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Why Did Baker Mayfield Leave The Browns?

Baker Mayfield

Last Updated on November 16, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Everyone is surprised by the news that Baker Mayfield and The Browns have parted ways. But why did he do so? Was Baker Mayfield not satisfied with the team? After this news came up, several questions eventually started arising.

However, the devotees have always appreciated the way Mayfield and The Browns have stated this news is fake. But later, when the authorities came up with an official statement, they deferred it. 

Baker Reagan Mayfield, professionally known as Baker Mayfield, is an American football player who recently started a new journey in his career with the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL). He was born on 14th April 1995, in Austin, Texas.

Since childhood, he has been much involved in football and has also represented his school and colleges in numerous state tournaments. 

It’s known to everyone that Mayfield started his career in 2020 with The Browns. However, during his debut season, he made the rookie quarterback record just for upholding touchdowns. However, he also caught the eyes of the audience with his extraordinary game strategy. 2020 was the most successful season with The Browns. 

Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield

A Precise Idea About The Cleveland Browns

The professional football team has helped several players to shape their careers as a footballer. This football team was founded by Paul Brown. However, later the team appeared as a franchise. This franchise was established by Brown and Arthur B. McBride in 1944. 

The official club colors of the team are brown, orange, and white. However, in1999, this team played their home games at FirstEnergy Stadium. The Browns have almost 32 member franchises of the National Football League. For this no as the logo is there on the helmets of the players. 

Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns won the NFL season in their debut year, followed by the 1954, 1955, as well as 1964 seasons also. However, almost 14 times, they had been qualified for the NFL playoffs. 

Why Did Baker Mayfield Leave The Browns? 

From the beginning of Mayfield’s career, he has been a part of The Browns. But because of the inconsistent strategy and skills, he forced Browns management to trade Mayfield to the Panthers.

The entire conflict between them started in 2021. According to the Browns, they traded Mayfield as he didn’t remain the same player at present. The coaches have noticed a lack of self-confidence and aggressiveness in him, which is not at all fruitful for the team and other players. On the other hand, the coaches have also stated that they need an adult quarterback for their team. 

Baker Mayfield

However, after this kind of statement, Baker Mayfield came up with his side of the story. According to Mayfield, for him being with Cleveland was much more claustrophobic for him. As a result, he can’t ever notice any improvement in his gameplay. 

To Whom The Cleveland Browns Traded Quarterback Baker Mayfield? 

On 6th July 2022, Baker Mayfield was traded to the Carolina Panthers. However, this has been done for a 2024 conditional fifth-round draft pick. 

According to sources concerning this incident, Mayfield’s contract The Cleveland Browns have conceded to pay almost 10.5 million dollars in contrast with 18.86 million dollars persisting.

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