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The Rope Curse 2: When Does it Premiere and What can we Expect?

Horror stories have always managed to grab the attention of the audience in one way or another. This has lead to them being extremely popular amongst fans since time immemorial. There hasn’t been an era in cinema where horror films haven’t been the rage. This is because people like things that scare them. This need not necessarily mean things that one might assume it would. In general, anything that makes someone feel things that they normally don’t fell on a day-to-day basis proves to be entertaining. The Rope Curse is one work on cinema that falls under this category.

There has been much talk about this film in circles that appreciate horror ever since it came out. Partly, this is because of the very cliche nature of the trope and storyline but also because of the great delivery of the intended message despite this downfall. With a second instalment to the franchise premiering internationally very soon, we assumed you would want to know more about this film. We have made a deep analysis of this film and are excited to bring it to your attention. Read on to get your hands on some interesting details about The Rope Curse and its second instalment.

The Rope Curse: what is it and who is involved?

The Rope Curse

The Rope Curse

This is a 2018 movie that initially premiered in Taiwan. It was written by Keng-Ming Chang and directed by Shih-Han Liao. The Rope Curse went on to grab the attention of many horror lovers due to its grotesque nature – something that a niche audience is bound to lean towards.

The cast of the movie features the following stars in lead roles:

  • Bor Jeng Chen
  • Hsin-Yen Hsu
  • Chung-Heng Chu
  • Vicci Pan
  • Kimi Hsia
  • Jason Tsou
  • Teng-Hui Huang
  • Ke-Fang Sun and
  • Tsung-Hua Tou

The plot of the first films follows a young couple who look forward to streaming a rope ritual to create a viral video. While at it, they discover that a vile curse has now befallen them and they might not make it out alive.

While this storyline is indeed quite old, the film depicts it in a very raw and intense way. This one is not for the faint-hearted and it might trigger some.

The Rope Curse 2: When can we watch it and what is it about?

The Rope Curse 2

The Rope Curse 2

The franchise has now come up with a new instalment to the movie series and it is quite the rage among fans. The movie’s second instalment will probably have plot points that are a follow up to the previous film.

The plot of The Rope Curse 2 revolves around a character called Jia-min, who was born with the ability to sense paranormal activities. Following up on what we already know, the film sees him trying to summon “Yi-A-Gu”. As predicted, things go downhill very soon but he manages to subdue it with the help of Huo-ge. We soon come to know that Huo-ge possesses supernatural powers too but this has not stopped the string of suicides. Will they able to fight the forces of evil and win? We will have to watch the film to find out.

The first movie received mixed reviews from the audience due to various factors while some still wanted to see what the makers will do with the second film. The second film came out in August this year and people around the world are waiting for its international premiere on streaming platforms. Much to our delight, we will be able to watch The Rope Curse 2 on Netflix on the 30th of December, 2020. This is an exciting prospect for a lot of us since we can finally end the year on this note!


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