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Love Island Season 9 Episode 21 Release Date: Aaron Is Going Home?

Love Island Season 9 Episode 21
Aaron is going home

Excited for Love Island Season 9 Episode 21? In the previous episode, Ron and Lana had a conversation. Ron just scares me because this man knows what to say to make a woman who has been scored, run back to you like nothing ever happened. Any woman would feel a little twinge in her heart if a man says “yo being around you just make me so nervous”. What woman would not find that flattery?

But that’s where the buck ends with Ron, it’s just flattery. Bro, show the girl that vulnerability, show her what is it about her that makes you be this guy. Give me something, it’s not just the gestures of making breakfast before Casey or telling her “everybody else is my type but I constantly choose you”. No bro, be vulnerable with her, let her in, show her that I’m the one you want to pursue, and let your other options not be in the picture, guess her.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 19 Recap

Before diving into Love Island Season 9 Episode 21, let’s quickly recap the previous Episode. Casey gets the green light from Ron, as if he needed it, to make breakfast for Lana. And it’s avocado and toast again. Guys do we not have any more ingredients for breakfast? Does nobody know how to crack an egg? Does nobody know how to make a waffle?

Love Island Season 9 Episode 21

Ron talks with Lana

My advice to Lana and people like Lana would be “go where you are happy. I feel like I have not seen Lana genuinely smile, generally laugh from her gut, in some time now. And in 48 hours, she’s been belly laughing, like her cheeks have been hurting from smiling, just being in Casey’s presence.

Lana talks to Ron later and her justification for wanting to go back to Ron is the fact that they have a history, and that they’ve been through a lot. No sis, he has “put you through a lot”. “We’ve been through a lot” is like internal struggles that y’all go through. But dealing with other women, these external situations that have been caused by Ron, that’s not “y’all going through a lot as a unit”, that’s him “putting you through a lot”.

So Samie is listening to Lana talk about Ron and she’s like “girl don’t you hear that this man is a flirt, he is not serious”. Honestly Samie, save your breath, you cannot do for somebody what they will not do for themselves. Lana will choose to be in second place until I don’t know what it will take.

Casey knows his worth and he takes on outside and he says “okay, so I understand you have feelings for another man. But let me tell you one thing about me in Geometry, not a fan”. I will give Lana a pass because it has only been two days. So it is easy to think that the new thing is the best thing. I understand her being hesitant for now and needing some time to process her feelings. But Casey ain’t gonna wait forever and neither will Samie. Because Sammy takes Ron aside and she’s like “I don’t like this”.

Come on Samie you better know your worth too. She’s like “I’m here for the flattery. But honestly if you don’t have intentions of pursuing me, save it”. So Ron’s whole game plan is not working on Samie. Ron, she is not Lana bro. Your words need actions, you’re a little flattery means nothing to the girl if there’s no intention behind your action and behind your words. So Samie just clocked it and Lana hopefully you will clock it too. Now we will discuss when will Episode 21 of Love Island Season 9 will release.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 21

Maya Returns

Love Island Season 9 Episode 21 Release Date & Preview

Love Island Season 9 Episode 21 will release on 5 February 2023 on ITV2. Maya has come to the Villa and we just need a moment to take her in because we have not seen her in a while. Maya lets the Villa know that the public has been voting for their favorite guy and the guys with the top votes are Will, Shaq, Tom, and Ron.

Knowing that the top got more votes than you, it must suck to be Kai at the bottom with these new boys. Anyways I’m pretty sure Aaron will be going home because the vote is up to the women. But you never know I guess we’ll have to see till Love Island Season 9 Episode 21.

Love Island Season 9 Episode 21 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episode 19 of Love Island Season 9 will air at 9 pm GMT in the UK. The episode 21 release timings for the rest of the world are as follows:

  • 4:00 pm Eastern Time (USA) on Sunday, 5th February 2023
  • 9:00 pm Greenwich Mean Time (London) on Sunday, 5th February 2023
  • 2:30 am Indian Standard Time (India) on Monday, 6th February 2023
  • 6:00 am Japan Standard Time (Japan) on Monday, 6th February 2023
  • 6:00 am Korean Standard Time (Korea) on Monday, 6th February 2023
  • 8:00 am Australian Standard Time (Australia) on Monday, 6th February 2023

You can watch episode 21 on ITVX in the UK and on Hulu in the US.

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