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15 Best Anime Shows on Amazon Prime Video

It takes up hours searching for that one anime when you are given several anime series to choose from. Especially when you’ve heard the names of the given anime for the first time! Amazon Prime has a great collection of anime series. But, every one of us must have found ourselves spending hours looking up which one you would like to watch. Here’s the solution you were looking for! We have compiled the 15 best anime shows on Amazon Prime that you might like. Whether you are looking for a variety of genres to choose from or an intense plot, we present you with the best anime available on Amazon Prime. The collection of shows available on Amazon Prime is impressive. The genres available are diverse. Recommended anime shows will definitely pique your interest given a chance.

People watch shows depending on the mood. These shows, be it anime or not, are more than just means of entertainment. They open a window to a distant world, which although imaginary, gives us something to believe in. For some it could be an escape from reality, for others, it’s a chance to witness a life different from their own. Perhaps this is why so many genres exist. From comedy to intense drama, we have made sure you can narrow down your option to the most minimal range to help make choosing easier for you.

Here is a list of the top 15 anime shows found on Amazon Prime in no specific order.

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Grand Blue Dreaming

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy.

Anyone who read the manga of Grand Blue will indeed return for the anime adaptation. This hilarious comedy series will not shy away from screaming double entendres that will leave you rolling with laughter. Grand Blue Dreaming follows Iori’s journey in the diving club. It is one of those anime series that does not even need to contain a proper story because it is just so fun as it is already.

Best anime shows on Amazon Prime

Grand Blue Dreaming

For those who are unaware of this rib-tickling series, Grand Blue revolves around Iori Kitahara who gets dragged into the alcoholic ways of his seniors. He encounters comedic mishaps caused by hangovers. After his first hangover, he ends up attending his first lecture naked. Here Iori makes friends with a delusional otaku, Kouhei, who he drags along with him to his miseries. Being constantly misjudged due to multiple misconceptions, Iori continues to try and escape his seniors.


IMDb rating: 7.9

MAL Rating: 8.4

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After The Rain

Genre: Romance, Drama.

After The Rain was released in the winter of 2018. If anyone has not watched it yet, I recommend they watch it soon because it is indeed one of the best anime shows on Amazon Prime. The story revolves around 17-year-old Akira Tachibana. She has a passion for running on the tracks but has to stop after she meets with an accident. She is beautiful and desired by many boys in her school but she finds herself hopelessly in love with Masami Kondou, her boss at the cafe she works at. It could be a generic romance anime but Masami is 45 years old.

After The Rain

After The Rain.

This anime captures the rawest emotions of the human heart that does not see reason. Love was never meant to be simple. The taboo of loving someone with an age distance is addressed cleanly. But above all, this anime executes the love we experience for different things– the passion and the past. The characters grow to find the things they love doing and eventually find parts of themselves that they were missing. Marinated with heavy unspoken emotions, After The Rain will tear your heart up and make you cry.


IMDb rating: 7.4

MAL Rating: 7.53

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The Great Passage

Genre: Romance, Drama.

Kouhei Araki is looking for his replacement as he is retiring from Genbu Publishing. He worked as an editor for the dictionary editorial division. On his search for the replacement, he stumbles upon the introverted and reserved Mitsuya Majime, an employer of the sales department in the same publishing company. Mitsuya Majime is a passionate reader and thus has a brilliant vocabulary. He accepts Kouhei’s offer and joins the dictionary editorial division. The anime revolves around a typical working environment and the journey of Majime as he adapts to his new position.

Best shows on Amazon Prime

The Great Passage.

The Great Passage is an anime that uses dictionaries as a medium to deploy stories that many people can relate to. People might wonder how an anime about a dictionary can interest them but once they give it a chance, they would understand the gem that this anime is. It has a beautiful character development of Majime and sweet moments of romance.


IMDb rating: 7.6

MAL Rating: 7.64

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Iroduku: The World in Colors

Genre: Magical, School.

The very basic point of this anime is growth. This simple concept is depicted in the most impressive way in this anime. It makes use of fantasy and magic and just a little dash of romance to create this beautiful anime.

Best anime shows on Amazon Prime

Iroduku: The World in Colors.

Iroduku: The World in Colors revolves majorly around 17-year-old Hitomi Tsukishiro. It is set in a world where magic is common knowledge. Hitomi belongs to a family of witches. She is young but devoid of emotions and devoid of the sense of colors. This results in a bland development of her personality. Her grandmother, Kohaku, sends Hitomi to the past, to the time when Kohaku was 17 years old. Here she meets Yuito Aoi, an artist. Her life is finally filled with the colors she desires. But, why did Kohaku send her to the past? What is Hitomi to do?

