Shadow House Anime
Shadow House Anime

Shadow House Anime Slated for April 2021 Release Date

Shadow house anime adaptation was first announced at a Jump Festa 2021 held online last year in December. The announcement also revealed more details about the upcoming anime production staff and released a key visual and a PV for the anime. The anime is based on the manga of the same name and will be making its debut soon. Crunchyroll sale shared the news and more details about the anime; let’s take a look at the latest developments:

The news was also revealed on the official Twitter account for Shadow house name on Thursday this week that the anime adaptation is finally here. Animenewsnetwork also reported on the recent developments in this news. The comments from the main cast of the anime were also revealed at the time of the announcement, and they expressed their feelings about the upcoming adaptation.

Shadow House anime will be released in April 2021. The anime is set to premiere together with the Spring 2020 anime season, and we are yet to expect more updates on the release date for its first episode. The full cast of the anime has been released already, including some of the production staff. Comic Natalie also revealed the interview and comments from the incoming voice cast for the anime characters, and we are excited to find out what they will have to say about this project.

Shadow House’s story is set in a western-style house, and it is centered around the aristocratic and faceless Shadow family. The family lives together with a lifelike doll and attendants who serve as their faces. The story shows the house inhabitants’ daily lives, and it gradually reveals the mysteries within the house. The PV released also revealed more details about the anime, have a look:

Kazuki Ohashi will direct shadow house anime, Toshiya Ohno will be working with him as the series composition. Chizuko Kusakabe will be the character design, and Kenichiro Suehiro will be the music composer. The anime’s original work comes from Somato, and the studio behind the production of the anime will be clover works studio. The only cast for the anime revealed so far is Akari Kito, who will play Kate, and Yu Sasahara, who will play the role of Emilyko.

Show House Anime Key Visual
Show House Anime Key Visual | Image Credits: COMIC NATALIE

The Shadow House manga has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine since September 2018. The chapters of the manga released so far are collected in 6 tankobon volumes from October 2020. The first volume of the manga was released in January 2019. The comments for the revealed cast about the upcoming anime was as follows:

Akari Kito, who will play the role of Kate, commented that Kate is a shadow. A role she has never played before and that they are looking forward to the role.  Kito also said that they would make this a completely new work into an anime and help more people enjoy it. Akari also revealed that when they auditioned, they read the original, and it was exciting because it was a work with a world view. They revealed that they have never seen this kind of view before and hope to help as much as possible.

Yu Sasahara, who plays Emilycon, commented that they thought that the world view and Shadow house’s story are really unique works. They are also looking forward to the expression and colors of “soot” in the anime, Emilyco’s cuteness, kindness, warmth, and strength. They closed their comment by saying that they will do their best for their work.

That was all the official details about the anime released at this post. More cast and updates on the release date of the anime are expected to be revealed later on. More anime adaptations for Spring 2021 are getting revealed day by day, but at this point, the release date of episode one of their anime is yet to be communicated.

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