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Upcoming Kdrama ‘Youth’: Everything We Know So Far

South Korean dramas are quite mesmerizing and popular with their original creation and unique storyline. They tend to portray something new with each of their new dramas. Youth is one such television series of South Korea that is inspired by the Universe of BTS. However, there is an interesting thing about that it will somewhat also show the true story of BTS, which is a popular boy band. The lives and struggles of the seven boy band member are of quite an interest among the BTS army. Now, let’s get to know all the possible information available on the upcoming drama, Youth.

Youth: Announcement

Youth is a drama about the friendship, life, and struggles of seven teenagers. The announcement for Youth is not a recent one and took place way back on August 21, 2019, at a press conference. Bang Si-Hyuk, Co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment announced the news via Entertainment Weekly. However, the drama was still in the early stages of development during that time. Youth is not the original and initial chosen title for the drama, but rather was Blue Sky (Peureun Haneul). Later on, it got changed into Youth. The details of the drama are still kept under wraps with not much available information.


Youth: Release Date and Production

Youth is facing major delays in its release date. It has been quite some time that the announcement for the same also took place. Originally scheduled for release in the second half of 2020, it got postponed due to the halting of production. Now, there is no confirmation regarding the further official release date. However, the series may saw its release in the first half of 2021 as filming is already underway. There is also no teaser or trailer of any kind released for Youth. More information regarding the release date is also awaited.

Kim Soo-jin and Choi Woo-Joo are screenwriting the series with Kim Jae-hong as its director. Chorokbaem Media and Big Hit Entertainment are co-producing the drama. The casting process began in June of 2020. Reportedly, the first script reading took place in August. A signing of the secrecy waiver also took place in the first script reading by all the staff and crews. Filming and development also took place but halted in December of last year due to the outcry of fans. There were quite discontentment and dissatisfaction among the BTS army with the use of real names of the BTS members by the characters portraying in the series. It led to the postponement of the series until January of this year. Now, it seems that production is in full swing.


Cast & Plotline

There are seven main leading casts since the Youth is made based on the BTS Universe and will be a part of the same. Each character is an alternative self of the seven members of the band and their naming also took place after the real name of each band member. The leading cast in the series is Seo Ji-Hoon, Jeon Jin-Seo, Noh Jong-Hyun, Jung Woo-jin, Ahn Ji-Ho, Kim Yoon-woo, and Seo Young-Joo. They will respectively portray the role of Kim Seok-jin, Jeon Jung-kook, Min Yoon-gi, Kim Tae-Hyung, Jung Ho-Seok, Park Ji-min, and Kim Nam-Joon. The rookie actors are portraying the roles of leading characters. The announcement for the cast took place on October 19 of last year.

The storyline for Youth will be basically from the music videos of BTS. Fans can already guess all about it from the videos and also from the webtoon of Save Me. It will feature their school days and debut as a member of the popular BTS band. However, there will be the involvement of some fictional elements. The actual names of the band members are not used for denoting the characters. The storyline will begin with Seokjin with his own troubles and meeting six other new friends with their struggles. However, it will also depict their friendship and how they came out of all the struggles together at the end. The production team also said that the underlying emotions of the boys will also get emphasized besides their refreshing and real life. 

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