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Anime Series To Watch If You Love The Fantasy Genre

Despite the fact that the fantasy genre is often linked with stories of medieval times as well as castles and some wizards with longs beards, there surely are some of the sub fantasy genres that can be explored in animated shows. From having a pretty dark contemporary fantasy, there is so much to know about and maybe even love all those endless possibilities that all arrive with such a rich as well as a complex theme. All this while, one of the best factors of the fantasy genre is that it can be connected with a wide variety of elements from other main genres such as romance or comedy or sometimes even horror.

The genre can easily be adapted to any age group. This gives all the people an option to pick up a lighthearted series or maybe even a darker animated show that comes with more mature content. Well, if you are someone who has a keen interest in fantasy, then here we have wrapped up some of the best anime shows from that genre.

Maria the Virgin Witch

Goblin Slayer

Well, it is known how Goblins are constantly associated with as the lead evil villainous hench monsters. They are all for the heroes to kill in the fantasy tales created by Western people. Just like that, Goblin Slayer is one of the most successful of an entire new chain of anime that have taken their inspiration from western fantasy. This show can be considered as a live letter to the fantasy theme. There are so many characters with amazing names, such as Dwarf Shaman as well as Priestess, and obviously, the titular Goblin Slayer. Also, you guys should know that we are all provided with amazing battles that capture everything, which is great about a good fantasy series.

Maria the Virgin Witch

This anime show throws the entire spotlight on a witch who uses her magic to try to force the armies of opposite countries to stop fighting. The timeline of the series is set at the backdrop of the Hundred Years War between France and England. There also is a good bit of comedy that surrounds the virginal status of Maria. This happens especially at the time when she has an incubus as well as a succubus serving her as familiars.

All this while, you all should keep in mind that the battles employed in Maria the Virgin Witch are amazing. Also, this anime show has featured some of the most accurate medieval martial combat that can ever be portrayed, along with the cutthroat mercenaries as well as knights in full plate colliding in the din of melee. Maria is a fun character who provides heart to the whole show. It adds magic as well as joy to a world that is beset by grim violence as well as tragedy.


This is quite an old anime show that might have already be seen by a lot of people out there. However, if someone has failed to watch it, they must stop right now and instantly go back to binge it. The anime series is set in the Sengoku Era of Japan and throws light on a girl who has been displaced in time from the present. Her name is Kagome. Then we have the half-demon, that is, Inuyasha. In the show, we witness how they battle a variety of supernatural horrors.

Also, everyone should know that there is no shortage of fantasy fun in this series. It is because we have an oversized sword that is made from the fang of a giant demon. Then we have a resurrected priestess as well as a short fox spirit that is capable of casting illusions. The plot mainly revolves around the hunt for shards of some of the magical gemstones.


Well, you guys should know that this anime show, Berserk, has been celebrated widely for being the greatest manga series that has ever been made. All this while, it is known that the most recent anime series from 2017 can get a bit chaotic, but the original 90s anime is a pretty beautiful adaptation of the Golden Age arc of the manga by Kentaro Miura. Also, a person should also check out the three Berserk: Golden Age films as they are excellent too. The show throws the entire spotlight on Guts. He is a scarred and fearsome mercenary leader of the Band of the Hawk.

The man is fighting in the frontlines with his colossal sword. This is when we witness that the Hawks come across some of the unspeakable demons. There also are human enemies who can prove fatal. The fight scenes in this anime show are spectacular, and Berserk is one of those unforgettable tales because it has some of the unique characters that come along the philosophical explorations.


Fruits Basket

A chain of tragic as well as bad events is what forcing Tohru to set up a camp in the forest as she is rendered homeless in this busy world. Later in the scenes, we find out that a great secret has been revealed to her when she serendipitously is finding her way to a house. Well, this house happens to be the home of the most popular boy in their school. This anime show is, of course, one of those adorable and contemporary fantasy series that is destined to bring a smile to your lips whenever you watch or rewatch it. Even though the setting of the plot is in a high school, the show does not feel too young or even childish. It brilliantly takes on some of the pretty heaving subjects such as loss and self-doubts, and bullying.

Fullmetal Alchemist

This anime show, Fullmetal Alchemist, can be considered as one of the most popular anime shows available out there regardless of the genre and the setting. The plot of the series is set at a place where humans have all mastered the art of alchemy. The story is based on the concept of equivalent exchange and a forbidden experiment that has gone terribly wrong. It has resulted in costing the body of a boy, and this has forced him to reside with his soul attached to a suit of armor. This is not all. It should be known that even his older brother had to lose a leg and an arm. Both of them swear to find a manner through which they can get their bodies back and also join the army, hoping to use all their funds to fuel the research.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Little Witch Academia

This anime show, Little Witch Academia, throws the entire spotlight on a young girl named Atsuko Akko Kagari. She is pretty fascinated by the arts of magic. Ignoring the fact that magic these days is out of style, she gets herself admitted to a prestigious magical school meant for young girls known as the Luna Nova Magical Academy. No matter how hard she is trying, Akko still struggles to fit with everyone. This is because she comes from a nonmagical background and has minimal talent in magical arts. To her fortune, Akko comes into the possession of a very ancient magical relic that once belonged to a mighty witch before she gave up on her dream to become a witch herself. All because of this relic, she is now able to compete against other students while also working towards her dream.

Tokyo Ghoul

The anime is set in a world where ghouls, as well as creatures that eat the flesh of a human, reside, and we have Ken Kaneki, a college student who miraculously survives the attack from one of those fatal beings. Upon waking up on the hospital bed, he comes to realize that the surgery that he has gone through, has transformed him into a half-ghoul himself. The story revolves all-around Ken while he is trying to adjust to his new sort of life form and come to terms with this new identity of his. It is rather difficult for him because he is neither a full human being nor a full ghoul. Tokyo Ghoul can be considered as that fantasy anime show which is layered up with the horror genre.

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