme ends to fulfill her plans. As far as Liam is concerned, he will be seen to be with someone from his past. Meanwhile, Blake and Alexis will continue with the loyalty of Adam and Fallon. On the flipside, Dominique will be seen asking Culhane for the favor.

Although, we know Culhane cannot deny doing the favor as he owes Dominique one. It’s However, still not known who is that someone from Liam’s past that he is choosing to stay beside. To find out, Be sure to tune to The CW on Friday 28 February 2020 at US 9:00 pm.


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