The anime tracks the growth of Hitomi as she meets different people and learns the ways of life.


IMDb rating: 7.3

MAL Rating: 7.5

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Banana Fish

Genre: Action, Adventure.

I probably wouldn’t recommend this series to weak-hearted anime watchers for its graphic scenes and plots that need to be considered. That being said, Banana Fish is an exceptionally great anime that definitely proves to be one the best anime series ever to be released. Ash Lynx is investigating Banana Fish, something that his brother mentioned after his return from Iran. Being taken in into a criminal family, Ash knows his way in and out of the criminal alley. However, when his friend Skip and Skip’s assistant Eiji get kidnapped by Ash’s godfather, Ash heads to rescue them.

Banana Fish

Banana Fish.

Ash and Eiji’s chemistry is definitely lovely but the aim of the story goes beyond normalizing same-sex relations. Be prepared for rape, drugs, pedophilia, and violent content if you are planning to watch the series. It is intense and indulging enough for viewers to come back for another watch.


IMDb rating: 8.2

MAL Rating: 8.5

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Vinland Saga

Genre: Action, Historical.

If historic anime shows are your cup of tea, Vinland Saga is the one you are looking for. The story revolves around a Viking, Thorfinn. He sets out on a journey by the sea with his father’s killer, Askeladd, planning to take revenge. Vinland Saga is set amidst war and hatred. It received remarkable feedback from people and became one of the most popular anime of 2019. The plot armor of the anime is pretty strong with characters that let you dive deep into it. There are so many aspects that Vinland Saga holds down. Be it for the sake of telling a complete story or to bring out a meaning between the lines, this show does everything with perfection.

Best anime shows on Amazon Prime

Vinland Saga.

Vinland Saga is a magnificent series that I indefinitely recommend watching. It gets the viewers engrossed in it at first glance (if they are really into the genre of historical and action anime). For the brilliancy in its plot, animation, and character development, Vinland Saga makes its way into the list of the best anime shows on Amazon Prime.


IMDb rating: 8.8

MAL Rating: 8.7

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Genre: Shounen, Dark Fantasy.

Dororo is yet another one of the best anime shows on Amazon Prime. The main character of the show is Hyakkimaru. His father, Daigo Kagemitsu sacrifices him even before he was born to the demons in return for power. When Hayakkimaru was born, he was born without eyes, nose, limbs, and skin. Seeing the horrendous structure of the child, Kagemitsu abandoned him and let him flow along the river. He was found and brought up by a medicine man. Hyakkimaru must defeat the demons that he was sacrificed to as killing a demon brings parts of him back.

Best anime shows on Amazon Prime


After growing up, Hyakkimaru meets Dororo, the leader of a group of thieves. Dororo and his party of thieves would steal from the rich only to give it away to the poor. After a chain of events, Dororo joins Hyakkimaru. The pair embark on their journey to retrieve 48 parts of Hyakkimaru by killing demons.

The synopsis in itself is pretty interesting. As the story progresses, it brings forth many different issues within the society. It is filled with mythological creatures and exciting plot twists that keep the viewers on their toes.


IMDb rating: 8.4

MAL Rating: 8.2

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Psycho-Pass: Season 3

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Sci-fi.

The follow-up season of Psycho-Pass is available and definitely one of the best anime shows on Amazon Prime. Once again, we come back to understand what freedom and justice mean. Psycho-Pass Season 3 brings Arata Shindou and Kei Mikhail Ignatov to the front lines. They investigate a ship carrying immigrants that have crashed. However, they conclude as per deductions and instinct that the ship’s crashing was a plotted accident.

Psycho Pass season 3

Psycho-Pass Season 3

New to the department, they seem to have grabbed the attention of many. One of them being the Bifrost. The chemistry between the two new main characters is quite interesting. Additionally, the stomach-churning mystery gives out much more thrill than most sci-fi series. If you enjoyed the previous seasons of the show, I would definitely recommend viewers to resume the third season as well.


IMDb rating: 7.5

MAL Rating: 7.5

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Inuyashiki Last Hero

Genre: Psychological, Sci-fi.

Inuyashiki displays how well elements of violence can be used to depict the two sides of human nature. Good and evil are personified into the two main characters of the show.

Inuyashiki is a lonely old man, who is tired of the ignorance thrown towards him by his family. His only companion is his dog, Hanako. But he discovers that Inuyashiki is about to die in three months. His family’s indifference towards the news breaks him completely. However, when a bright light embraces him, Inuyashiki opens his eyes next to find that he has turned into a high-tech war machine. Inuyashiki holds the fate of the world and seeks to save it with his newfound power.


Inuyashiki The Last Hero

Inuyashiki is depicted as kind. On his other side is Shishigami Hiro, a sociopath who takes pleasure in killing. He is a typical Kamidere character, meaning he carries a God complex.

