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20 Most Popular Female Kpop Stars in 2021

Feminity has no bounds; it keeps changing. There are always new trends for Feminine beauty. Just Like that, South Korean celebrities are laying certain beauty trends among the fangirls. They are always inspiring their fans with their fashion sense and beauty. People worldwide are anticipated about Popular Female Kpop Stars-2021. Popular Female Kpop Stars are no less when compared. They have a huge fanbase and worldwide following.

They are famous for their beauty and their style, confidence, and, most importantly, their voice. The article is to show you the popular Female Kpop Stars 2021.

1. Jennie


Jennie: Blackpink

Kim Jennie or popularly known as Jennie, is a pop idol from the group Blackpink. The group made its debut back in 2018. Ever since their debut, she had been popular for her voice and her cheetah-like looks. She also did her Solo Debut early.

2. Rose


Rose: Blackpink

Rose is the main Vocalist of the group Blackpink. She is known for her voice which is a perfect balance of nasal and vocal sound. Moreover, she is charismatic and Known for her tinier waist. Recently, She made singles like On The Ground, which became quite popular.

3. Hwasa



Hwasa is the lead vocal of the group MAMAMOO. She has got the finest and the powerful voice in the Kpop Industry. Apart from her voice, she appears very bold. And also, she is known for her curvaceous figure. She is known for her songs like Maria and Twit.

4. Hyuna


hyunA: Psynation

Once a rapper from the group 4minute. HyunA is a bold woman and known for her songs that are sexy in every way possible. She Popular for her song like How’s that? And her recently single I’m Not Cool.

5. I.U

Iu Popular Female Kpop Stars-2021


IU is popular in South Korea and also around the globe. She is not only a singer but also an actor. Also, She is famous for her Lead Korean Dramas like Scarlet Heart, Hotel Del Luna, and Mister. Moreover, She released her recent single called Lilac.

6. Jeon So Mi


Jeon Seo mi

Jeon So Mi made it into the Kpop industry with I.O.I launched by Produce 101 back in 2016. Later, She came back brand new and made a debut with a single Birthday, and she had been in fame ver since her solo debut.

7. Chung Ha

Chungha Popular Female Kpop Stars-2021


Chung ha Was also debuted with Produce 101’s I.O.I, and she made her solo debut back in 2017. She is known for her looks and music around the globe. Also, she made her recent single called Bicycle which is a huge hit.

8. Sun-mi

sun mi 2021

Sun Mi

Sun-mi is a solo artist from JYP Entertainment and had been popular worldwide and also in South Korea. She swept every one of their feet with her song Gashina ever since she had released many single and her recent tail, which earned an even more huge fan following.

9. Momo

MOMO Popular Female Kpop Stars-2021

Momo: Twice

Momo is a member of JYP’S Twice. She is famous for her cute looks, her voice, and also for dating Kim hee Chul. Being a native of Japan. She is popular in South Korea and Japan, and she is the top 3 member of Twice.

10. Solar

solar Popular Female Kpop Stars-2021


Solar is the eldest member of MAMAMOO, and she is famous for her powerful yet unfazed voice during live performances. In the past, she was also doubted for having a name like a North Korean, but she brushed them off. Also, she made her solo debut back in 2020 with her song Spit it Out.

11. Sana

SANA(popular female kpop stars-2021

Sana: Twice

Sana is a member of JYP NATION’S girl group Twice. She is one of the three members of the Twice Japanese version. Just like momo, she also hails from Japan. And she is known for her cuteness and Aegyo.

12. Tzuyu

Tzuyu(Popular Female Kpop stars-2021

Tzuyu: Twice

Tzuyu is also a member of Twice, and she is from Taiwan. Tzuyu first became famous with her role as an archer in Idol Athletic Championship held every year across the globe. Also, she is famous for her Voice and attractive looks with leans and chick body.

13. Wheein



Wheein is one of the four memeer of MAMAMOO. There is no single person who dislikes Weein, and she is popular with her voice and hip style. Wheein also made her solo debut with Easy in 2019.

14. Jessi

Jessi 2021


Jessi is an American rapper based in South Korea. She is famous for her bold looks, her rap, and her brutal honesty. Also, She featured in a show called Unpretty Rapster. And her recent release, What Type of X and is a huge hit.

15. Taeyeon


Taeyeon: SNSD

Taeyeon is A member of SM’s Girl Generation. Moreover, She is famous across the globe for her single and her High Pitched voice that suits a wide variety of songs that can take you to another world. Taeyeon is active since 2007, i.e., since her debut in SNSD.

16. Seulgi


Seulgi: Redvelvet

Seulgi is the main dancer of Red Velvet. Also, she is famous for her dance, and she is not even trained in any of the dance forms, but she is a dance machine. Moreover, Despite being the main dancer, she is also good at singing.

17. Bibi



Bibi is a South Korean singer and a songwriter.  And She debuts way back in 2017 after Yoo Mi Rae discovered her songs on SoundCloud. Her latest song is Hanryang which included Kim Hee chu, Dindin, and herself.

18. Ailee



Ailee is also just like Jessi; She is an American SInger and Song Writer based in South Korea. Did you know that she has 21 singles under her name? Also, Her mesmerizing voice among the fans is prevalent. Her recent single is Here. Famous songs include I will show you and Room Shaker.

19. Na Eun

Na Eun

Na eun: Apink

Na eun is a South Korean Singer from a girl group called Apink, and she is also a notable actress; and she is famous not only for her singing but also for her roles in Cinderella and Four Knights and in the 2020 drama called Dinnermate.

20. CL



CL is a south Korean Rapper and also a singer. Also, She is a part of the Popular girl group for being flamboyant called 2ne1. But the group disbanded, and she made her solo debut and established herself as a soloist. Moreover, she recently released her solo album called ALPHA.

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