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Humankind Release Date, Gameplay And Story


Humankind is a game that is developed by Amplitude who are the developers behind games like Endless Space and Endless Legend. Their most recent game Humankind is made to be the rival of Civilization 6. This a game that the developers really wanted to make and with the backing from Sega the devs are now finally able to make their big-budget strategy game. There are quite a few trailers of this game that reveal many amazing things about it.

Humankind Gameplay Details

As told before, the game’s trailer reveals many details about it like landscapes, civilization and the ability to build the map. There is a lot more which includes how topography affecting the combat like the archers’ will have an advantage when they shoot their arrows from high ground down onto soldiers to make it more effective. There are eras in the game and there will be six distinct eras along with the timeline of the campaign which is to be expected with the prehistoric era.

Humankind Release Date

Humankind Will Have A lot of Cultures

In this, the players will have to make a lot of decisions which will have its own advantage like what thing they want to build, if they split up the group it will come with its own risk. Each era will have 10 cultures from which the players can choose and all of them will come with unique traits. As time passes, the players will have a lot of different people from different cultures. So, let’s talk about cultures in the game. There are going a total of 10 cultured which are Libyans, Romans, Nubians, Egyptians, Germans, Assyrians, Babylonians, Harappans, Hittites, Chinese.

But it doesn’t stop there as in the final game it has been reported that there will 60 total cultures. Each of them will have their own pros. In this game, players will be able to create their own character which is similar to an RPG game. The depth of the character creation system in the game hasn’t been revealed but there is a good amount of chance it will most likely be many character customization option similar to that of Sims 4.

As for the story, Humankind’s main goal is all about fame which can be earned by doing different things. Some of which are beating enemies, building new things for your people’s sake or have a massive city. Fame is expressed through stars and each civilization will have a total of 21 stars. The player will have to earn seven in order to get to the next one. One of the important things in the game will be the terrain. The devs of the game explained that it will be extremely helpful not just in combat but other things too like the high ground will give players an advantage over the enemy but it can also be used for scouting.

Humankind Release Date

Humankind will be released in 2020 for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh. The game doesn’t have an exact release date as of now. If the player walks through the valley their vision will get block by it. On the other hand, if they walk over a plateau they will be able to see things that are further away. Players can also find new landmarks like ocean and deserts which can be named by players that will earn them extra fame.

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