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Secrets of Sulphur Springs Filming Locations

Secrets of Sulphur Springs filming locations are many and fans are curious as to know what exactly are those. The series gives fans, the genre of mystery as well as drama. This Disney Channel show has been exceptionally popular among fans especially children of young age. It aired on the channel just last year. The plot for Secrets of Sulphur Springs begins in a fictional town called Sulphur Springs which is located in Louisiana. Tracey Thomson created this series. A third season for the series is already on its way after witnessing the success of the previous two installments.

As for the story of the series, we see the lead Griffin Campbell who is 12 years of age. His dad has now gotten a new job and thus, they have to move to a new town called Sulphur Springs. They start their journey from a hotel called Tremont Hotel which is assumed to be haunted by the ghost of Savannah Dillon. Savannah once was a camper in Tremont who disappeared during her camp almost 30 years ago.

When Goffin moves in here and starts school, he comes across a lot of new people and makes friends. Griffin with his new best friend Harper finds a way to travel through time. They jump back almost 30 years and meet with Savannah. The two try to figure out the reason why she disappeared and try to prevent that from happening.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Filming Locations

A still from Secrets of Sulphur Springs

Secrets of Sulphur Springs Filming Locations

It does not come as a shocker that Secrets of Sulphur Springs filming took place majorly in Louisiana. It is because the show itself is set in this state in the plot. The cameras started rolling at St. Bernard Parish. It also took place at the Creedmoor Plantation. All of these locations are near 1800 Bayou Road. It is located between Russ Place and Fountain Lane.

Given the fact that this entire city is old and has a rich history, it gave the creators a new area to work in and also travel through the 1930s and the present at ease. As for the filming locations of Tremont Hotel where Griffin lives with his father, this place is not exactly all real. What we mean by this statement is that half of the scenes from Tremont Hotel were shot at sound stages. The other shots were taken at actual locations in the state.


The second season of the show was mainly about Harper and how she tries to understand her connection with the Tremont Hotel in the first place. She has come to find a picture of her great-grandmother named Daisy. This makes Harper believe truly that all the answers that she is seeking right now lie in the 1930s. Coming back to the haunted hotel Tremont, the Campbells are trying to reopen it to the public.

Although, paranormal activities start happening around them. In the meantime, Savannah is assisting Harper and Griffin in understanding the secret of the hotel and how the past shapes up. In the series, we see Preston Oliver reprising the role of Griffin Campbell. Kyleigh Curran enacts the character of Harper Dunn. Elle Graham reprises the role of Savannah Dillon. Madeleine McGraw reprises the role of Zoey Campbell.

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