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Lookism Chapter 425: Release Date, Where to Read & Spoilers?


This Manhwa series is created by Tae-Jun Park, who did the story as well as the Art of this series. Its First chapter was released on 20 November 2014, and Webtoon published it on its official site; till date, it has 424 Chapters.

This series follows the story of a boy named Hyung Suk Park who spent his 17 years of life just eating food; due to this, he is overweight and unattractive and also short in height.

He always got bullied by his classmates and spontaneously discriminated against for his looks, so to escape from these classmates and his biggest bully Lee Tae Sung, he decided to transfer to a new high school which is more carefree students, and the education system was very liberal.

But one day before his transfer, Hyung Suk finds out he is no longer in his fat body. As soon as he woke up, he has his perfect body, which is Tall, Handsome, and Beautifull then he becomes the ideal version of himself, but there is a catch, his original body is still on his side, and whenever one body sleep he awakens in the other body.

Now he has two different bodies which he has to learn how to use to the fullest and also solve the mystery around his Tall, Handsome, and Beautifull body comes from.

Lookism: Chapter 424 Recap

This Chapter starts with people are beat up and laying on the floor with blood on their faces, and then suddenly, Gimyung and Yoon Kyungheon, members of Big deal, appear and start a fight with the workers.

Then we see Enemy’s men, Hwango and Jang Jinhyuk, calling the name Vasco and recall what they did in the past with him, but now everything is different, and then he punches both of them in the face and proves the skill he learned from his teacher.

After that, we see Daniel fighting with some other man, and Daniel recalls the lesson through a Buddhist saint, Ji Gongseop. Then he swings his punch against the enemy, and with only one punch, he gets unconscious.

Another man appeared, Wi Taegon, and he called him weak and how he had beaten him in the past, but Daniel just kicked him out of the fight with one punch in the face, and another person from his past fight with Daniel appeared, he had a weapon, but his leg is not in good condition as he swings his weapon against Daniel just with one move he disarmed Vivi and beat him. All of these fights show the difference between the power of enemy forces and the main characters.

At the End of the chapter, Trio meets and is ready to face the boss of the enemy, Eugene.

Lookism: Chapter 425 Release Date

Lookism Chapter 425 will be available for readers on 3 December 2022. Some of the chapters of Lookism Chapter 425 are already released but wait till the official release time for Chapter 425. As for the Time, it is not fully known about the specific time, but the date is as like confirmed for the release of Chapter 425.

Lookism Chapter 425 Release Date & Time

Lookism Chapter 425 Release Date & Time

Lookism: Chapter 425 Spoilers/Preview?

Lookism Chapter 425 Spoilers and Raw are available on the Internet. If you don’t want to read it yet, wait for the official date to release its official site. Chapter 425 is titled- The Trio Arrives! Big Deal Is Winning?

In this chapter, we will see the three fights where workers will find it difficult to finish Big Deal as the trio of monsters enters the streets, from which Daniel will shine as he improves his skills and he is not the same as everyone knew him one month before because he is small, but he worked on his speed and trained to his fullest. As a result, we can see Daniel will make more impact on workers with his speed and quick attacks.

But on the Enemy’s side, many of the workers lose their stamina and power in this fight also Shinu Han is tired from this fight which will set the stage for Daniel to shine among all of them, but Zack will also get his time on the screen or as say on Manhwa Panel. The Trio will come together officially to remove workers from the four Yakuza-type gangs because they are causing too much trouble.

Where to Read Latest Chapter?

The latest Chapter of Lookism is available on WEBTOON, an official site that provides Manhwa to international manga, comics, and Manhwa readers. All the previous chapters of  Lookism are available on WEBTOON.

People can enjoy Tae-Jun Park’s work for free, YES it is free to read and available in the English language.

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