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Anime Review: I’m A Spider, So What? Episode 7

I'm A Spider, So What Episode 7
I'm A Spider, So What Episode 7

I’m a Spider So What Episode 7 came with a change of pace to the anime this week. The anime focused on different characters increasing their skills from the first episode, especially for Kumoko, who is obsessed with gaining more skills and leveling up from the first episode. Well, since she reincarnated into a dungeon, that was her only way to survive. It’s a monster eat monster world inside the dungeon, and that is what Kumoko has been doing all this time.

It’s either she gets eaten, or she has to eat whatever monster is attacking her. On the contrary, most of her classmates reincarnated as humans and lived within humans societies. But there seem to be some conspiracies going on within the magic academy that they attend. There are various mages with them, and one of Kumoko’s classmates reincarnated as a pet earth dragon. The outside world is not yet explored that much; thus, we know that most students attend the academy with the royal family.

These seem to be the top-tier characters in the outside world, but more action is promising towards that end. In the previous episodes, a certain demon lord made a cameo appearance. And this time, someone who seems to be her minion appeared before Natsume, who just lost his stats to Filmos. Natsume was planning to overthrow the kingdom and had his evil plans, but he was found out and stripped of his stats and remained an average citizen.

I’m a Spider So What Episode 8 will release next week in the anime schedule. New episodes are licensed by Crunchyroll and are available for streaming with English subtitles. The anime will run for 24 episodes this season and has taken things a little slow, but the upcoming events seem promising.

I’m A Spider, So What Episode 7: Natsume’s Plans Come to Light.

I'm A Spider, So What Episode 7

I’m A Spider, So What Episode 7

As usual, Kumoko continues with her leveling up and picking up more skills. That’s basically the only way to survive in this dungeon, and all those that failed to follow through ended up as food for the strong monsters. Kumoko has acquired a taboo skill, Kin eater, from the first episode. It did not seem like a bad skill from the beginning. But the kingdom of Analeit’s magic academy has reservations against it.

Feirune also acquired the same skill but kept it a secret. Filmos had Schlain keep track of anyone who has this skill, and she believes that such a person should be killed. But Schlain just agreed to get Filmos off his back, and we know that it might later turn into trouble if Filmos finds out about this. Filmos also advised all of them to refrain from leveling up and getting more skills and tells them its a bad thing.

She would not tell them why, but when Natsume was captured due to his greed, she demonstrated why she thinks leveling up and getting more skills is a bad idea. Things are already building up at this moment; with Natsume stripped off all his skills, he intends to get revenge. One of the demon lord’s minions appeared before him and intended to help him. This might be another way they recruit members as the demon lord has unknown powers at this stage.

But she might have a way to give others skills and points. Filmos has the ability to take away skills from other people, but at this point in the anime, we don’t know yet if she takes them for herself. She seems to be too skilled, so it is likely that once she takes them, they become hers.

I’m A Spider So What Episode 8 Updates

One of the demon lord’s minions made an appearance in the last episode, making a proposal to Natsume. Natsume doesn’t care how he gets his revenge and would follow anyone to see it through. Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Kumoko continues with her daily life of leveling up. In the Kingdom, Falmos seems to be too powerful as she easily dealt with Natsume, who was way skilled than Schlain. But there seems to be more to this than just what it appears to be. So hopefully, the next episode will provide more clarity on this.

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Meshack Makungo is an anime enthusiast from South Africa. He is so into anime & manga that he doesn't like to write anything other than anime & manga. He reviews episodes and manga chapters every day. You can reach out to him at

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