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12 Best Anime Produced By Madhouse Of All Time That You Should Watch Right Now

12 Best Anime Produced By Madhouse Of All Time That You Should Watch Right Now

Madhouse is generally regarded as one of the biggest powerhouse studios in animation. Established in 1872 by Masao Maruyama, Osamu Dezaki, Rintaro, and Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Madhouse has produced over 300 animes, some of which are considered to be among the greatest of all time. Madhouse Studio has graced us with so many iconic, well-known anime series over the last four decades. Most definitely, the Madhouse anime series was part of your early childhood days.

1. The Tatami Galaxy

How does one even try to correctly identify The Galaxy of Tatami? Well, it’s probably best to start from the beginning: Watashi is a third-year student frustrated by the choices he made during his college years. Desperate to take advantage of his youth, Watashi tries to ask Akashi out of the aloof, but the boy gets chickens out at the very end. Suddenly, the adolescent is sent back to his first day in college by spiraling over time.

On paper, the Tatami Galaxy looks like a pretty straight-forward romantic comedy with a science-fiction twist. Coming from the same director who produced Ping Pong: Animation and Netflix Devilman Crybaby, Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei is anything but natural. Surreal and non-linear, Madhouse’s anime asks the viewer to doubt what they’re seeing. Every episode begins with Watashi setting out on a dumb trip to try to make the most of his college life, but things never get expected.

2. Monster

The anime contains a number of conventions that should have helped it rank among the top, but lack of success in western media has helped it an overlooked classic. A lot of people draw a link between the beast and the death note as their kind of lands in the same genre. Anime revolves around Kenzo, a physician operating at a hospital in Germany, whose history has come to haunt him when one of his former patients turned out to be a serial killer. This anime is intended for a more mature audience as it explores crucial aspects of human phycology and lifestyle.

It’s a seriously underrated anime that newbies should watch. Feeling guilty for making this beast, Tenma set out on a quest to fix the wrongs of his life. Regularly expected to perform harder and tougher crimes, Monster wonders how far anyone can go until their actions are no longer acceptable.

3. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is one of the most successful act-comedy anime TV series developed by well-known madhouse studios. It tells us about the exploits of the Lagoon Business, the band of pirates, and the man on the exploits of action-filled breakthrough islands and rivers from all over the world. It is known for its action-filled scenes and storylines. It has some gore scenes and brutal gunning scenes. It’s the second classic anime to be on this list of action-filled anime series.

You’ll be happy to know that all the episodes of Black Lagoon are streaming on Netflix, so grab your popcorn and go on an adventure with The Lagoon Company. Considered a classical genre, Black Lagoon seamlessly combines intense action with social commentaries and compelling plots. Though Revy appears to keep the spotlight, Rokurou’s arc from a soft-spoken businessman to a criminal genius is a sight to behold!

4. Parasyte: The Maxim

The planet has been taken over by a species of parasitic aliens invading the minds of humanity to take possession of the whole body. They are then able to reshape their bodies into beast-like animals that feed on the unsuspected prey to survive. When a parasite attempts to attack the 17-year-old Shinichi Izumi, he ends up hiding in his shoulder.

Unable to travel to Shinichi’s brain, the parasite resides in his arm, becoming an entity in itself. Compared to the comics, the anime drawings are a bit disappointing. But what truly steals the show is a visual depiction of a shape-shifting parasite with blades that coexists with Shinichi. The video, at times, reminds us of Marvel’s Poison, which fits a common idea. What comes next is that you have to watch this anime and it will be a simple binge since it’s just 24 episodes long and the plot is done in a single season.

5. Death Note

Death Note is the best anime ever made by Madhouse, according to IMDb. Widely known as one of the most famous animes of all time, Death Note is a mystery thriller anime released during the fall 2006 season. Once Light Yagami discovers a journal known as the Death Letter, he takes revenge in his own hands. After murdering a variety of suspects, the top cop, L, is asked to solve the crime. A back and forth war of wits between two geniuses; Light wants to create a new universe, while L wants to bring Kira, the alias of Light, to justice.

If you’re a fan of the series, find out any secret information you may have overlooked. While ‘Death Note’ seldom has a battle scene, the backgrounds and dark themes are very appealing. The perfect amount of drama and various color schemes really draw our interest. And the scenes containing Light writing names with his pen were executed with magnificent details.

6. One Punch Man

Some may say that there’s nothing great about the One Punch Man anime, but if you think about it again, you can see that most of the shonen leads use some kind of weapons. One of the biggest series of the modern anime period, One-Punch Man, was released in the fall of the 2015 season. The action-parody anime follows Saitama, a hero who can kill any enemy with a single motion. Another thing that will attract your eye is the gestures of the characters that involve the legendary meme-worthy “OK!” “The Saitama. As a result, Saitama gets sick of war, but that doesn’t deter the bald hero from being pulled into all manner of fights.

A cyborg called Genos notices the strength of Saitama and finds him to be his tutor. It’s easier to apply dazzling effects to certain characters. But Saitama only uses his fists to fight. Madhouse has drawn and animated all this very carefully. In the battle scenes, you can experience the perfection of smooth gestures and stunning effects.

