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First Look: New Teaser For K-Drama “Dear. M” Is Here

K-drama Dear. M
New K-drama, Dear. M releases new teaser

KBS 2’s new K-drama series “Dear. M” has dropped its trailer. And the fans are quite happy to witness some of their favorite artists in the trailer. Dear M has earlier released photos from the set where we can find the cast indulged in the script reading. Although we are already introduced to the cast, the trailer gave a clear insight into their characters. Thus, it was more exciting for the fans. The K-drama is slated to drop soon. So, go ahead and catch all the details on the upcoming show.

Dear. M is an upcoming South Korean television series. It is directed by Park Jin-Woo and Seo Joo-Wan and the script is penned down by Lee Seul. Dear M is a spin-off of the hit drama series, “Love Playlist.” However, besides the love element, the upcoming series will also add a mysterious plot to the show.

It is a romantic tale that tells the story of a campus-wide search for a mystery man who goes by the name, M. The mysterious guy was first found on an anonymous post on a  Seoyeon University online community. It will definitely be a fun ride to see the cast find for Mr. M while experiencing love. By the plot, we can also figure out that it is going to be a college drama. Hence, it will surely attract the young generation.

Dear. M has uploaded the teaser for the show. And it has also released shots from the script reading. Scroll down to have a look at them.

“Dear M.” – New Teaser

The new drama introduces us to the six students living in the dorm. They are the main stars of the show. They are- Ma Joo Ah (Park Hye Soo), Cha Min Ho (NCT’s Jaehyun), Seo Ji Min (Noh Jung Ui), Park Ha Neul (Bae Hyun Sung), Gil Mok Jin (UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk), and Hwang Bo Young (Woo Davi) of Seoyeon University.

The teaser starts with Ma Joo Ah sitting down with her friends in a dorm room, where she confesses having to be single for 12 years. However, she also says that she currently has a crush on someone, but we don’t know who that is and if Joo Ah will get into a relationship soon. Due to her playful and mischievous character, Joo Ah is also known as “Devil Joo Ah”.

K-drama Dear. M

A still from the new teaser of Dear. M

Cha Min Ho is Joo Ah’s best friend of 12 years. And he accepts her for who she is. Later we find,  Seo Ji Min and Park Ha Neul, the most powerful couple of the Seoyeon University. They seem to be very much in love and are probably the most romantic couple.

Hwang Bo Young is the master of relationship advice. And apparently, Ma Joo Ah and Seo Ji Min are her go-to clients. Last but not least, we meet Gil Mok Jin, who is a “serial cleaner,” and he likes to keep things tidy around the dorm.

Dear. M teaser looks fun, and we believe it will make the viewers feel nostalgic about all their college memories. You can watch another teaser here on Viki.


K-Drama, Dear. M: Script Reading

All the main cats were present at the script reading. According to sources, the first script reading for Dear. M happened in October 2020. Besides talking about their roles, the cast also expressed their thoughts on the new show.

Park Hye Soo, who will be playing Ma Joo Ah, said, that she is very excited to work and meet everyone. And she wants that everyone completes the filming happily and healthily. Jaehyun, who is making his debut as Cha Min Ho in the show, said that he will work hard and try his best so they can have a fun time at the set. Jaehyun is a member of NCT, a K-Pop boyband. 

K-drama Dear. M

The complete cast of K-drama, Dear. M at Script Reading.

The on-screen couple Noh Jung Ui and Bae Hyun Sung both shared the same thoughts and said that they will work hard and do their best. Gil Mok Jin and Woo Davi were present as well in the setting.

All of the brilliant artists created a perfect campus scenario while script reading. And we can expect the same brilliance in the show.

Dear. M will release on 26 February 2021. It will telecast on the KBS network in South Korea. However, people outside the region can stream it on streaming services such Rakuten Viki.

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