How to Watch MTV Splitsvilla Episode? Streaming Guide

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Splitsvilla 14 is here, and we’ve got all the exclusive updates you need! From the candidates to the villas, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let us tour you around Splitsvilla this year. From the first sight of the participants as they arrived at the location to the sad reunions that occurred seconds before the event began, we have it all. This is a unique website where you can watch MTV Splitsvilla episodes.

Splitsvilla 14 has here, complete with all of the glitz and splendor. The applicants for this season are among the most talented and beautiful people India has to offer. The contestants, who include fashion divas and beauty queens, have what it takes to impress the judges and fly their freak flags high. But first, let’s have a look at the candidates and their backgrounds.

The Valentine’s Day season is coming! What better way to commemorate the event than with all things romantic? One such activity that will make you swoon is watching the romantic episodes of Splitsvilla 14. The show’s creative adventures and shocks this season have pushed it to a whole new level. From love stories to tragic treachery, the new Splitsvilla season has something for everyone. Splitsvilla 14 is worth a look if you’re a romantic at heart or looking for some light entertainment.


For the first time, Splitsvilla 14 will have two distinct islands: the Isle of Venus and the Isle of Mars. All of these candidates will be kept. All of these applicants will compete in each assignment and win in order to meet their brides.

Arjun Bijlani and Sunny Leone will host and advise these hopefuls. Splitsvilla X4 will air on November 12, 2022, with all 20 splitsvillans (10 girls and ten boys). Splitsvilla X4 Season 14’s theme is “Iss Baar Pyaar Hai Samundar Paar.”

MTV Splitsvilla Season 14 – Episodes Guide and Summaries

1: The ultimate quest for love begins Sat Nov 12, 2022

Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani begin Splitsvilla Season 14 with an unexpected round of love and sensuality. Furthermore, the guys and girls in this love game are separated and have never met. Enjoy the wonderful Voot premiere!

2: And the name-calling begins! Sun Nov 13, 2022

Joshua Chhabra approaches and befriends Kashish Ratnani. However, Akashlina Chandra is irritated by Joshua’s behavior with the other girls, and she and Kashish argue over it. Is Joshua prepared to handle the situation?

3: Uorfi, the queen of sass! Sat Nov 19, 2022

Uorfi Javed’s wildcard admittance into the house sends shockwaves around the island. She instantly starts fighting Sakshi Dwivedi. Will Uorfi’s intimidating strength intimidate Sakshi?

4: Uorfi goes against her team Sun Nov 20, 2022

As a result of her team’s dedication to the goal, Uorfi Javed boasts a unique skill. She, on the other hand, dismisses her teammates’ advice to maximize her great skill. What will the team think of Uorfi’s scornful demeanor?


5: Sakshi exposes Soundous! Sat Nov 26, 2022

Competition is preparing to enter the dumping zone. Later, Sakshi Shrivas confronts Soundous Moufakir, claiming that she considers Shrea Prasad insignificant, while the latter accuses her of word-bending.

6: The trio is in a dilemma! Sun Nov 27, 2022

Kashish Thakur, Justin Dcruz, and Honey Kamboj compete in the men’s challenge. Despite their setback, Sunny Leone invites one of the boys to a pool party with the ladies to recognize their outstanding effort. Will they reach an agreement unanimously?

Episode 7 Sat Dec 03, 2022

Episode 8 Sun Dec 04, 2022

Episode 9 Sat Dec 10, 2022

Episode 10: Sun Dec 11, 2022

How to watch MTV Splitsvilla 14?

If you have not yet registered on Voot for MTV Splitsvilla 14, now is the time! Splitsvilla is set to be a major hit this year, thanks to the return of some of the show’s most famous participants. Sign in or create an account on Voot to watch MTV Splitsvilla 14, and then click on the MTV Splitsvilla 14 channel. Then you may watch everything live or on demand.

You can also join the conversation by commenting below or using the hashtag #MTVSplitsvilla14 on social media. Enjoy! Season 14 of Splitsvilla is also available on JioCinema. Previous seasons of MTV Splitsvilla are now free to watch with advertisements on VI movies and tv or Voot.

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