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Review: All The Liquor Episode 2

all the liquor
All The Liquor (Credits: GagaOOLala)

Due to the increasing popularity of Japanese and  Thai BLs internationally, South Korea has also joined the BL race. And fortunately, it is recognized among the BL fans as well. There’s an ongoing BL South Korean rom-com web series named, All The Liquor, which is gaining attention. It airs on GagaOOLala under the direction of Kim Jin Yeol and written by Kim Hoi Joon.

It is also available on Viki. The series’ first episode was released on the 2nd of March, and the latest episode was released on the 9th of March. All The Liquor has a total of eight episodes, releasing each episode on Thursday. 

All The Liquor is a sweet, simple, yet striking series. It revolved around two polar opposite people having different jobs. But after working together on a collaborative task, they developed feelings for each other. The audience is attracted to these two handsome young actors with burning chemistry between them. 

Characters of All The Liquor

Although All The Liquor doesn’t have a large star cast, everyone involved put forth a lot of effort to deliver a cute and enjoyable rom-com. Fans who have seen the cast have referred to the series as having one of the lineups with the best visual appeal. And it’s fun to see two people with different ways of living and careers falling in love with each other. 

cast of all the liquor

Cast Members of All The Liquor (Credits: GagaOOLala)

Han Ji Yu

Kim Joon Hyung portrayed the role of Han Ji Yu. He works in a company, Pai Syn Tang Liquors, in the marketing department, which produces alcohol. Han Ji Yu is a high-spirited person who enjoys his life and loves to eat and drink.

He is fully involved in his social life. Ji Yu has the opposite personality from Park Ki Hoon, yet he falls for him. Kim Joon Hyung is a new face in the K-drama industry, but he played roles in a few dramas, including Love Is For Suckers (2022) as Hyung Hoon and Revenge of Others (2022) as Ji Soo Min. 

han ji yu

Han Ji Yu (Credits: GagaOOLala)

Park Ki Hoon

Won Do Hyun played the role of Park Ki Hoon. He is not only distinct from Han Ji Yu in terms of personality but also in terms of his line of profession. Park Ki Hoon is an insanely stunning and qualified culinarian working at an immensely famous restaurant.

Won Do Hyun is a model. During the K Model Awards, which the Korean Model Association sponsored, he took home the Advertising Model of the Year accolade in 2021. As a rookie, Do Hyun’s sculpture-like look and ideal body proportions have drawn public engagement in the modeling industry. In the acting world, All The Liquor is his debut series. 

The Plot Of All The Liquor

As the title of the series suggests, their story starts with alcohol. The story revolves around two characters having different opinions and points of view about alcohol. And how they fell for each other in their love-hate relationship. Han Ji Yu is a fun-loving person who enjoys drinking and going out, and ironically, he works in the marketing department of an alcohol-producing company.

And then there’s Park Ki Hoon, the skilled and handsomely handsome chef who works in one of the most famous restaurants. In addition to ejecting customers who bring alcohol into the place, he truly detests drinking. That’s the reason he denies trading all the intoxicated beverages. 

Then one lovely day, Han Ji Yu and his team requested that a promising chef from a restaurant get in touch with them so they could work together in the hopes of advancing the business. And their search stopped at Park Ki Hoon’s eatery. But he full-bore refused to do so. He couldn’t just give up because it was a matter of Han Ji Yu’s employment.

Ji Yu had to do something to make his plan work out. But, one day, he saw a chance and took to change Ki Hoon’s mind by working at his restaurant. As the men become more familiar with each other, Park Ki Hoon becomes more approachable. And also start falling for one another. 

All The Liquor Episode 2 Review 

The first episode of All The Liquor showed Ji Yu getting drunk and haphazardly went strolled into GooSoo, Park Ki Hoon’s restaurant. There he asked for a drink which made Ki Hoon furious and kicked him out of the restaurant. Episode two opened with Ji Yu’s reaching late for work and taking many hangover liquids. He smelt rotten as he again had alcohol last night.

park ki hoon

Park Ki Hoon (Credits: GagaOOLala)

And as every chef was canceling their deal with the company, it was getting hard for the marketing team to find a new chef as soon as possible. The team told Ji Yu to contact a chef. Fortunately, his friend told him to consider Ki Hoon’s restaurant for the partnership. Ji Yu then gave his name to the team, and they found Ki Hoon to be the perfect pick for the collaboration. 

But the only problem in their way was Ki Hoon declined to accept the proposal when Ji Yu came to his restaurant to present the project of company. Meanwhile, a person working with Ki Hoon had to leave his job for a time as he got injured.

Ji Yu saw this as his opportunity to work with and to make him reconsider his answer. Ki Hoon had no option but to accept his asset as he needed a helping hand. They started to interact with each other more, and Ki Hoon also showed his soft side to Ji Yu. 

As All The Liquid is a debut series for Won Do Hyun, who portrayed Park Ki Hoon, he needs more experience in acting. But he was fine for the character. Ki Hoon was charismatic and appeared cold, but he was not. Kim Joon Hyung also doesn’t have many dramas under his name. But he did well as Han Ji Yu, a cheerful and bright person. He enjoyed drinking to the point he had a small bar in his house.

It was the first time they performed together, and you could already see the chemistry between them. Even the supporting actors were amusing and were quite well in the series. Han Ji Yu and Park Ki Hoon are two polar opposite individuals, depicted perfectly well by Kim Joon Hyung and Won Do Hyun, respectively.

The storyline was diverse from other BL series, and the background music synced well with the scenes. Boys’ Love (BL) is a trend, and even the audience appreciates it. South Korea also wants to show its talent in this genre and is experimenting with the storylines. Although several Korean BLs were well-liked by viewers, they lag far behind Thai and Japanese BLs in popularity. 

South Korean BL dramas are always short in length but are entertaining to watch and enjoyed by fans all around the fans. It’s always fun to watch a series where characters bond over alcohol. It’s entertaining to see what novel drinks they offer us. And if you are a BL fan or want something, you should give it a watch.  

All The Liquor was like one who loves getting drunk and one who hates it; they fell for each other.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4/5).

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