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Whitesnake Net Worth: How Rich Are the Band Members?

Members of Whitesnake

A great band goes on to make popular music throughout their career. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers who are currently nearing the end of the first leg of their latest are a testament to that. Though, they are not the only band that still stands and make music even after so many years. Whitesnake is a band older than them and it is considered one of the top bands of our time. Given the extended time they have been playing, they must have quite a history, right? as it is the case with every group that goes on for a long so it is with them. But today we will gather facts and state the Net Worth of every present member of the band. Note, that the new bassist will not be included as she hasn’t been around for long and there isn’t much data on her.

Members of Whitesnake

CC: David Coverdale

Net Worth Of Band Members of Whitesnake

The band has a total of seven numbers, in our article we are only talking about the present members of the band. Though there are members who have left the band and are alive, taking them all in would make it too long. This would be outside the scope of this article, the main purpose of the article is to tell the Net Worth Of Band Members of Whitesnake. The ones that are currently in the band, unless there is a demand to know the net worth of past members as well. If such a need arises we will make a list of past members’ net worth and list this one into that one. No reason to mention present members over and over when there is already one? Without further ado, below is the list of Net Worth Of Band Members of Whitesnake

David Coverdale Net Worth: David Coverdale is the lead vocalist of the band with a net worth of $18 million. He is the only member throughout that hasn’t changed. Though the reason behind it is simple, the band was made around him, so it makes sense he of all never leaves.

 Reb Beach: The Guitarist of Whitesnake has a net worth of $1.1 Million. He is also a member of the band winger. He has also made guest appearances in many other bands.

Tommy Aldridge He is one of the American musicians in the band who has a net worth of $3 million. He used to play in many different bands including Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore, and Ted Nugent among many.

Members of Whitesnake

CC: Tommy Alderidge

Joel Hoekstra: Another American musician in the British band. He has a total net worth of $1.5 million. Hoekstra has also done solo albums in his career.

Michelle Luppi: He is an Italian who made into the band during “The Purple Tour”. He is a man of many talents and has an Estimated Net Worth of 2.3 Million to $5 Million US Dollars. He serves as backing vocals and keyboard in the band

Dino Jelusi: The youngest member in the band and has a Net worth of $ 1-3 Million. He grew up listening to Whitesnake and joined the band in 2019 as a backing vocalist.

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