Super Smartphone Chapter 23: Release Date & Everything We Know

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Super Smartphone

If you find a smartphone that lets you look up everything on the planet, then I am sure you will be as excited as Kyu Sagurada. He is a high school student who can look up things from secret papers to surveillance footage and even a specific person’s text conversations! The Japanese Manga, which is curated by Hiroki Tomisawa and illustrated by Kentaro Hidano, has been quite the buzz in the thriller genre as fans from Shonen (especially the Death Note beloveds) are eagerly waiting for the plot to unfurl. The first chapter of the manga was released back in May 2022, and we are currently on the hook for the release of Super Smartphone Chapter 23. 

Kyu, the protagonist, is considered to be a child prodigy who plays around with his test scores to seek out challenges. During the first few chapters, he wasn’t shown to his full extent of intellect. But as soon as he began experimenting and using the super smartphone to find the missing child- we see what all his genius is capable of.

Super Smartphone: A recap (Spoilers)

At first, we could see how Kyu was suspicious of the phone and thought it was rather an ordinary gift by Yuika. But as soon as he tries to verify dropped money on a map near him and even his journal entries from a few days back- he is convinced that he has acquired a supersmart phone in his hands. In previous chapters, we observe the government representatives and The President discussing the superphones with Nagi. While Kyu is staying in bed and mourning over Moura to which, Yuika comes to their rescue and encourages Kyu to find allies.

Then came the thrilling search for Ken’s identity with the deal that if Kyu is able to reveal Ken’s identity, then he will join him as an ally. Ken then learns after disclosing his family history that every smartphone user has a deceased relative- much like Kyu, Moura, and Zenichiro. Soon enough, Ken and Rei choose to become allies under Kyu as they all share a similar passion. In the most recent chapter, Kyu makes his decision to meet Zenichiro as others oppose him- explaining how strong he is and how no one should ever meet a man like Zenichiro.

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Super Smartphone

Kyu doesn’t listen to the group and calls him, and they plan to meet. Later on, Zenichiro’s plans are revealed as he mocks Kyu into joining him and explains how he wishes to put the whole world into a huge scam and then become the First President of Japan by getting the support of the people. Kyu ponders over and demands to know where his brother Shu is (Shu had wandered off to go to a public toilet 7 years ago during a game of hide-and-seek, and he never returned), to which Zenichiro replies defectively and triggers Kyu.

Shu was said to be the opposite of Kyu as he admired his older brother a lot and always listened to the facts that Kyu had to tell. They both clearly were very close, and to bring down Zenichiro and put the world to peace by throwing away a child like him who is blinded by the wish to dominate people- Kyu makes the hardest decision to surrender his super smartphone and bring Zenichiro down with him. The chapter ends on this cliffhanger as we all are left wondering how surrendering a power like his phone will help Kyu defeat Zenichiro! 

Super Smartphone Chapter 23 Release Date

After the huge mind-numbing cliffhanger of the manga- Super Smartphone chapter 22, fans have been eager to know the release date of Chapter 23. According to the schedule, chapter 23 of Super Smartphone will be released on 16 October 2022.

How to Read Super Smartphone Chapter 23?

This new chapter will be released on the official website of Manga Plus, Viz Media, and the Shonen Jump App. You can easily read the chapter on the Shonen Jump App by downloading it on both Android and IOS. The chapter will release on Sunday and will be available for you to read on the basis of your time zones. You can easily access the chapter at 9 AM (Pacific Time), 11 AM (Central Time), 5 PM (British Time), and 9:30 PM (IST). 

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