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The Challenge Season 38 Episode 7: Released Date, Spoiler & Streaming Guide


The Challenge Season 38 Episode 7’s launch date was lately revealed by MTV, and viewers across the globe are incredibly eager to find out what jaw-dropping tasks will be included in the forthcoming episode. A factual contest program called The Challenge began airing on MTV in 1998. This reality television program is essentially a turn of The Real World & Road Rules, the previous two flagship programs of MTV Television.

The Road Rules: All Stars television series, which featured real-world alum players and road trips in the Road Rule’s vein, was the official title of The Challenge franchise. For season 2, the program’s name was changed once more, and it is currently known as the Real World/Road Rules Competition. The Contest was then given its ultimate moniker, which it has retained since season 3.

The Challenge Season 38’s premiere show begins with the competitors sipping champagne on the yacht and enjoying a nice day. Those in their “Ride or Dies” Test are thrilled to be with someone they completely believe in. They are also thrilled to be on The Test. The vast bulk of players belong to the “Ride or Dies” group; they seem to be either along with their lover, girlfriend, spouse, wife, sibling, or best friends and are entering the sport with that social network still in place.

We subsequently witnessed a perilous juggling act, which can only be performed by one crew at the moment. We observed the players attempting to ascend a staircase in an attempt to split cargo containers that were hung over the lake. With the aid of a line and swaying it very slanted, they must equalize their gravity at the center to level the stage in accordance with providing the cargo boxes the proper equilibrium.

The Challenge Season 38 episode 7: Released Date, Spoiler & Streaming Guide

The Challenge Season 38 Episode 6 Recap

For the second week in a row, Jay Starrett & Michele won the everyday challenges in episode six. It prevented them from becoming eliminated, but it also gave them back control over selecting the knockout groups. They settled on two teams consisting of Kaycee Clark, her brother Kenny, Nany Gonzalez, & Johnny Bananas. That created problems since it potentially led to Nany and Kaycee being eliminated.

Jay and Michele selected Laurel Stucky & Jakk Maddox once more for their last two teams, and Jordan Wiseley as well as Aneesa Ferreira. Jordan & Aneesa eventually prevailed in that battle to advance to the knockout round.

The Challenge Season 38 episode 7: Released Date, Spoiler & Streaming Guide

Nevertheless, Jordan said at the end of the show that Jay and Michele’s move had made him angry and motivated to return to the apartment for “vengeance.” He & Jay had an argument previously in the program while watching the questioning sessions.

The Challenge Season 38 Episode 7 Release Date

The Challenge’s forthcoming Episode 7 of Season 38 is slated to air on November 23, 2022, at 7:00 pm ET. International fans can stream The Challenge Season 38 Episode 7 at 3:30 am IST (November 23, 2022), 9:00 pm AST (November 23, 2022), 6:00 am PST (November 23, 2022), 7:00 am KST (November 23, 2022), and 7:00 am JST (November 23, 2022)

The Challenge Season 38 Episode 7 Streaming Guide

Simply tune onto the MTV Channel on the previously specified time & date to stream The Challenge Season 38 Episode 7. Once it airs, you may view The Challenge Season 38 Episode 7 on the website of Paramount Plus, one of the authorized distributors of the show. You must be subscribed to Paramount Plus, which costs about $4.99 per month and features advertising, to view the show available on the internet.

The Challenge Season 38 Episode 7 Spoiler

To accomplish this game, occasionally you have to become a wolf in sheep’s clothes, a cast member says in the trailer. Most likely, that’s Devin Walker. Devin is the main emphasis of the brief teaser, which features Amber Borzotra confessing, “Every time someone succeeds, Devin’s kind to them.”

After one cunning player encounters difficulties due to a network of deceit, the social game becomes more intense. The “Peaking Blinders” contest tests both mental & physical stamina. A flanker triggers an unexpected knockout phase.

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