Jared Leto Met Gala Look 2023: What Did The Actor Playing ‘Lagerfeld’ Wear To Honor Him?

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Jared Leto Met Gala 2023
Jared Leto Met Gala 2023 (Credit: Getty Images)

This year’s theme of Met Gala honored the late and greatest designer Karl Lagerfeld and never-to-mention; all celebrities did nail the theme! Out of all the costumes, one big white Burmese cat costume is receiving much of the deserved attention. If you are wondering who wore this unique costume and how this related to the theme, then we have got you updated with everything.

Jared Leto, who is supposedly going to play the part of Karl Lagerfeld in the future biopic, wore the cat costume. Choupette is the designer’s famous white Burmese cat. As Leto recently made his way up the Met Gala stairs, he was wearing a life-size cat costume that pays homage to Choupette.

At first, his appearance did make everyone wonder and confused about who could be in the costume. It was only when Leto removed the large cat head that his identity was revealed. The A-list attendees were requested to dress in attire that honored the German fashion designer, who passed away in 2019 at the age of 85, for the event’s theme this year.

Jared Leto Met Gala 2023
Jared Leto at Met Gala 2023 (Credits: Getty Images)

What did Jared Leto wear for Met Gala 2023? 

Jared Leto stole the show at the 2023 Met Gala, walking the red carpet in a life-size cat costume that paid homage to the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic pet, Choupette. Leto’s cat costume was a significant publicity land grab, overshadowing the pearl-encrusted gowns and fitting the Met Gala’s theme of honoring Karl Lagerfeld and his beloved pet Choupette. Leto, who is reportedly set to play Lagerfeld in an upcoming biopic, wore the hyper-realistic costume that had whiskers, plush paws, and striking blue eyes.

The costume was made of synthetic fur and painted to match Choupette’s fur’s different color variations. It had a cooling mechanism for Leto’s face, with battery-powered fans pumping air. To ensure Leto’s visibility, the team used a couple of costume secrets, including nailing the eyes, which were the most crucial part.

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The costume had to be removed quickly to reveal a second outfit underneath and enable Leto to wear his own shoes over step-out platforms within the cat’s paws. Leto wore an all-black outfit with a cloak that was adorned underneath his hairy cat costume.

The Cat Costume Designing: Everything to know

The cat costume was designed and produced by project manager Joshua Balster and production studio SCPS, who were approached with the top-secret brief just four weeks before the event. Balster revealed that the team was kept small and worked in one locked room to prevent leaks due to the costume’s secrecy. Leto wanted the costume to be a surprise, and the big punchline was not to reveal his identity until he took off the cat’s head. The design of the costume was a challenge for the team, as Leto wanted it to resemble a real cat rather than a caricature.

The design was based on close-up photographs of Choupette, and the team translated the cat’s essence to a creature on its hind legs. The face went through a couple of different stages before they landed on a softer and cuter version than the initial design, which was a little angrier looking. The team at SCPS watched the live stream on Vogue’s website and were nervous, waiting to see how the visual gag would work. Balster revealed that when they saw Leto’s cat costume, they were screaming with excitement.

Leto’s Met Gala look was a hit, with Lizzo giving him a hug, even though she didn’t know who was inside the costume.

Jared Leto 2023 Met Gala Look
Jared Leto Met Gala Look 2022

Jared Leto’s Met Gala looks over the years: 

Jared Leto also made headlines in 2022 when he arrived at the Met Gala with a twin, a look-alike that caused great confusion among fans and the media as to who was the real one. Jared Leto and his twin adorned the Met Gala 2022 in a beige brocade suit that recalled the twins from The Shining. It was later revealed that Jared’s twin was Gucci design director buddy Alessandro Michele.

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The 51-year-old has previously graced the illustrious Met steps while toting a wax model of his own head and donning a gleaming gold crown atop his long brown hair.

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