Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 272 Release Date: What is his Rank Now?

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Welcome to the demon school Iruma kun
Iruma and other characters

Iruma, a 14-year-old human boy, is adopted as the Demon Lord Sullivan’s grandson after being sold by his parents. Iruma’s parents abandoned him (in absurdly severe ways), so he was not able to consistently attend a human school. He was exposed to a wide range of situations at an early age and worked multiple jobs to support himself.

He gained excellent adaptation, survival abilities, and agility as a result of these peculiar experiences. Iruma has a generous nature that makes him receptive to requests since he really aids others, even at the expense of his own comfort. He hides his real identity as a human so that he might attend the demon academy.

He makes an effort to blend in, yet despite his best efforts, Sullivan frequently sticks out among his classmates due to miscommunications and Sullivan’s eccentricity. Iruma eventually learns to accept his fame; he befriends Alice and Clara, and the three of them soon become an odd trio.

His friends and classmates think very highly of him. His rank was immeasurable during the Demon Rank placement tests due to the ranking owl giving him the Ring of Gluttony from a Demonic Prophecy rather than a rank badge. Additionally, Iruma unintentionally made Kalego, his homeroom teacher, a familiar.

After giving it some thought, Iruma decides to put in a lot of effort to advance in rank and to please his new family. He desires to safeguard those he cares about.

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Welcome to the demon school Iruma kun
Iruma with his friend and professor

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 271 Recap

Iruma Suzuki is the main character of Mairimashita. Iruma-kun. The parents of the 15-year-old human sold him to a demonic creature. He lives in Demon World and attends a demon school while concealing his human identity. One of the contenders to succeed the demon king is Iruma.

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Iruma is renowned for his cowlick and significantly longer, spikey blue hair. He frequently sports a ponytail when indulging in physical activity or acting as a student council representative. He has a lovely face and typical blue eyes.

Welcome to the demon school Iruma kun

Babyls Demon School students are required to wear an Olympic blue suit with white stripes down the sleeves and collar, red demon eyes, and Olympian blue pants, along with dark blue dress shoes. In addition, his right hand is adorned with the golden Ring of Gluttony.

Marimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 272 Spoilers

Iruma is taken care of by Sullivan, who also enrolls him in Babyliss’ school for demons. The hardest challenge Iruma faced was masking his human character. He had no choice but to maintain a low profile among his acquaintances. Iruma will quickly understand that he isn’t an ordinary person and that he might not be all that he first appears to be.

Welcome to the demon school Iruma kun

The worst luck has befallen Iruma Suzuki, a fourteen-year-old boy. His egotistical and unscrupulous parents have assigned him a lot of life-threatening duties, but he can’t say no and completes them all. His life is upset after his soul is exchanged for a deal to work for Sullivan, a formidable demon, in exchange for the contract. Iruma is shocked and confused by Sullivan’s claim that he simply intended to pretend to be his grandfather.

Marimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 272 Release Date

We know that fans are eager to read Chapter 272 of Welcome To Demon School Iruma–Kun. This chapter will be available on Oct 12, 2022 at noon for all readers worldwide.

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