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15 Most Hated Kpop Idols That Were Once Famous


As the Kpop industry keeps gaining thousands of fans every day, the pressure on the idols that make it the strongest music industry in the world keeps rising. It is no news to anyone that kpop fans are the largest fanbases in this world. Read our article: Which Kpop Group has The Biggest Fandom? to get an idea about how large these fanbases actually are. Most of the time, the hate these idols receive is extreme, it isn’t rare to hear that there has been a witch hunt against an idol. A witch hunt means deliberate harassment of those who have a different opinion.

The building blocks of the kpop industry are the illusion and fantasies of its fans. Kpop idols are designed to look and act the way most fans want them to. This is just a disaster waiting to happen because the idols are human and if not today, someday they will want to show their real selves. It is more often than the group or idol that you may think is the most loved gets the most hate. In this article, we will take you through who are the most hated Kpop idols and why.

1. Jennie from Blackpink

Jennie from Blackpink cr: YG Entertainennt

Can we have drumrolls for this one? Jennie is 25 years old, and her nicknames go from ” YG’s Princess” to ”The Villian of Kpop”. Jennie is a member of the Kpop girl group Blackpink and is one of the most popular members. She is almost every international fan’s bias. It will forever be the most confusing thing to understand how Jennie can get so much hate for literally doing what almost every kpop idol does.

Jennie is mostly hated due to three main reasons: 1) her supposedly bad attitude  2) her dating scandals 3)lazy dancing. It is quite obvious that she was targeted for no reason due to the uprising popularity of her group despite being fairly new. People have accused her of not being enthusiastic in group performances while being completely fine when she performs solo, although it is reported that she had injured her ankle, which is why she could not perform energetically. Jennie has been unpopularly given the name ” YG’S Princess” because she got her solo debut before any of the members and often got styled the best. It’s crazy that she gets hated for things that are mostly out of her control.

2. BTS’s Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook

BTS’s Maknae Line cr: BigHit

BTS as a group itself is the target for unreasonable hate. Gaining global popularity after being debuted by a company that wasn’t a part of the Big 3, i.e., YG, JYP, and SM Entertainment, almost everyone believes that  BTS has done the impossible and that BTS did, in fact, pave the way. The group gets a lot of hate for no reason, but in particular, the maknae line or the youngest members of the group are the main targets. The maknae line includes Jungkook, Jimin, and Taehyung, more popularly known by his stage name V.  The talent that these three young boys possess is insane, with Jungkook having the sweetest voice in Korea, Jimin is one of the most popular dancers in kpop, and Taehyung’ s baritone combined with a powerful stage persona, the hate that they receive is ridiculous.

The boys are not hated for any particular reason but still somehow are the target for hate. We hope that people stop unnecessarily hating on idols and realize that these people are humans, and just because you buy their albums does not mean you own them.

3. Yeri from Red Velvet

Yeri from Red Velvet cr: SM Entertainment

Yeri is repeatedly called talentless, undeserving, and ugly. It blows my mind because even if you watch just 10 seconds of a Red Velvet music video or a stage performance, the haters will be proved wrong. Yeri is just 22 years old, and it is truly unfortunate that she has to deal with so much hate for no reason in particular. Red Velvet debuted in 2014 with originally four members Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy. Yeri joined Red Velvet in 2015 with the major release Ice Cream Cake. People became really angry, claiming that she had ruined the group and was not at all a good addition. The hate was ridiculous, claiming that she did not know how to sing or dance, which again is anything but the truth. Tragic that she receives hate for claims that are totally untrue.

3. Cha Eun Woo from ASTRO

Cha Eun Woo cr: Fantagio

Cha Eun Woo is a member of the South Korean boyband ASTRO. Cha Eun Woo is winning the nation’s heart as an actor. He has starred in popular  South Korean dramas such as My ID is Gangnam Beauty, True Beauty, and Hit the Top. Strap yourself for this one because you will be blown off after knowing the reason why Eun Woo gets hate. He is hated because he is more popular than ASTRO, Crazy? I know. Cha Eun Woo is praised for meeting Korea’s toxic and unrealistic beauty standards, which is a huge part of the reason why he is so popular. So, praise him for having ethereal beauty but hate him for being popular?

4. KAI from EXO

Kai from EXO cr: SM Entertainment

Kai is a member of the popular South Korean boyband EXO under SM Entertainment. Kai is twenty-seven years old and is one of the best singers, dancers, actors, and models in all of Korea. Despite being a powerhouse of talent, Kai has been the target of hate for the most insignificant reasons. The hate comes due to his dating scandals, the ones with Jennie and Krystal from f(X) being the most popular. Kai has been one of the many Kpop idols who have received tonnes of hate just for doing something as normal as dating. While a lot of Kpop fans stand up for their idols, there is still a large amount that bashes them for dating, which leads to a lot of pressure from their agencies and results in breakups. It is quite ridiculous because a lot of Kpop fans write fanfictions and make edits, shipping their favorite. idols, but when two very talented idols start dating, they become the subject of hate.


Mamamoo cr: RBW

The entire group, in general, has been involved in a lot of controversies. MAMAMOO debuted in 2014 under RBW and has been gaining success in its own unique style. MAMAMOO has been known to be the girl group that has broken almost each and every stereotype set up for female idols in the Kpop industry. The hate they receive comes from a reasonable place, as one time while performing a parody of Uptown Funk on stage, the members committed blackface. The group has apologized but is often the hub of all controversies.

