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Yasak Elma Season 6 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

yasak elma season 6 episode 9: Release Date Credit to: FOX

Yasak Elma is a Turkish Series that Premiered on Monday, March 19, 2018. This Series has 6 Seasons, and the first episode of Season 6 aired on September 19, 2022.  This Series is Directed by Ece Erdek Kocoglu and Written by Melis Civelek and Zeynep Gur. This story revolves around two Sisters, Yıldız and Zeynep. Both portray different Characters. Where Zeynep is an ambitious girl who wants a Successful Career for herself. On the other hand, Yıldız wants to get married to a rich man. The newest season starts with a 2-year time-lapse.

Yildiz, Ender, and Handan now runs the Company. Dogan is imprisoned due to Yildiz’s complaint against him. Their daughter Yildizsu is born while Dogan is in Jail. Now he is burning up with Revenge. Dogan holds a grudge against Ender, Yildiz, and Handan because of what he has gone through while he was imprisoned. After getting freed from jail, his first move was to try getting custody of his Daughter. He taught lessons to Yildiz, Ender, and Handan for not managing the Company properly.

In Episode 5, the viewers witnesses the Comeback of Zeynep, which is a big shock for Yildiz. Dogan Couldn’t find Yildiz. While Searching for her, he realizes that he still has feelings for her so does she. But In Episode 8, Yildiz takes her revenge which leads to Dogan and Ender’s destruction. Yildiz’s move Shocked everyone, as no one saw this coming. 

yasak elma season 6 episode 9: Release Date
Credit to: IMDb

Zeynep and Engin get Engaged, which shocks Everyone. In previous Episodes, viewers witnessed the growing feelings of  Kumru for doctor Selim. In between all of these, Ender tries to reveal Yildiz’s truth in front of Dogan. She finds out a way to expose her truth. What will happen now? What is going on in Ender’s mind? Will she be able to unmask the truth? To discover what happens next, don’t forget to watch Yasak Elma Season 6 Episode 9 when it comes out on the streaming Channels.

All About The Cast Of  yasak Elma Season 6

The cast includes Eda Ece as Yildiz Yilmaz, who appeared as a child actor in 2004 and her first leading role in Pis yedili which had more than 100 Episodes. And Yasak Elma is one of her hit shows in 2022. The role of Ender Çelebi Yıldırım is played by Sevval Sam, actress Sevda Erginci plays Zeynep Yilmaz’s role, Kumru Yildirim role is portrayed by Biran Dalma Yilmaz, Murat Aygen is responsible for the role Dogan Yildirim, and Sebnem Donmez has played the role of Handan Kilic. The music composers of this series are Cem Tuncer, Ercüment Orkut, and Efecan Tunce.

yasak elma season 6 episode 9: Release Date
Credit to: IMDb

What To Expect From Yasak Elma Season 6

Surprise after Surprise is getting revealed as the series moves forward. The series is going to face its turning point when Yildiz’s truth is out in front of Dogan. On the other hand, Dogan is chasing Yildirim to get revenge. The series is getting more and more interesting, and the plot is taking a big turn with every episode. Ender is all set to win over Dogan. On the other hand, Dogan is getting aware of his feelings toward Yildiz. Watch the upcoming episode to know whether Ender succeeds in her plan or not.

yasak elma season 6 episode 9: Release Date
Credit to: IMDb

Yasak Elma Season 6 Episode 9 Release Date

Yasak Elma Season 6 Episode 9 is all set to air on Monday, November 21, 2022. It’ll premier on the platform FOX at 20:00 pm Europe/Istanbul time. International viewers can stream it on the following date according to their country’s time zone. 

Yasak Elma Season 6 Episode 9: How to watch

Yasak Elma Season 6 Episode 9, also known as Forbidden Fruit, will stream on the Popular platform FOX. the link to this platform is given below. Now watch Yasak Elma Season 6 Episode 9 here. You will be directly redirected to the platform where you can watch episode 9 of Yasak Elma Season 6. So don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode when it comes out on the mentioned Streaming channel. Get ready to feel the dose of humor and comedy with your Popcorn and Blanket.

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