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Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 18: Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 17 recap
Australian Survivor

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 18’s release date is here. The viewers who have watched every episode are eager to stream more. The recap of Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 17 will also be given here.

So this year, it will be heroes versus villains, and if you’ve been watching the show since the beginning, get ready to brace yourself. According to the original program overview, the upcoming season will be set on the stunning tropical island of Samoa. It will center on the most well-known subject the show has ever tackled: heroes vs. villains.

The contestants will compete to earn $50,000 and confront difficulties during their stay at this ideal tropical vacation destination. According to rumors, the show’s premise was dubbed “fresh and exciting” by Daniel Monaghan, President of Programming at Paramount.

It’s great that the heroes and villains include seasoned adversaries and budding superstars. Even though I understand that Americans occasionally bring back champions, it’s always intriguing to go up against new opponents. It marginally exacerbated everyone’s anxiety.

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A Quick Recap

The OG Villains tribe took home a huge jar of cookies after winning a rewarding task, as seen in recent episodes. We all know that a large object is an ideal place to conceal an idol, a hint, or a hidden benefit. As fate would have it, Simon discovered something concealed among the cookies while Mimi searched unsuccessfully in the middle of the night.

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 17 recap

The host.

Simon believed the wooden token to be a concealed immunity idol, even though it had no papers and wasn’t a choker. The OG Villains group won a rewarding task a few weeks ago, earning them a huge jar of cookies as their prize.

As we all know, anything this large is the ideal hiding place for an idol, a clue, or some other hidden benefit. Mimi searched unsuccessfully for something in the late hours of the night, but as chance would have it, Simon discovered something concealed within the cookies.

Simon believed the wooden token to be a hidden immunity idol, despite its lack of papers and the fact that it wasn’t a necklace. Simon, who went by the “Cookie Idol” moniker, thought he had gained some ground in his long conflict with King George.

When Simon first discovered it, his Cookie Idol used to have a rather large red X through it when his name appeared on the screen, causing viewers to believe it wasn’t an Idol at all. Simon clung to his idol throughout several extremely tense Tribal Councils, hoping to use it to attack George, including the dramatic one in which Fraser was caught off guard.

Unknown to Simon, Ben had discovered a similar token in the rations of the OG Heroes tribe. Ben kept looking for the possible purpose of the beautiful wood after realizing it lacked any paperwork and eventually discovered the appropriate idol.

When Simon utilized his idol as leverage to join the Original Heroes and establish his allegiance to Shaun, he informed the OG Heroes that his idol might be given to Flick and used against George as he gave it up.

Sadly, during the last episode’s Tribal Council, Flick acted as Matt’s idol while votes were being cast for Ben. Still, she also discovered that the object given to her was unquestionably not an idol. The repercussions were severe, and Flick was furious that Simon might have set her up.

She commented throughout the show, “I 100% believe this is a clever plan by Simon, so I hope and pray that I can get vengeance on him.” Then she received her comeuppance when Simon handed Shaun a phony idol at the following reward challenge, where she boldly declared war had been declared.

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 17 recap

The cast.

Tragically, Flick also served as Matt’s idol during the Tribal Council in the previous episode, when votes were cast for Ben, but she also learned that the item handed to her was not an idol. “I can assist you there. In essence, it was a hint at a secret immunity idol. A coconut with the same symbol was in your camp.

There was an idol underneath that coconut, JLP said. Hayley, who is always astute, jumped in and questioned, “Are you informing us that it has already been found?” The unflustered host just shrugged in response. In reality, Shonee had discovered the coconut previously when she spotted a decorative coconut beside the water well of the Original Villains.

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 18: Release Date

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 18 will air on March 7, 2023. The episodes of Australian Survivor season 10 will be broadcast every Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday. At 7.30 p.m. AEDT, the tenth episode of Australian Survivor, season 10, episode 18, will air on Ten. Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 18 is available to watch at:

  • Indian Standard Time: 1.30 p.m. in India
  • British Summer Time: 8 a.m. in the United Kingdom
  • Japanese Standard Time: 5.00 p.m. in Japan
  • Korean Standard Time: 5.00 p.m. in South Korea
  • Singapore Standard Time: 4 p.m. in Singapore
  • New York Time: 3 a.m. in the USA
  • Canada Time: 3 a.m. in Canada

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 18: How to watch

For viewers inside and outside Australia, Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 18 will be accessible on the 10Play App at the time specified above. Australia’s users may watch Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 18 live on Ten.

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