Review: Animal Control Episode 4 – An Upbeat Comedy On Your Way

Animal Control Episode 4 Review
Animal Control Poster (Credits: FOX)

A comedy show revolving around the cutest furry animals and some complicated humans. How does anything top this? Animal Control is an American sitcom that follows a group of animal control workers who find themselves managing wild animals and struggling with their human counterparts. The show was launched on February 26th, 2023, and recently released its fourth episode.

Based in Seattle, the show stars Joel McHale, famous for hosting The Soup and for starring in Spider-Man 2 as the leading man Frank Shaw. He was a cop before his current job as Senior Animal Control Officer and is the quintessential tsundere character. Actress Vella Lovell known for her roles in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and The Christmas Chronicles, is the kind-hearted Human Resources Director, Emily Price.

Emily constantly gets stepped on and is treated as a pushover by the Commissioner, played by Gerry Dee. Ravi Patel is in the show as Amit Patel, a supporting character working with Frank. Michael Rowland, as Fred Taylor, is Frank’s new rookie partner. An optimistic guy who manages to cut through the entire team’s negativity and harshness. 

It has only been four episodes since the show started, which is why the show lacks a wide supporting cast. The show is a live-action series and has been criticized by PETA for using real animals instead of VFX. The show is available on Hulu for streaming purposes.

Fred and Frank in the show, Animal Control (Credits: FOX)
Fred and Frank in the show Animal Control (Credits: FOX)

Animal Control Episode 4 Storyline

The previous episode of the show saw Frank and Fred, also known as Shred, get a report of a rogue cougar that might be in the front yard of one of the houses. Upon reaching, the two find that the cougar is just a stuffed animal deliberately kept there. The two could have just ignored the whole thing, but their idle brains pushed them to prank their rivals.

The two call the Commissioner and exaggerate the entire cougar ordeal, telling him that the tranquilizers do not seem to be working on it and that he might have to come down to shoot him. The Commissioner, with his head way up high, visits the place and, without any questions asked, shoots at the cougar, which blows into white clouds. The previous episode also saw some sparks between Shred and Emily.

The two are extremely sweet to each other but still remain cautious. On the other hand, Frank and Dolores, the receptionist, because of Victoria’s prank on Frank, end up meeting each other at Dolores’ house.

Though their meeting was accidental and not planned, they still shared some suspicious gazes while talking about things from work. Just before the credits roll, we see the two in bed together, panting for breath, promising never to tell anyone about this.

Episode four of the show, titled “Dogs and Bears and Minks,” kicks off with Frank and Fred driving while Frank is still processing the previous night. Fred asks him an innocent question about how his night was, and that is enough for Frank to get defensive but still reveal everything about the night with Dolores (Kelli Ogmundson).

Amit and Emily in the show, Animal Control (Credits: FOX)
Amit and Emily in the show Animal Control (Credits: FOX)

The team gets yet another call, this time about a bear who has found comfort in somebody’s hot tub. While still at the office, Frank and Fred are acting cool and distant around Dolores, worrying that a night of sex with Frank will turn her into a clingy pup. Victoria and Amit deal with the wild bear in the tub, while Frank is initially relieved that Dolores was not weird about last but also worried as to why that would be.


Frank, twisted in the head because of Dolores’ attitude towards him, makes a mistake, gets defensive about it again, and snaps at his boss. Fred tries to keep the duo on track, but clearly, Frank, the bully in their relationship, manages to shut him up. Rick, their old boss, visits them at the office, and the entire team shares lunch, with Amit trying to constantly sell his property to him. 

The lunch spirals into chaos, and we cut to Frank still cribbing about Dolores seeming ‘too normal.’ Fred continues to be a good listener and advisor to him. Frank eventually confronts Templeton about his fling with Dolores, confirming Frank’s worst fears.

While Amit and Victoria deal with Amit’s bratty daughter and the wild bear from before, Frank goes to talk to Dolores like an adult. The episode ends with Dolores letting him know that he is not the best she had, and Frank decides to be alone and stew over their entire conversation.

Animal Control Episode 4 Review

The show, Animal Control, is a workplace comedy done right. With only a few episodes released, the show has managed to establish great chemistry between the cast and has clearly put effort into the jokes and overall script.

Every character has some unique but extreme personality trait that seems unlike their surface image, and when mixed with each other, it looks really tasteful. Frank is an ex-cop, wrongfully fired, which has made him cranky and mean, especially towards innocent Fred, who is a rookie scaredy cat but still tries his best to stand up to his bully.

Their relationship is what the entire show rides on, and they do a good job of complementing each other’s roles. Victoria and Amit’s duo is hilarious, too, with Amit trying wack things and Victoria pretending like she does not know him at all.

It has only been four episodes since the launch of the show, and it is taking time to establish the characters and their story, which is fine because when in full swing, the show would have the potential to be a great comedy.

The show follows a format that the audience is used to, quirky opposite characters that make a tight group in a workplace setting. It worked for a show like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and it feels like it will work for Animal Control too.

The fact that the audience knows what to expect and how an episode will go may take away the surprise factor, but the show still remains funny and has a sense of comfort. The show describes itself as one where the cast deals effectively with the animals but struggles when it comes to humans.

It stands true at least till the recent episode, where Frank, played by Joel McHale, who seems to be an arrogant know-it-all who taints every word with sarcasm, suffers one entire day of overthinking just because Dolores, the chic and cool receptionist, agreed to keep up with her side of the deal.

He is upset because Dolores is not affected much by his presence even after sleeping with him and because when they both agreed to keep their passionate night a secret, she actually followed it through, whereas Frank told the first person he could find, Fred, all about it without even being prompted. This feels unlike his character, which makes it so much more interesting.

Cast of the show, Animal Control (Credits: FOX)
The cast of the show Animal Control (Credits: FOX)

The fact that it is not the girl overthinking things and that she is so level-headed about it is also refreshing. Amit and Victoria’s dynamic shines through the most in this episode, with them going on a hunt for a wild bear, Amit embarrassing himself in front of their old boss, Rick, to them discussing his daughter. The two are the perfect duo right after Fred and Frank.

The show runs like a smooth machine, clearly lacking the awkwardness and bumps other comedy shows suffer from. The background story for the characters is also established in a manner that relates to their present life and does not feel forced.

The show may feel like it is made up of all the good things, but it still feels like there is something missing from it. The extra spice that might help it stand out in this seasonal spike of comedy shows. 

Our Verdict

The fault with this show is that it feels too familiar and seen before, and even though Frank is supposed to be the guy who leads the cast and is mean on the outside but a softie on the inside kind of main lead, he is just not quirky or different enough.

By following the format, the show has become too predictable and does not feel like it is doing something new. It has not been long since the show was launched, so it can easily get the benefit of the doubt till the first season ends.

The show has a great cast, along with physical slapstick humor added by the animals, along with makers who know exactly what they are doing. This episode was a preview of the possible ships that could sail and storms that could hit the Animal Control Division of Seattle.

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.5/5).

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