One of the best shows on Amazon Prime, Inuyashiki is a must-watch for anyone who likes intense and gory anime series with a deep meaning. It is a memorable show with a unique plot that makes it stand out brightly.


IMDb rating: 7.7

MAL Rating: 7.7

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Happy Sugar Life

Genre: Horror, Psychological.

Happy Sugar Life can be extremely intriguing and truly scary. Once again, I would exclude my weak-hearted readers when recommending this anime. This anime is not the best show you will ever watch but it will shock you and send a blazing chill down your spine. Happy Sugar Life features one of the most dangerous yandere characters in anime history.

Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life

The protagonist of the show, Satou Matsuzaka, has slept with many boys from her school. Yet, she can never feel any emotion for them. But, one day she meets Shio Koube and feels every inch of love that she was always devoid of feeling. To protect Shio, Satou can do anything and exceed all limits.


IMDb rating: 6.87

MAL Rating: 6.5

Welcome to the Ballroom

Genre: Shounen, Sports, Comedy.

Welcome to the Ballroom is an uplifting anime. It revolves around Tatara, who announces that he wants to become a professional dancer. The inspiration comes from Kaname who later invites him to his dance studio.

Welcome to the Ballroom

Welcome to the Ballroom

This is an anime about dance. While it may sound a bit uninteresting when stated like that, Welcome To The Ballroom has many developmental factors that make it a very satisfying anime to watch. Initially, before meeting Kaname, Tatara has no aim in life. He would have disappeared in the background without any passion or interest if Kaname had not saved him from the bullies.

Welcome to the Ballroom, despite the simplicity in its plot, is one of the best anime shows on Amazon Prime that every anime fan should check out.


IMDb rating: 7.9

MAL Rating: 8.2

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Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend.flat

Genre: Harem, Echi.

This is the second season of Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend. Tomoya Aki has now completed his visual novel. He is enthusiastic about creating the best game. All the members of Blessings Software move towards more character development this season.

Saekano How To Raise A Boring

Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend

More or less, the season carries on in the same direction as the first. As someone who did enjoy the first season quite a lot, the second season was worth binging too. People committed to watching the good harem series, Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend will be an interesting watch.


IMDb rating: 6.9

MAL Rating: 7.8

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Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Genre: Horror, Fantasy

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is a 2016 anime that I wish more people who talk about. The story is set during the industrial revolution but in an alternate world. Here, the world has been threatened by Kabane, undead monsters infected by a virus. To escape doom, humanity has built fortresses and heavily armored trains to travel between them. The only way to kill a Kabane is by stabbing it in the heart. Ikoma, the protagonist of the show has created a deadly weapon that he believes will gain humanity their victory against humans.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is a well-written series that definitely should be watched. The series has a diverse set of characters and decent animation.


IMDb rating: 7.2

MAL Rating: 7.25

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Karakuri Circus

Genre: Mystery, Supernatural.

Karakuri Circus revolves around three distinct characters with different backgrounds.

The first, Saiga Masaru– a young boy. He is being chased by his relatives after his father dies. Being the heir of the Saiga Enterprise has made him their target to assassinate and earn his fortune.

Karakuri Circus

Karakuri Circus

The second character is Narumi Kotou. He is a man suffering from ZONOPHA syndrome. Victims of the syndrome suffer from occasional seizures at random moments unless they see someone laugh. When Saiga was trying to escape some humanoids sent to assassinate him, Narumi Kotou takes it in his hands to protect him.

The third character is Shirogane Saiga, a humanoid claiming to be Masaru’s guardian.

The three characters interlock their fates by crossing each other’s paths.


IMDb rating: 7.1

MAL Rating: 7.1

Altair: A Record of Battles

Genre: Historical, Military.

Altair: A Record of Battles is no less of an epitome of brilliancy and easily one of the best anime shows on Amazon Prime.

All Tughril Mahmut desires are to keep the peace intact in his country when war approaches. But, Tughril drowns into the depths of politics slowly but surely.

Altair A Record of Battles

Altair: A Record of Battles.

This anime brings war genre shows to a whole new level. Instead of focussing on big fights with epic CGI, Altair takes a step back and discusses the strategies of war, the behind the scene talk of war. The genius of this anime lets brains take over the upper hand in a warzone. Instead of just choreographing a battle, we see what war does to a country and what concerns come alongside a war.

Altair: A Record of Battles also depicts the effects of war. Economic development and economic downfall of a country post-war have been portrayed without seclusion. Even without big mecha fight scenes, viewers will constantly feel a rush of adrenaline for the exciting storytelling of this anime.


IMDb rating: 8.1

MAL Rating: 7.6

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