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Pubg Season 9 Brings New Map Paramo, Critical Kit, Some Changes To M762 And SLR

Pubg (Credits: Pubg Corp)

Pubg has released a new update that brings a new map to the game which is called Paramo that is a 3×3 map that is dynamic. What this means is that the locations on the map change every time the player plays it which makes each encounter unique and different. This map is exclusive to Season 9 only, there won’t be any bots in it. Each match you will play will not count for the players’ Career > Stats. The Battlestat feature has been disabled but this will allow you to complete missions. There will only be 64 in a match and is available in TPP & FPP Squads only and there won’t be any red zones. The blue will shrink slowly but it will be more damaged even if it is the early phases of the match. There is only one vehicle available on the map which are Motorcycles that can be found in small villages.

Pubg new Update

Pubg (Credits: Pubg Corp)

Like said previously, this has been a dynamic map, each location will be relocated even the Major landmarks and parts of the terrain. This is will challenge the players in any way and will test their wits on how they will approach each encounter or fight. There is also some lava flowing around the map which will hurt the player upon stepping on it. The lava does 10 damage per second to players, ticking every half second. If a Motorcycle is drove into the lava, it will destroy its tiers as well as dealing damage to the player. The players can wander outside the bounders of the map which is the first time that this has happened and when the player does go there, a warning will be displayed on the screen and if a player doesn’t return to the playable area they will be killed.

There are also new item boxes that can be found in certain houses. When destroyed, players can find many different types of loot in them like ammo, throwables, and healing items. The players will be dropped onto the map through helicopters, these helicopters also carry many great items like an airdrop but better. It can drop it on its own but players can damage the helicopter which will force it to release the cargo early. This care package will come with highland themed items which can’t be found on other maps like new full-body camo suits, ghillie suit, and backpack. Furthermore, there is also a new item called a critical response kit which will grant the players the ability to revive a downed squad member in just one second.

This can be found in special locations that can be opened with the Secret Room Key. Now let’s talk about the nerf that has been done to two meta guns of the game. Players have been giving their feedback about the Beryl and SLR which was that they were too strong and are the guns that most of the players pick up. Because of this, the guns have gotten some changes which can be seen down below.

• Beryl M762

– Base damage reduction: 46 → 44
– Increased vertical recoil of early spray by 5%
– Increased horizontal recoil of early spray by 5%
– Slightly increased the minimum horizontal recoil


– Based damage reduction: 58 → 56
– Increased recoil during ADS by 5%
– Increased loss of bullet velocity by distance by 15%

These are some of the changes that have arrived with the new update of PUBG. If you want to check the full patch notes, you can do so by clicking right here.

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