7. Hunter x Hunter

After learning that his father is not dead but alive elsewhere, Gon Freecss chooses to follow his footsteps and even to become a Hunter. Gon discovers from Hunter named Kite that his father, Ging, is the best Hunter in the world. An Explorer discovers new locations and goes on journeys to solve mysteries. They’re allowed to hunt down treasures, beasts, or humans. Gon has chosen to become a Hunter himself in order to find his father. To become one, Gon must pass the Hunter exam first. He made acquainted with some of the applicants at the test, and they began their journey together.

Despite being a long-running show with almost 148 episodes, ‘Hunter X Hunter’ consistently retains animation consistency. The anime also features a lot of vivid color scheme, which is a turn-off for a few audiences. But those color palettes actually complement the uplifting and daring mood of the anime. With its strategic battle scenes and unforeseeable plot progressions.

8. Perfect Blue

Time to talk to me about a classic! Related to Ghost in Shell and Akira, the power of Perfect Blue reaches far beyond anime, with Darren Aronofsky literally re-enacting one of the scenes for Requiem for a Dream in 2002. Directed by Satoshi Kon, this dark drama tells the story of a J-Pop idol who leaves her famous band to try to go solo. Tackling topics of mental illness, stalking, and envy, Perfect Blue’s Mima Kirigoe begins as an optimistic young actress yearning to set up a new public person away from the idol scene.

Landing a part in the crime thriller, the young star briefly enjoyed some success, until a taxing workload and an obsessed fan started to chip away at Kirigoe ‘s psyche. Perfect Blue is an unpleasant and haunting experience, one that is likely to make a lasting impact on a significant portion of audiences. Though Madhouse’s art form has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, it has aged like a bottle of fine wine,

9. Summer Wars

As a producer of the 2012 Wolf Children and 2015 The Boy and the Beast, Mamoru Hosoda has been hailed as a new pioneer. Acting as a follow-up to The Kid Who Jumped Through Time, Summer Wars is a light-hearted science-fiction film set in cyberspace. Open and easy, the population has become reliant on OZ’s virtual universe. If you’re looking for a sport or a shopping binge, people from all over the world will take to this online paradise to fulfill their needs.

Serving as an OZ moderator, Kenji Koiso unintentionally destroys the universe after he solves a simple riddle sent by an unknown outsider and, with the assistance of his friend Natsuki Shinohara, has to find a way to save virtual and actual worlds. Summer Wars may have been an easily overlooked seasonal break in less capable hands. Luckily, this 2009 movie sees Madhouse and Hosoda at the top of their game! If it’s the scenes in the OZ or the real world.

10. No Game No Life

The two siblings, Sora and Shiro, had only known the world of gaming for their whole lives. They use their super-intelligence to dominate the online gaming world under the nickname of Null. The god of another universe needs a test, and so takes them to his domain, where all disputes are resolved not by violence, but by games. And all of a sudden, Sora and Shiro discovered the greatest game ever to exist.

No Game No Life is the anime that caused the “No Anime No Life” phrase. It spawned a broad follow-up to the comparatively new take on the genre of Game Anime. Perhaps fans like the way our lead characters put their mind down on their enemies with intellect rather than violence? It’s, after all, a breath of fresh air from the regular Jesus-Kun Game Anime, where a single male protagonist defeats everything in their way.

11. Death Parade

Death Parade might look nicely light-hearted from the start, but it gives you a lot to worry about. If you’re looking for a series of fantastic suspense and fascinating characters, you may want to take a peek at this one. We enjoy the thought that a bar is a kind of purgatory where souls go until they are executed on the basis of their life choices. It’s a great idea that gives us a glimpse not just of the lost people, but also of the one in charge who judges them. And if you’re in the mood for some kind of philosophical review, check out this clip.

Death Parade is one of those shows that manages to create a whole series around a single venue. This isn’t an easy thing to do, but if you’re going to make 12 episodes about a single venue, it’s best to be damn interesting. Death Parade is also one of the most popular shows. Praised for his mind-blowing twists and high-voltage mind games, it’s obvious that Madhouse learned a lot from their Death Note days.

12. Beck

Beck has been known to people and has been popular for quite a while now, from his manga to anime, and even a live-action movie. The story is based on a 14-year-old boy named Yukio Tanaka, who is trying to find his identity in life. Feeling puzzled and eventually cut off and misunderstood from the rest of the world, Yukio finally came across a strange dog named Beck, who had been exploited by some children. Upon the rescue of a curious puppy, Yukio met Ryusuke Minami, the owner of the pup, as well as the lead guitarist of the BECK band.

What’s so great about this anime is how many teenagers have been able to relate to Yukio, the hero of the series. The emotional rollercoaster that every teenager has gone through during their adolescent years has been illuminated in this series, making this anime, not just a wonderful musical anime, but also a touch of the anime genre. So sit back and relax, dress up your guitar, and get ready to join Yukio and Ryusuke in BECK!



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