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The Glory Season 2 Ending Explained: Yeo Jung’s Revenge Plan Explained

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained
Yeo Jung entered the prison (CC: Netflix)

Following the release of the first part of the first season at the end of 2022, The Glory Season 2 was now back on our screens. With Dong-Eun is set to get revenge on Yeon-Jin and the rest of the group for the pain and suffering that she caused her many years ago.

But also the death of So Hee, we witnessed that be the main focus, whilst also the killer of Son Myeong Oh is revealed too. So with that, let’s break down, do a The Glory Season 2 Ending Explanation and all that there was to take away from Season 2.

There were so many different layers to it and lots of different characters that were involved. But it was an extremely gripping story. I loved the revenge arc that was occurring. I enjoyed watching the love story unfold and like that they set up a new season extremely well.

Here’s The Glory Season 2 Ending Explained:

The Glory Season 2 Ending Explained

With Dong Eun’s revenge board being taken down almost immediately, we saw that she’d laid out her plan of how to find out who killed Son Myeong Oh, but also how to get revenge on the most important person of them all, Yeon-Jin. Dong Eun was working with Yeo Jung, who was slowly helping her get inside all of their heads and making them think that their demise was coming due to the amount of evidence that she had on all of them.

As we embarked on the final episode of Thd Glory season 2, we saw that the group was all essentially at war with each other. Nobody trusted anybody anymore, and they were all turning on each other due to the different pieces of dirt that they had.

The Glory Season 2 Explained

The Funeral Parlor (CC: Netflix)

Son Myeong Oh’s body was found after Yeo Jung and Dong-Eun bought the funeral parlor where it was being stored and with transcripts of Yron Jin being a bully leaked to the public, along with the video of her bullying So Hee and saying that she was going to kill her, we saw her life gradually spiraling out of control.

Sa Ra ended up being arrested for the attempted murder of Hye Jeong. Hye Jeong ended up losing her voice and never being able to speak again, and she was the person who poisoned Jae Joon’s eye drops and ultimately rendered him unable to see. Jae Joon ended up being pushed off of an edge and being killed by Do Young as he and Ye Sol moved to England to start a new life and Yeon Jin ended up being behind bars for the killing of Son Myeong Oh.

The Massive Twist At The End Of The Glory Season 2

It was right at the end though, where we got a massive twist that turned things on its head. We always believed that Yeon Jin was the person who killed him. But in actual fact, it wasn’t. Even though she heard him to within an inch of his life for threatening to expose information about the night of So Hee’s death.

After she abandoned the crime scene, he was in fact still alive. As he was begging for help, Gyeong Ran appeared and she ended up finishing off the job after having flashbacks to the horrific things that he had done to her in the past.

However, even though Dong-Eun knew this, she wanted Yeon Jin to pay for what she did all of those years ago, which she went unpunished for meaning that she needed to be the killer, as that’s what her plan was. This completed Dong-Eun’s work, and a sense of emptiness and completion was felt.

Dong-Eun and Yeo Jung’s Growing Relationship

We saw a blossoming relationship growing between Dong-Eun and Yeo Jung. As we saw them actually share a kiss, laugh, and smile together, something that we never saw them do. She even allowed him to sing to her, something which she didn’t let him do at the start of the part.

The Glory Season 2 Explained

Dong Eun and Yeo Jung (CC: Netflix)

However, on the night that they were spending together, she ran off and was prepared to take herself to the location where So Hee was killed. But it was Yeo Jung’s mother who saved her and said that she needed to save her son.

The murder of Yeo Jung’s father was something that was always on his mind and he wanted to get revenge on the killer that was behind bars as he was also sending him and his mother letters about what happened and how it made him feel.

After she saved her, Dong-Eun went unseen for around six months but she did return to him after the six-month period. And even though her plan of revenge was complete, it looked as though the roles were going to be reversed and she was going to be assisting him in getting revenge on the killer Kang Yeon Cheon. This is something that I think is going to be the plot for The Glory Season 3.

It was clear to see that Dong-Eun and Yeo Jung were fully in love with each other as they said it to one another. And they were both working at the same place, the prison in which Yeon Cheon was being incarcerated at. So I think that within the next part of the show, we will see them working to take him down and make him pay.

Both Dong-Eun and Yeo Jung told each other that they loved one another, showing that they are truly happy together, something that we’ve never really seen either of the characters before. Both of them being in each other’s lives was something that brought out the best in one another, and they found a sense of happiness in the darkness that was clouding both of their minds.

We saw that Dong-Eun originally left him back in 2011 when they first met when she realized that he was just as much of a victim as what she was and she didn’t want to rope him into it. But in the present day, they realized how much they actually needed each other. And that their similarities when it came to traumatic past, she was what almost brought them closer and allowed them to want to fight for one another.

The Glory Season 2 Ending Explained

Yeon Jin in prison (CC: Netflix)

Yeon-Jin Behind Bars

With Dong-Eun also recruited Hyun Nam by asking if she wanted to be her assistant again. After previously saying that she hoped to never see her again, it showed that there is definitely a plan that’s going to be getting underway.

With Yeon-Jin’s mother is arrested for murder in the end, due to the evidence being found on her phone of her being blackmailed by Hyun Nam’s husband. When Yeon-Jin passed her in the prison, she was ignored by her mother, showing that there was no sense of love for one another.

Yeon-Jin was destined to spend the rest of her life behind bars. And you could sense that she was mourning the life that she once had. Especially when she was being forced to read the weather and she had tears going down her cheeks. Showing just how upset she was that she would never go back to what she once had.

The Happy Endings In The Glory Season 2

The only real happy ending came with Sa Na going to live in America to be raised in a safer environment, although she was separated from her mother. Does Young get to take his daughter, even though it was revealed that it wasn’t his biological daughter to England to start a new, happier life? And Dong-Eun and Yeo Jung got to be together in a romantic way, to grow as a couple and work on this new plan that they had cooking.

With So Hee’s case being closed and Son Myeong Oh’s case being closed too, it meant that Dong-Eun finally got a sense of closure. She was able to draw a line underneath all that had happened and she got the completion of revenge.

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

Dong Eun got a closure (CC: Netflix)

We also saw that with her landlord told Yeo Jung that Dong-Eun saved her a long time ago we saw exactly how that happened. Following the property owner’s son dying, they were both planning on taking themselves, but instead, they saw each other in the sea and Dong-Eun and dragged her back. Hence when the property owner’s kindness was always present with her, when she looked out for her, when her mother was causing trouble, and why she lowered the rent.

The Glory Season 2 Review

I thought this The Glory Season 2 was pretty good. The case was so well written and the way that it all unfolded was enjoyable to watch. I also liked the fact that there were multiple twists that kept occurring. Just when you thought that it was all done, there were many other things that were still unfolding.

The character performances were also extremely well done too. I don’t feel as though there was a spot of bad acting in it or a performance that dragged the rest down. It felt as though I was extremely invested in the characters, especially Dong-Eun. Her performance really translated across the screen well, allowing us to bind to the character and understand exactly why she wanted to get the revenge that had been cooking up for several years.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they’re going to create The Glory Season 3. I feel it’s definitely going to focus on Dong-Eun and Yeo Jung being in the prison and taking revenge on Yeong Cheon, but I feel they will most likely need to develop it more than that, I guess time will tell. So there you have it, The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained.

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