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Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9 Release Date: Dangers Approaches The Raven Consort!

Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9 Release Date Details

Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9 release date is around the corner and as we get near to the finale of the season, the series might narrate problems regarding our main character, Shouxue. I must admit among the anime that are on going which are a lot including some great titles such as Chainsaw Man and Final arc of Bleach, Koukyuu No Karasu is different and with Chinese culture, you will learn a few more things about how a story can be portrayed through an anime.

The episodic events that Koukyuu No Karasu features are very incredible and our main character always brings justice to the people in need. While it is common for most Chinese cultured anime to have medieval settings, Koukyuu No Karasu does it really well with a blend of characters and background stories that they have.

For instance, our main characters such as Gaojun and Shouxue have a strong foundation in their character and whatever they do has a serious impact on the people around them. Shouxue going around helping get rid of the ghosts and spirits all the while trying to hide her identity and Gaojun giving her full support is really satisfying to watch.

However, as I mentioned earlier, it seems we won’t be getting the episodic event anymore as the series might focus on our main character starting from Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9. Well, I could be wrong as there is no preview for the episode as of this writing. But I conclude this through the epiphany or nightmare that Shouxue had at the end of the latest episode. 

In the nightmare, she saw the goddess Niao Lian the one who chose Shouxue in the first place warning her about the mysteries and danger approaching her. This is a serious indication that we will be getting to know more about Shouxue in the upcoming episodes of the series. So we must discuss the upcoming episode of Koukyuu No Karasu in detail.

While I am not sure what exactly will be taking place in the upcoming episode of Koukyuu No Karasu, I do however have other details for Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9 like when the episode will be released and the various timings for the episode as well so that you do not miss the premier of the episode in your region.

Having said that, let’s dive into those details without any further ado. Here we bring you the latest Koukyuu No Karasu anime and its new episode updates.

Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9 Release Date

Fall of 2022 is filled with amazing anime every day of the week and especially Saturday as it features not one or two but three top titles of anime releasing their new episode including the new episodes of Koukyuu No Karasu as well.

Thus, Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9 titled “Water’s Voice” will be released on Saturday, November 26th, 2022 at 23:30 hrs Japanese Standard Time. The release timings for the episode in various regions will differ but fortunately, Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9 will be available on Saturday only in most of regions. Following are the various release timings for Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9;

  • 07:30 hrs Pacific Time on Saturday, 26th, November 2022.
  • 09:30 hrs Central Time on Saturday, 26th, November 2022.
  • 10:30 hrs Eastern Time on Saturday, 26th, November 2022.
  • 20:00 hrs Indian Standard Time on Saturday, 26th, November 2022.
  • 01:30 hrs Australian Standard Time on Sunday, 27th November 2022.
Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9 Expectations

Gaojun and Shouxue!

Koukyuu No Karasu or Raven of the Inner Palace is scheduled to have a total of 13 episodes in the first season. And as I mentioned earlier, the upcoming episode might start narrating the sad story of our Raven Consort. The remaining four episodes of the series will also be released on the first four Saturdays of December at the same time as mentioned above.

Wacth Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9 Online

Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9 will likely premiere on Japanese Local Networks as most of the episodes did. The networks that the Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9 will be available are Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, BS11, KTV, and many more.

After an hour or two of the premiere of Koukyuu No Karasu Episode 9 on the local networks, the episode will make its way online on the streaming Platform known as Crunchyroll.

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