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For Heaven’s Sake Season 1: The Tale Of Dead

A real story that inspires a reel story, which still remains a mystery. Will a T.V. series will be able to solve this case- For Heaven’s Sake is releasing super soon. Heaven’s Sake series is a true-crime drama that reflects Mike’s attempts to solve his great grandfather’s puzzle. The story begins in 1934 in a secluded cabin in Ontario, Canada. In the dead of winter, Harold Heaven toured his house for some time alone. However, then no one saw him ever again. He mysteriously vanished from the cabin. The police hunt all the nearby wood. They even dredged the nearby lake but did not locate a body. Where did Harold go?

The case was consummated as a case of suicide. Now, 85 years after the crime, his great-great grandnephew and friend begin to piece unitedly any information they can find. They talk to relatives, look at old fact papers, and more to understand what might have occurred at the cabin in the woods that day.

Mike (Heaven) Mildon recognizes learning about the 1934 departure of his great-great-uncle Harold Heaven around a campfire. The Minden-based family passed down the tale concerning the mystery for generations, letting it take life as a ghost tale.

The Tale Of The Missing

“Just trying to scare the younger peers, trying to make them think Harold is still with us,” Mildon said. “It’s a fun idea to have. However, on the underlying side of things, it was an extreme family tragedy.”

Encouraged by the story, the award-winning sketch comedy filmmaker has restored home with a film crew to take on a new project: revealing what occurred to Heaven for a documentary titled ‘For Heaven’s Sake.’ Mildon and his colleague and film partner Jackson Rowe shoot encompassing Minden to unravel the mystery over the next two months. 

For Heaven's Sake Season 1 Release Date- Find Out What Happened In The Tale Of Dead

Harold: The Person Who Just Disappeared.

They plan to conduct records and search for Harold’s missing body. Despite the departure happening more than 80 years ago, they believe they will hopefully solve the case. “We’ve done a lot of work,” Rowe said. “We have a lot of sources. We’re confident. We have some questionnaires to fill in certainly. However, we feel like we’re making real progress.”

According to Mildon’s police reports, Heaven was known to be a reclusive man who lived in his cabin on Horseshoe Lake. He went missing around Oct. 26, 1934, and despite extensive searches in the brush and nearby lakes, his body could not be found. That prevented OPP investigations. As police interrogated people, they moved away from the idea of foul-play. Alternatively, reports raised the idea he died by suicide.

Reporter’s Statement

“It has been recommended that this missing man has become somewhat displaced in his mind,” one report said. “There are also proposals he might have done away with himself, and this is being sifted through.” Police also announced a second-hand account that his mother had indicated Heaven had contemplated suicide the year previous.

However, the family has other assumptions. Harold’s brother Boyd published in a letter at the time that Harold was doing well, eager to work on a capital he had recently purchased there near his father’s cottage. Boyd Heaven felt Harold was absurd to die by suicide and inferred accidental assassination was more likely. Since Harold kept to himself, Boyd speculated the young farmers in the district disliked him – and set out to irritate him after a Saturday night drinking.

For Heaven's Sake Season 1 Release Date- Find Out What Happened In The Tale Of Dead

The Great Great Great Grandson Of Harold Heaven And His Best Friend.

Offensive Remark

“They might stop and call out a few offensive remarks. A fight would probably end, which in turn might quite reasonably result in Mr. Heaven’s death,” Boyd Heaven wrote. He said it would reveal the body’s disappearance and cited testimony that Harold’s departure from home did not seem solid. The door was open, the passkeys were there, and his oil lantern was still burning.

The documentarians said they are drifting toward the idea this was an assassination. “The police in our thoughts made up their mind this guy was absurd, he was a misanthrope, and he just had a mental breakdown,” Mildon said. “I don’t think it’s fair to portray him as this troubled individual.” However, the two do not want to cut any possibility yet. “There are many theories we’re looking at. Even aliens, even otherworldly, we’re not staying at the ancestral,” Rowe said. Mildon said it would involve a lot to his family to get a conclusion.

The Struggle Story

“It’s only fair, and I think it’s kind of authority for Harold,” he said. “Everyone profits from the truth, whether it’s a hard pill to consume or not.” Documentary filmmakers Jackson Rowe and Mike MildonJackson Rowe hit a hurdle in their struggle to solve an 86-year-old mystery. The pair have contributed months working on their film “For Heaven’s Sake,” about their struggle to uncover what happened to Mildon’s great-great-uncle Harold Heaven, who fell to his demise in Minden 86 years ago. They said they have struggled to find concrete evidence.

After being unable to find Heaven’s body with a lake exploration and land dig on Aug. 12, the two said they were unsure how to proceed.

“It’s hard to know what the objective is,” Rowe said. “We’re re-assessing everything, talking to people, thinking out where the best plan of attack is now.”

The pair has a suspect in mind who they consider may have killed Heaven based on their statement but said they have no definitive proof. They had hoped to find Heaven’s body in a dig on the family assets based on a ground-penetrating radar scan. However, what looked like a skeleton in those arrangements turned out to be an assortment of rocks.


“On that day, we were able to find him,” Rowe said. “In my gut, it was perpetually closer to 50-50.” Without a body, trying to convince Heaven was murdered was more difficult. Although they said various sources had relayed reports their defendant may have killed Heaven, nothing is certain.

They said they were fixated on their suspicion, but after conversing with the suspect’s family, they understood that their investigation could hurt people. Mildon said they confessed to the family after their production terminated and were no longer investigating any suspects.

“When it comes to the family of people mentioned in the police reports, it wasn’t fun for them,” Mildon said. “Many of the family segments shared our enthusiasm for solving the mystery, serving out any way they could. However, I’m sure they never thought we would investigate their relatives as defendants the same way the police did. ‘

We want them to know and feel convinced that this documentary’s intention the result is not that their family did it. And honestly, we don’t have enough evidence ever truly to say who did.” They left Minden with their crew, ever honestly to say who did the concrete lead. Mildon told The Highlander on Sept. 23 that they had completed their examination and were ending their production. They expect the film to publish in early 2021.

For Heaven’s Sake Season 1 Release Date

“That’s something we’re beginning to grapple with for sure, is the reality of time and money and people’s enthusiasm to put up with us,” Rowe said, adding they do not want to “grow into the boy who cries wolf.” “We want people to follow it. Every time we say something is going to pass, (and) it doesn’t happen, no one needs to watch that.” For Heaven’s Sake Season 1 will be released, March 4, 2021

The directors said that it is difficult to put true crime stories together. Mildon connected them to how campfire stories work. “Trying so hard to make a campfire tale a true-crime documentary,” Mildon said.

Seeking Answers From Dead

 “Saying we’re seeking for the truth – we were searching for the best story, and it just goes back to campfire tales in general. You’re messing up the features a little bit just because it fits the tale better.” Despite the challenges, the pair said Minden was an excellent place to film, and the neighborhood was great to work with.

“It just felt like everybody was working along as detectives,” Mildon said. “Everyone needed us to come to a result and that answer.” In August, the two said they were still managed to find an explanation to Heaven’s disappearance – and were not ready to say how the film would end.

“How do you end a mystery without an explanation?” Mildon said.

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