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Fear Of Rain Ending Explained: Not Just Hallucinations

Fear Of Rain - Ending Explained And Review

A psychological thriller with a genius mental touch. That’s what you get from the brand new psychological thriller “Fear Of Rain”. Directed by Castille Landon, Fear Of Rain tells the story of a teenage girl suffering from schizophrenia. The movie entangles the phobia creating a huge mystery out of it. Thus, making the movie a good thriller watch. Releasing on the 12th of February 2021, Feat Of Rain has quite a decent applause. The only thing that worried the audience was the confusion that the movie created. Despite being entertaining, the Castille Landon directorial left audience questioning a lot. Especially about the difference between the titular character’s hallucination and reality. So, no worries here, let’s a breakdown of what actually went down in the thriller and what does the ending means.

Fear Of Rain follows the story of Rain Burroughs played by Madison Iseman. Rain is a teenage girl suffering from early-onset schizophrenia. A condition that results in her seeing hallucinations. With parents under stress, she finds a way to normalcy with a  boy at school named Caleb, The Happy times don’t last long when she realizes that her neighbor kidnapped a child. But the question remains is it real or she is just hallucinating. The movie also stars Katherine Heigl, Israel Broussard, Eugenie Bondurant, and Harry Connick Jr.

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The Base Of Fear Of Rain

So, basically, the movie opens up with a teenage girl being chased by an unknown person. The chase results in the girl getting caught by the man. The unidentified man buries the girl. The next moment, we are brought into a hospital where the girl wakes up. The scene tells that the whole story of getting chased by a man was one of her hallucinations. Thus, we are introduced to Rain Burroughs who is suffering from schizophrenia.

Fear Of Rain - Ending Explained And Review

Still From The Movie “Fear Of Rain”

The incident brings Rain to a therapist. After a deep conversation, the therapist advises Rain to take the prescribed medicines without fail on time. We are next introduced to more about Rain’s life. Her family relations and conditions clearly state her situation at the moment. As of now, she is living in her home’s guest house. The reason is one of her prior hallucinations where she destroyed her own room.

While her family is already under strain, the school doesn’t leave Rain alone either. After her recent incident, she becomes a subject of mockery the next day at school. Under such conditions, Rain somehow finds a friend in need. A young boy named Caleb understands what she is going through and takes her feelings sensitively. Caleb becomes the only person where Rain can find some normalcy in her life.

Existence Of The Kidnapped Child

Rain’s teacher Dani McConnell is also Rain’s next-door neighbor. That day when Rain returns home she observes something unusual at McConnell’s house. The view of McConnell’s house is quite clear from the window of Rain. She observes a young boy being tied up there. This led her to investigate and believe that McConnell might have kidnapped a little kid. While she tries to explain to her family, they have stopped considering her words for her hallucination and reality. The only person she can trust now is Caleb.

Fear Of Rain - Ending Explained And Review

Still From The Movie “Fear Of Rain”

Caleb lets Rain tell her story. He hears carefully but still doesn’t quite follow it. Anyway on her command both break into McConnell’s house but are caught while rescuing the child. McConnell threatens Rain to send her back to an institution. The end results in an array of hallucinations and revelations from Rain’s father doesn’t go well either.

While the drama sums up, the question remains was there really a child? Probably, this was all part of the heavy hallucinations Rain was having throughout the movie. The answer is yes there was indeed a child. Although McConnell tries hard to make believe everyone that it was one of Rain’s Hallucinations, it’s not. If you observe clearly when Rain is rescuing the child and is almost caught by McConnell, Caleb runs to help her and the child. This means even he saw the child. This definitely wasn’t Rain’s mind-playing games.

The narrative of the movie kind of takes us round and round. It cleverly sets the audience apart from the reality and hallucination of Rain. The child’s existence on the other hand is kept secret till the end. Caleb taking part is what works against Rain’s hallucination. He goes head-on with McConnell while Rain escapes with the child. The case proved Rain’s sanity.

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The Hallucinations Explained

Like we said in the above explanation, Rain’s hallucinations are consistent throughout the movie. The same fact sets us apart from reality and hallucination. It also literally questioned the existence of a child or not. The case turned out to be true, there was a child but it was still not all flowers and sunshine for the suffering Rain. The ending kind of sums us up with all the hallucination which needed to be explained despite one being solved that it is not a creation of her mind. Especially the revelations coming from Rain’s father revealed a lot about Rain and her condition.

Fear Of Rain - Ending Explained And Review

Still From The Movie “Fear Of Rain”

Rain’s mother was one of the constant presence throughout the movie. But the ending told us a different story. It’s revealed that she committed suicide three years ago. The existence of Rain’s mother was clearly a creation of Rain’s mind. As her father revealed he played along with her just to protect her daughter. The director used Rain’s mother and her hallucination as a way where Rain can find some comfort between reality and hallucination. As she is always alone with her college friends making a mockery of her condition and her father just being protective and under strain. Rain’s brain imagining her mother being there was a comfortable spot.

Throughout the movie, it was revealed that Rain and her thought of Mother kind of saved Rain from intense paranoia. The scene where Rain draws a portrait of her mother was a sign of this phenomenon. But as the ending saw, Rain’s father had to reveal the fact one way or another in order to help Rain. Even Caleb had shocked to see Rain talking to her mother. But yes, although Rain’s mother was a hallucination and a comfortable spot for Rain, it helped her in a big way to understand the difference between her hallucination and reality.

Probably all this mess pushes Rain to solve the case of the kidnapped child by McConnell. The case literally proved her sanity. She visits her mother’s grave at the end and comes up with the fact that now she is calm and can deal with her schizophrenia. All of this was the brainchild of the director Castille Landon.

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Fear Of Rain - Ending Explained And Review

Still From The Movie “Fear Of Rain”

The ending of Fear Of Rain is what we can say turned the whole movie around. Especially the motives of the main character. Rain’s drive to prove her sanity is what worked well for the film. It all started out as a good thriller but much more of a confusing one leaving the audience question a lot. Probably that’s the part of the fun. The director brilliantly balanced both hallucinations and reality until the end. Like we said above, the case of the kidnapped child which was one of the most pivotal parts of the plot was also left questioned till the very end. Everyone almost thought the whole mess was a part of the main character’s mind and its creations.

On the other hand, the existence of Rain’s mother was another big blow that left us shocked at the end after her father’s revelation. Managing Rain’s mother and her presence were done brilliantly which kind of broke the gap between the hallucination and reality. At the same time served as a soft spot for the main character. Rain’s drive was solely based on her mother’s existence and revelation from her father was supposed to break her with a father who was playing along just to protect her. Instead, the fact drove her to solve the case of the kidnapped child and clearly proved her sanity. We believe it was a pretty good end for sure. It’s a pretty entertaining watch but a thriller needs a lot of observation till the end reveals a lot of things.

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