Games With Amazing Stories That You Need to Play Right Now

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Games With Amazing Stories

Video games go hand in hand with their stories. You could even consider the story as the backbone of any game. With an amazing storyline, any game could become magical and addictive; you are immersed in the world and want to complete the whole thing to experience and know what happens next.

Don’t get us wrong; a game depends on various other things to be good, like gameplay, graphics, multiplayer, and many more. It’s very rare to see a game be outstanding in all these aspects. But in this article, we’re going to talk about just the ones which are amazing when it comes to the aspect of the story.

A good story can save a game that is suffering from lousy gameplay. There are a lot of examples of this. It doesn’t even have to be bad gameplay; the gameplay can be neglected entirely on purpose, just for the players to experience the story. A ton of games is released which are story-heavy and nothing else.

The stories of a game pull ina huge audience. the number of games that have transitioned from video games to full-out movies is numerous. We got games like Lara Croft, Hitman, Sonic, Mortal Kombat, Assassins Creed, the upcoming Uncharted movie, and many more have become huge blockbusters.

Keep in mind the three games in the article are just some of the thousands of games that have amazing stories. These are in no particular order and are solely from personal opinion.

God Of War (PS4)

In this article, we mentioned that games that excel in all aspects like gameplay, graphics, and story are very hard to come by; it’s very rare. This game is one of them.

This 2018 PS4 game still stands to this day as one of the best PS4 games ever. God OF War is exceptional in all aspects, from gameplay to story, to the gorgeous world. The game pulls you into the dangerous world; you play for 4 to 5 hours straight without any problems.

In this article, we aren’t going to talk about any other aspects, just the story. The game picks up long after the previous titles. In the last game, Kratos, The God Of War wasn’t left with such a good ending. He was on the brink of death, so his future was left to the imagination.

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Years later, at an E3 conference, we see the Ghost Of Sparta again in a completely different makeover. He has aged considerably, gotten much bigger, and has grown one of the best beards ever. We didn’t think Kratos could look even more menacing, but the developers somehow made it happen.

God of War

From this game on, we are tackling Norse Mythology in Midgard. You heard a ton of new monsters, trolls, elks, and dragons to conquer, yes you heard me right. We get to defeat a full fletched dragon in the game. It is no easy task.

But being set in Norse Mythology, it is obvious that we get to see some Norse Gods. We don’t just get to see them; they are their main villains of the whole game. The game takes everything marvel has built up about Norse history and throws it out of the window. God Of War takes an entirely different take on all of them.

Odin, Thor, and every other God from the realms are corrupt, they are continually searching for even greater powers and never failing to kill and subdue anything and everything blocking their path.

So we find Kratos here in Midgard; he now has a son called Atreus. The game starts by showing how Kratos is getting ready to light his deceased wife’s body. The game’s whole plot is the father-son duo making an epic journey to the highest point in all the realms to spread the kid’s mother (Kratos’s wife) ashes; that was her dying wish.

But the journey they take is no ordinary one, the number of twists and tumbles the game takes. This single journey changes everything about the world; their journey affects the smallest plant to the mightiest Gods. But apart from all of that, we get to see how their relations as father and son improve along the way. Their relation is done so beautifully we feel like we are part of it.

God Of War Gameplay

The story is so good that many things are happening, but we don’t even miss any of it, nor are we confused by any of it. It’s done so well that we can’t take our eyes off of any of it. Sometimes if a story is so and so, we get to know the ending or predict the ending by somewhat reaching the middle of the game. Not with God Of War, we are left in the dust until the last second of the game. That is why it is so addictive.

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Days Gone

Days Gone is a zombie open-world survival game that has a very amazing and addictive storyline. The gameplay is not that great, it’s not bad in any way, but nothing is new to it. Many things are tried, the potential of the game is on another level, and a ton of features are available that we have never seen in any other game. Sadly, the game isn’t mastering any of it, the game has it all, but everything isn’t perfect.

But one thing that seems perfect to me from the game is the story. It’s such a long playthrough; the gameplay gets repetitive as we go on, but we cannot turn ourselves away from the screen because of the fantastic story.

We follow the life of Deacon St. John, who is a biker in this post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world. He roams around camp to camp, helping them out with hard jobs with his friend Boozer. But his ultimate goal is always finding his wife, Sarah.

Games With Amazing Stories

He and his wife were separated right from the start of the whole thing, just when the zombie outbreak broke off. Ever since they haven’t seen each other, it’s been years. Deacon finds a place where Sarah was supposed to be, but unfortunately, what he finds is not great, a crashed helicopter and an overrun camp, which means she is long gone.

But somehow, he can never seem to let that fact go. Everyone pushes him to let the past go because it keeps pulling him back from many things. As time goes on, the problem is that he keeps on finding small clues here and there that show or give him a glimpse of hope that his wife may be alive.

But every single one turns out to be wrong until he finds a very solid clue. Here starts the best part of the game as he works his best to overcome the harsh, dangerous world to find the love of his life who doesn’t seem to be alive. The game is an emotional rollercoaster for the players as well cause we see the entire backstory of our character, and we see how much he loves his wife.

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His wife is built up as this amazing character through flashbacks; we can feel the same pain he is going through. So as he holds onto any strand of evidence that she is alive, we do the same thing. When one strand breaks and he falls into sadness, so do we. That’s the best part of this game.

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Red Dead Redemption 1 And 2

This, like God Of War, is one of those rare games which are exceptional when it comes to all gaming aspects. The world is amazing and huge, the gameplay is fantastic, and the story is gripping like no other. Being a Rockstar game, all of these were guaranteed.

The first game follows John Marston set in the early ’90s during the fall of the American Frontier. The lives of the cowboy outlaws in the Wild Wild West are coming to an end. John Marston used to be one such cowboy outlaw. But he has left that life behind and is living peacefully with his wife and kid on a farm.

Games With Amazing Stories

But his wife and kid are taken captive by government officials. They will be released if John helps them find and bring back members of his old notorious gang. These members are very dangerous and hard to track; if anyone can do it, it would be John.

So he has no choice but to agree. On his journey, we meet each gang member, who is one of the best characters we have seen. We also see other faces, some good and some bad. The game also has one of the best and saddest ending in video game history.

Red Dead Redemption 2 acts as a prequel to the previous game. Here we take control of Arthur Morgan, a loyal and trusted member of John Marston’s old gang. So yes, this occurs before John leaves the game; we ride with them as we complete some high-tier jobs, take on enemy gangs, and many more.

This story fills in all of the gaps that the previous game left out; we find the valid reasons for John leaving, his hatred for other gang members, and so on.

These were just three examples of games with fantastic storylines. We’ll keep adding new articles with the other entries, so be sure to follow the website. Happy Gaming!

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