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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 Recap: Goku Defeated?

In this time of uncertainty in the world, we were treated with a new chapter of the popular Dragon Ball Super Manga on time. Thankfully, the hardworking mangakas keep working on the new chapters from their homes. In Chapter 60 of Dragon Ball Super, we realize that Ultra Instinct Omen proved to be ineffective against Goku. It is a strong technique that surpasses Gods but Goku still hasn’t unlocked its full potential. Despite his training with Merus, Moro is overpowering Goku in the new chapter

Title: Merus’s Miscalculation

Goku vs Moro

This chapter continues the fight between Goku and Moro. Goku realized that attacking Moro while maintaining Stamina is not working. Moro who has absorbed Ki from countless planets previously can endure this fight many times longer than Goku. Suddenly, Goku abandons his strategy to conserve stamina and attacks Moro with full power. While his attack power increases, it has no effect on Moro. He still keeps up with Goku tiring him down. As a result, Goku loses his speed from Ultra Instinct and receives a massive blow from Moro.

Goku Defeated by Moro

Over on Beerus’s Planet, Whis and Meerus who watch this fight closely realize that the training has failed. Moro is far stronger than they expected. Beerus still doesn’t care about Moro. As the God of Destruction of Universe 7, he would be expected to make a move against such a powerful enemy. However, he asks Whis to quit watching and get him something to eat. This surprises merus who is reminded by Whis that angels have no say in the matters of the Universe. It is the Gods who decide these things.

Anyhow, back on Earth, Goku lies exhausted after the final attack. Moro wants to absorb his energy but Android 17 and Android 18 intervene. They have an advantage against Moro’s ability to absorb Ki because of their artificial bodies. Moro admires the advancements of Earth at that moment.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60

Vegeta learns Instant Transmission

While this fight goes on, Vegeta trains on Planet Yardrat. He is perfecting a new technique that may prove effective against Moro. His trainer, Pybara admires his progress to master this unknown technique. Vegeta wants to return to Planet Earth to try this on Moro. Pybara tells him that the people of Yardart cannot use the Instant Transmission to teleport on another planet. Alternatively,  it would take 10 days to reach Earth on a space ship. At last, as a final resort, Vegeta asks to teach him Instant Transmission.

Vegeta arrives at Earth

On his second try, Vegeta successfully teleports near Goku on Earth from Planet Yardrat. Goku is surprised that Vegeta just used Instant Transmission. But Vegeta mocks him by saying that he won’t steal his special trick. That is because he has learned a new technique of his own.

Vegeta calls to the Androids fighting Moro and asks them to stand down. He sends taunts towards Moro preparing to battle him. Moro exclaims that he may have gotten too strong for him at this time. Vegeta confidently replies that he will be the one to finally take him down. He powers up to Super Saiyan Blue and leaps towards Moro for the rematch.

Vegeta is using the same Super Saiyan Blue from Universe Survival tournament but everyone notices something different about him. As Goku failed against Moro with his Ultra Instinct Omen, the responsibility to save Earth lands on Vegeta. Dragon Ball Super story has never let Vegeta Surpass Goku and finish the final Villian. Goku always has an extra trick up his sleeve in the end. Moro still has not shown his full power. Will Vegeta be able to push Moro into a corner in the coming chapters or will Goku activate the Mastered Ultra Instinct? Stay tuned for spoilers of Chapter 61 where we will see the new technique of Vegeta.

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