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Dandadan Chapter 65 Release Date: Capture Golden Ball!

Dandadan Chapter 65 Release Date
Dandadan Chapter 65 Release Date

Dandadan Chapter 65 is scheduled to release next week and we are getting one step closer to finding the secrets behind the Golden Ball. We thought that the latest chapter was going to be about training the evil eye while finding the secrets of the golden ball. However, the chapter took a twist and showed both of our main characters in the action trying to capture the golden ball. It is safe to assume now that the new arc is fully beginning and it is going to focus on the golden ball and the entity who is controlling the ball. Dandadan Chapter 65 could be the bring point to the new arc.

S0, what will happen in Dandadan Chapter 65? Well, we have our theories regarding the Dandadan Chapter 65. But we won’t know what will truly happen until the chapter is released. So, in this post, besides discussing the events that may take place in the Dandadan Chapter 65, we will also give you all the details you may need regarding it, like its release date and time and where you can read it for free. However, before we get into all that, let’s take a look at the recap of the Dandadan Chapter 64 and jog our memories because it may be a turning point now. Here we bring you the latest updates on the Dandadan Manga series.

Dandadan Chapter 64 Recap

The chapters open on Okarun in his class when a classmate approaches him and declares that Okarun is his enemy. Okarun is startled by this boy and he tells him that he wants to know how can Okarun attract beautiful girls like Momo when he has such a dullsville. Before Okarun could say anything, Momo barges into their class and tells him that she has found his other family jewel. Family jewel is a Japanese slang that means testicles. The boy is surprised and thinks that the key to being attractive to beautiful ladies is “saucy” language.

Dandadan Chapter 64 Recap

Momo and Okarun

The president of the class thinks that Momo is forcing Okarun and she stands up to defend Okarun. After their brawl, Momo and Okarun leave to find the Golden Ball. The boy from the class follows the couple and eventually gives himself out. When he approaches them, he suddenly starts to float and launches like Missle approaching Momo. Okarun transforms and saves Momo from colliding. After a few tries to catch the ball, Okarun concludes that the golden ball is not a specter rather it has a physical body.

Dandadan Chapter 65 Raw Scans And Spoilers

As mentioned earlier, we can expect Dandadan Chapter 65 to set up the plot for the new arc. The Golden Ball was always mysterious but we can finally expect to get new information on its new upcoming chapters. However, I believe, we won’t be getting the information regarding the Golden Ball in Dandadan Chapter 65 immediately. The first thing that we will see in the Dandadan Chapter 65 is Momo and Okarun trying to capture the ball. As Okarun said that the ball is moving on its own. There is a force of the physical body behind it.

We speculate that Okarun and Momo won’t be able to capture the Golden Ball alone. They might need a third hand. And, if you haven’t forgotten about Jin and the Evil Eye, then yes, we can expect him to assist our main character in capturing the ball. It will be really funny to see Okarun’s reaction regarding Jin being able to transform into an evil eye at will now. However, these are nothing but mere speculations. Real events in the Dandadan Chapter 65 may differ. The raw scans and spoilers of Dandadan Chapter 65 aren’t dropped yet. They generally surface a few hours before the chapter’s official release. All we can do is wait until the chapter is released.

Dandadan Chapter 65

Dandadan Chapter 65 Expectations

Dandadan Chapter 65 Release Date

Dandadan Chapter 65 is scheduled to release on Monday, 18th July. As for the timings for the release, it varies for different regions. The chapter will release approximately at midnight in Japan on 18th July. Whereas in India, it will release approximately at 8:30 pm, and in Eastern Europe, it will release at 11:00 am on Sunday 17th July.

Where To Read Dandadan Chapter 65?

You can read Dandadan Chapter 65 and all other available chapters on Viz’s official website or through the Shonen Manga Plus app on your Devices.

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