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How To Unlock Characters In Valorant?

How to unlock characters in Valorant? Do you play this but are still confused about it? No need to worry. Before getting into further details, let’s have a look at what it is. Valorant is a video game published by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. Talking about its genre, it’s a first-person hero shooter game. 

If you are a beginner at this, you may notice that your agent pool is small. Well, that’s not bad. It will help you to understand the core mechanisms. Like every other game, there are certain stages and levels to try out other agents. You may try out those characters to see if they look good on you. It’s not just always the looks but also their abilities that are needed to keep in mind before choosing to continue Valorant. But, how do unlock them? Here is what we know! 

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Steps To Unlock Characters On Valorant

After completing the levels one by one, the players automatically get access to unlock characters at certain stages. More specifically, in Levels 5 and 10, it gives the access to choose one. There are several characters, some of which are named as- Jett, Skye, Killjoy, Phoenix, Raze, Reyna, Omen, Sage, and a few more. Each of them has ultimate power. Initially, you get access to only five characters – Brimstone, Jett, Sova, Phoenix, and Sage. 

How to unlock characters in Valorant

Valorant Characters

You can avail of any of that under the Main Menu section from the “Agents” category. This is particularly for Level 5. However, for the rest, there are a few steps that you must follow to unlock the characters on Valorant. 

Step 1: Go back to the “Agents” section. 

Step 2: Choose a character of your choice from the options, and tap on it. 

Step 3: Click on “Activate”. This will help you get the contract started. 

Step 4: Once you complete the contract, you permanently get access to that particular character. 

Note: If you wish to start another contract, make sure that the contract which is existing and active gets to level 5. Now, you are good to unlock a new character on Valorant. 

There are other ways too. You can purchase the characters on Valorant by spending cash. Using the money, you can earn 1000 Valorant points. The more you buy the characters, the less time it takes to unlock all of them. So, it is highly recommendable for beginners to purchase some characters on Valorant, as it will help them to cope with the speed of this video game. Let us know at which level of Valorant, you are in. How badly do you love playing this video game?

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