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Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Last Decade

Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade

It won’t be wrong to say that the last decade has seen an immense rise in tv series, web shows, and also superhero creations. In the last decade, the audience has been given constant choices to choose between different genre shows, ranging from comedy, romance, drama, thrill, suspense, and more. And the popular superhero culture has emerged higher than ever. Literally, the superhero genre has exploded on TV throughout this decade, where the audience has some amazing and terrific series to binge-watch. The popularity of superhero shows and movies has increased tremendously, and every platform wants to get in on the action.

Although the superhero world is still dominated by DC and Marvel comic books as they have the majority of superhero shows to offer to audiences, other OTT platforms have also been trying to mirror the rise of these shows so that a larger audience can be attracted. The superhero shows are a perfect blend of creativity, action, romance, and a suitable storyline. Lately, platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have also struck with several comic book adaptations of their own, which is a perfect way to make the less well-known comic books popular as well.

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Watchmen (HBO)

Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade

Starting off with an absolute must-watch show, Watchmen is an HBO original TV show with nine episodes in total. The show stood out and is loved by the audience worldwide. It was also compared to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s original work because of its terrific filming and scenes.

The show is a perfect reflection of the visual and narrative flairs of the comic book and has a thematic impact due to its modern-day setting. If the exquisite direction, terrific set designs, and costumes weren’t enough, the show features some of the best performances, which include Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Jean Smart, and Yayya Andul-Mateen II.

Daredevil (Netflix)

Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade

Another great show from Marvel Television has to be Daredevil. With its dark yet violent atmospheric setting, it is needless to say that the show takes you on a dark psychological journey into a superhero’s soul. The main leads are Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, who is the devil of Hell’s kitchen and has sworn to do good but ended up paying the price for his heroism and noble character. The show features a big ensemble star cast with include Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page and Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson. After its three massively successful seasons, the show came to an end due to some conflict between Marvel Television and Netflix.

The Boys (Amazon)

Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade

An Amazon Prime superhero show has gained a lot of popularity and acclaim from the fans as well as the critics. The show is based on the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson and is a portrayal of how the real world will look like if accompanied by superheroes in our daily lives. The Boys have gained the designation of one of the most in-demand superhero TV shows all around the world, outstripping even The Umbrella Academy. The series has two seasons so far, and you can watch them on Amazon Prime.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC)

Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade

Marvel Television’s flagship series is launched back in 2013 as the MCU’s official tie-in superhero TV show. The show has managed to stick around on big as well as small screens so far and now has developed its own mythology where it embraces new concepts and ideas which are nowhere else to see. The protagonist of the show is Clark Gregg as a resurrected Agent Coulson who is a potential superhero just like any Avenger.

Arrow (The CW)

Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade

The show was launched in 2012 where. It depicts the story of a billionaire who was lost at sea and later, he unexpectedly returned as a strong warrior with an inexplicable and never-ending hunger for justice. The Green Arrow is a solitary hero and is played by Stephen Amell, who has certainly done justice with his role.

The show became the foundation for an entire universe of superhero TV shows, and that is why it still ranks higher than the rest of the Arrowverse shows.

Gotham (Fox)

Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade

Although the show had a slow start, Gotham managed to embrace its pitch-perfect comic responsibilities very early, where they introduce some of the classic characters of Gotham city, such as Dr. Huo Strange and the Scarecrow. The show is considered a successful creation. However, it did not manage to achieve any milestones either.

The Flash (The CW)

Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade

One of the most popular superhero TV shows, The Flash, has managed to establish itself worldwide. The protagonist of the show, Barry Allen, defines the role of a scarlet speedster with the ability to compete with the speed of light. The show’s true magic lies in the dynamics between its characters and performances.

Legion (FX)

Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade


Noah Hawley’s Legion is a superhero TV show which shows the story of a young mutant who suffers from a multiple personality disorder. Hawley decided to make this unlikely hero the main lead in the show and ultimately the hero of Legion. The show is intense and an absolute cerebral creation where the scripts of the show cleverly subvert viewers’ expectations, and it ends every episode to be more powerful than the previous one. Dan Stevens plays the character of the lead role in the TV show, and with his outstanding performance, his portrayal is top-rate.

The Punisher (Netflix)

Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade

The character was introduced in the second season of Daredevil, and ever since the audience has seen Jon Bernthal’s modern iteration of Punisher, it has become the definitive take. You must have gathered by now that the show focuses on the character of Punisher. The show has a very basic and simple approach where criminals who cross Frank castle don’t survive, and if you survived, then consider yourself lucky.

The Marvel series tried to go beyond the simple themes of showing hackneyed ways of justice and bloody vengeance and portrays from the show that the Punisher is actually a wounded man who suffers from PTSD and the immense pain of his family’s deaths. The show has two seasons in total and is available on Netflix.

Jessica Jones (Netflix)

Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade


When the show came out with its first season, it became a cultural milestone with Krysten Ritter’s skilful portrayal of Jessica Jones. The show tells a story of a trauma victim who is a superhero and has fallen prey to a monster and now is trying hard to rebuild her life once again. There’s a lot to watch in this drama, from the dysfunctional relationships that surround the protagonist to her attempts to make a new life for her. The show is out with three seasons so far and has been made this list because of its amazing storylines and twists.

Supergirl (The CW)

Top 10 Superhero TV Shows Of The Decade

Starring Melissa Benoist as the supergirl, the show is considered a bold and politically-aware superhero TV show that has tried to showcase many social issues to the audience. Although the plot and character works are fairly strong and Melissa’s effortless portrayal of the supergirl has managed to make its position, sometimes the storyline goes a little off track, which unfortunately draws out the whole plot of the show a little too long. Besides Melissa, the show gives strong performances by the secondary cast as well, which include Chyler Leigh as her adopted sister Alex, Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen, and David Harewood as the alien Martian Manhunter.

These are our best picks for some of the amazing superhero TV shows that one must definitely watch if you are so much into superheroes and their superpowers. It’s time to lay your eyes on something new other than the old, mundane yet classiest superheroes of all time, which definitely include Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, as they have always been the obvious choices of every second superhero fan.

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