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The Echo Bay Murders Chapter 6: Walkthrough Guide

The Echo Bay Murders Chapter 6 : Walkthrough Guide
The Echo Bay Murders Chapter 6

The Eco Bay Murders is the latest adventure mystery detective game from Haiku Games. A gaming company that is famous for producing several investigative mystery puzzle games. Some of its popular murder mystery games are The Sultan’s Inventor, Trapmaker Trilogy, Picture Perfect, The Eco Bay Murders, The Adventure Escape Series, etc.

Today we shall be taking a look at the walkthrough guide of chapter 6 of the murder mystery game, The Eco Bay Murders. The Echo Bay Murders follows the story of detective Kate Gray who travels to the small town of Eco Bay after she receives a call from his old friend, who asks for her help to help him to find and locate several missing girls. But Kate was unaware that she could possibly have to deal with a serial killer.

The Eco Bay Murders Chapter 6 Walkthrough Guide

Detective Kate, along with her team, goes to Lepat Fishing Company, where she finds out that the real suspect is not Benjamin, but it was Luca Patel, the 2nd owner of Lepat Fishing Company.

Go around the boat and look for some important clues. Find some torn notes that are hidden around the boat. Check everything one by one, and you will find some useful items along with the note. Look for a knife and binoculars. Remove the rug from the floor, and you will find a trap door beneath.

The Echo Bay Murders Chapter 6 : Walkthrough Guide

Boat Scene

There will be a toolbox nearby, but it will be covered by a net; use the knife which you just found and cut the net. Open the toolbox and pick a hammer and chisel from it. Now look for a barrel; it would be nearby somewhere. Now use the hammer and chisel that you got from the toolbox, and open the barrel. There you will find a key; now, pick up that key.

Now go near the trap door. And use the key which you found in the barrel and open the trap door. There you will find a hook and a torn note; pick them up. Now put the hook on the wall, and get a logging hook. After that, walk out of the boat. You will find a barrel floating on the water. Use the logging hook to bring the barrel near you, and then use your hammer and chisel to open the barrel. There you will find another piece of the torn note.

Now carefully examine the torn notes. Look at the Buyo, the three tires, and S symbol from the company logo. Now use the binoculars which you found on the boat and look at the nearby lighthouse. There you will find another Buoy and four trees. Now organize all the items that you found. And combine all the numbers to form a whole number.

This is what you will get

“S” = “7”

“Buoys” = “4”

“Tires” = “9”

“Trees” = “8”

The Echo Bay Murders Chapter 6 : Walkthrough Guide

Computer codes

Now use this code 7498″ on the computer which you found inside the boat. The code will help you to find a remote that you can use to open the garage. Inside the garage, you will find a satellite. Now fix this satellite over the boat. This would solve the satellite error problem.

Now get back to the boat and enter the scan on the computer screen. Now a radar puzzle will appear on your screen. After you finish the puzzle, you can get out of the boat. But before you move out, make sure to pick up a crowbar and a ladder. This would help you with further challenges.

Now use the ladder and crowbar to open the window, as shown in the picture. Open the window and get inside the room. Your task is to find 3 “journal pages”, a” corkscrew,” and a “step stool”, and take the key from the room.

Now look for a bottle over the shelf, get the bottle and open it up with the corkscrew which you just picked. There, you will find another piece of the journal. Now open Luca’s drawer and pick his journals as a form of evidence. There you will find  a clue, among the four journals you will see one letter which is different from the others

The Echo Bay Murders Chapter 6 : Walkthrough Guide

Lucas Room

The code that forms is “VYFC”, After entering the code secret safe pops out on the wall. Now you have to solve a puzzle if you want to open that safe.

Look at the light bulbs above the safe, four green bulbs, and four squares. Now, look at the wave paintings that are hung in the room and carefully observe the objects that are shown in those paintings. The direction of the wave indicates which side you have to turn the dial.


Now after opening the safe, you will find the keys to a crane. Use the crane and remove unnecessary boxes till you find the green box. Open the box, and you will find a rotting dead body.

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