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Three Pines Season 2: When Will it Be Renewed?

Amazon Prime Video

Three Pines Season 2 Release Date is what fans are hoping to know more of after a successful quest installment has practically blown our minds off. The series involves mystery as well as drama as its main genre. We see actor Alfred Molin in the lead role. The inspiration for the plot of this tale is based on the novel of the same name written by author Louise Penny. It is a story about Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. With the first season, we got to have the taste of 4 murder mysteries. Each of these took two episodes and thus the season was divided into 8 parts.

The main lead of the story, as we talked about, is Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. He works for the Surete du Quebec police force. The special talent which he has right now is to see things that others are not able to. He is easily able to detect the evil among people who pose holy as well as the wrong among the right. In the first season, we saw that Armand has been presented with a series of murders in the town of Three Pines. This is a village which is located in the Eastern Townships of Quebec in Canada.

Throughout the episodes, we see that Armand has troubles of his own as well with the past which has led him here. Although, he is also focusing on solving crimes as well. Well, there are some differences in the story that were not mentioned in the books. The main one is the disappearance of a young woman that we see Gamache trying to solve. This plot continues for the entries season as a subplot. Many are guessing that it might actually become the main plot for the second season whenever it drops out.

Three Pines Season 2 Release Date and Renewal Status

A still from Three Pines

Three Pines Season 2 Release Date

Back in Three Pines Season 1 Episode 7 titled The Hangman: Part One, we saw that Gamache is already having trouble with accepting his reality and whom to trust or not. Although, this episode deepens his doubts about the village people as we see him questioning whether or not the folks are capable of murder or not. The case which starts in this episode sees a man’s body found in the woods which is located near Three Pines.

As it turns out, the man has been lynched by the people around him possibly a group. This raises even more suspicions within him about who can do such a brutal crime. In the last episode of the season titled The Hangman: Part Two, we saw that Gamache has been trying to decode what the victim wanted in the first place.

We all know that he was hoping for vengeance but nobody knows what it exactly was. Soon, this story revealed to them what actually went down with the victim that made him so spiteful. As Gamache tries to move forward with this story and the leads and suspects it brings about, there is a whole new set of murderers that are revealed to him.

Three Pines Season 2 Renewal Status

Three Pines Season 2 has not been renewed for a second season yet by Amazon Prime Video. Although, fans are hoping to hear more news about the same soon. It has been over two months since the episodes stopped airing on the service. It kind of has a similar concept to what we see in Murdoch Mysteries and thus, gained popularity rather easily.

Three Pines Season 2 Release Date

If Three Pines Season 2 is renewed right now by Amazon Prime Video, we can expect the new episodes to return on the streaming platform by the end of 2023 possibly in November or December. Although, if the creators take more time for the same, it is possible that the release date is delayed until the first half of 2024.

How to Watch Three Pines Season 2

Three Pines Season 2, just like the first season, will release on Amazon Prime Video. Fans will be able to see two episodes every week for 4 weeks straight. A subscription to the same costs 8.99 dollars a month and can be upgraded within various bundles and price tiers.

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