6. Nancy from Momoland

Nancy from MOMOLAND cr: MLD Entertainment

Nancy is a member of the girl group MOMOLAND that released its solo album in 2016. MOMOLAND works under MLD Entertainment. Nancy is one of the most popular members of the group. A while back, Nancy joked about an eating disorder, so it is understandable why people started hating her. Joking about eating disorders is not right, but here is the catch, Nancy was only 14 years old when she made that joke, and I don’t think any fourteen-year-old would have analyzed beforehand the effect her words would have had.

7. Seungri from BigBang

Seungri from BigBag cr: YG Entertainment

Seungri was a singer, actor, and dancer. He was a member of the boy group BigBang and also ran a successful business. Seungri’s scandal was one of the biggest Kpop scandals that the Kpop industry had witnessed. He was once known as Korea’s Great Gatsby, and now he is on trial after being accused of providing prostitution services, embezzlement, and sexual misconduct.

8. Sakura from IZ*ONE

Sakura from IZ*ONE

Sakura is a former member of the Japanese-South Korean girl group IZ*ONE. She joined the group after coming second in the survival reality tv show Produce 48. She was hated a lot while the show was ongoing because of how much screen time she got. It is not her fault that the show decided to give her more screen time.

9. Choi Siwon from Super Junior

Choi Siwon is a South Korean singer, writer, actor, and model. He is most popularly known for his role in the drama series She Was Pretty. In 2017, Choi Siwon’s family dog bit a neighbor, and the scandal was all that the media outlets would talk about. The scandal resulted in Choi Siwon getting blamed and hated, having trouble figuring out how Choi Siwon, who was on tour is responsible for his family’s dog biting a neighbor? Me too.

10. IU


This sweet cupcake of a girl gets too much hate and for the most insignificant reasons. IU is one of the most hardworking idols with the sweetest voice in Korea. People hate on her because she was close to Eunhyuk from Super Junior. Jungkook from BTS is a huge fan of IU, like he should be, and has said that she is his ideal type which has been the reason for a lot of his fans to bash her. How can you hate someone for being someone else’s ideal type? This brings us back to the fact that the Kpop industry is built on the fantasies of young fans, and when they don’t get what they want, they will even bash someone as nice as IU.

11. Blackpink’s Lisa

Lisa cr: YG Entertainment

The more talented and amazing you are, the more people love you and hate you. Lisa gets bashed out for not dancing great and for looking like an ‘average Thai woman’. People don’t understand the hate she gets because she is one of the best dancers and rapers in the Kpop industry. She is much more beautiful than an ‘ average Thai woman’. A portion of her hate comes from netizens who think she was rude to trainees in ‘Youth With You’, although she was showing professionalism. Who would have thought malicious netizens would hate on someone who is as talented and beautiful as Lisa.

12. Itzy’s Chaeryoung

Chaeryoung cr: JYP Entertainment

Chaeryoung is one of the Kpop idols that get hated for one of the most outrageous reasons. She is considered  ‘ugly’ because she doesn’t meet the Korean Beauty Standards. Even her mom has begged the netizens to stop hating o her daughter because she is young and has dreams and should be merited by her talent. And by the way, Chaeryoung is very beautiful, I cannot see why they consider ugly. Chaeryoung had admitted that she had low self-esteem due to this but has come to recognize that haters are not the people that she must give attention to. People who even after Chaeryoung’s mom’s request are very rude. Even Chaeryoung’s sister Chaeyeon has admitted to feeling bad about herself due to these comments.

13. Kang daniel

Kang Daniel cr: Konnect Entertainment

Kang Daniel was once part of the talented group WannaOne. WannaOne had sadly disbanded in 2019. Kang Daniel gets hate for being centralized by the company when WannaOne was had yet not disbanded. He, later on, got more hate from haters when dispatch revealed that he and Twice’s Jihyo are dating. Again, this goes to show how fans think they are gonna get their idols when in reality the idols just want to be simply human beings.

14. (G)I-dle’s Soyeon

Soyeon cr: Cube Entertainment

Soyeon is the leader of the six-member girl group (G)I-dle which is currently under Cube Entertainment. Soyeon has been criticized for cultural appropriation which she we hope she would have learned from. But hates took the chance to criticize which is very different from calling her out for her mistakes. She has also been accused of stealing all the lines in (G)I-dle then give them to her members. Soyeon is a very talented and kind-hearted Kpop idol and shouldn’t be receiving the hate that she gets. She is one of those idols haters love to hate on whether the hate is reasonable or not.

15. The TXT Members

Tomorrow by Together cr: HYBE Entertainment

TXT members were criticized for having no talents and were accused of gaining popularity due to BTS. Most of the people showing hate were toxic Army’s who claimed that TXT earned their name only through BTS. Well, if they only earned their fame due to BTS their popularity would die in one year. But TXT has been going strong since their debut because of their talented and their lovable members.

Written By

I am Aliza Siddiqui and I am from Lucknow. I contribute to the company by writing engaging articles based on Kdrama and Kpop culture. You can contact me at

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